10 Best Potential Love Interests For Yelena Belova (& Why They Work)

10 Best Potential Love Interests For Yelena Belova (& Why They Work)

While romance isn’t the central focus of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it has played a large role in most of the franchise’s films and TV shows. Almost every superhero has or has had an epic love story that fans cannot get enough of, from Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter in the Captain America trilogy to, more recently, Peter Parker and Michelle “MJ” Jones in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man movies.

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Some of the newer additions to the MCU, such as Yelena Belova, have not yet been partnered with anyone. This demonstrates you don’t need to be in a relationship to be awesome. However, it also allows fans to draw up their own theories on who they might like to see Florence Pugh’s character paired up with in future projects. In addition, Yelena is asexual in the Marvel comics, so her choice of partner would likely be influenced by factors such as strong friendship, complementary personality, and emotional connection.


Bucky Barnes (AKA The Winter Soldier)

Bucky as the Winter Soldier in Captain America the Winter Soldier

Bucky has had quite the tumultuous ride in the MCU and it has been far from plain sailing. However, he has managed to overcome his traumatic past for the most part and emerged as a true Marvel hero. He could help Yelena do the same.

Yelena has had arguably a more difficult life than even Bucky. She never had a normal childhood and, like the Winter Soldier, has also gone down a dark path. She (and Bucky) could use someone who has faced similar hardships to light up their way again.


MJ Side View From Spider Man No Way Home

This ship would be pretty amazing as MJ is one of the aspects the MCU did better than the Spider-Man comics. Yelena’s sense of humor is fantastic, as evidenced by every single scene she shared with Kate Bishop in Hawkeye. And MJ’s witty, deadpan delivery is so dry, that barely anyone can tell whether she’s being serious. Apart from Yelena.

They would be the ultimate couple, and not just because their chemistry would be bouncing off the walls. Yelena lost her sister, and MJ lost the first love of her life (despite not being able to remember) and so they would be able to help each other heal.


Loki in chains in Thor The Dark World

Loki has gone through so much character development that it’s difficult to decide which version of him should be shipped with Yelena. However, Loki from the first Thor movie is an interesting concept to consider.

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In that film, he was quiet, always being overshadowed by Thor himself. If Loki had met Yelena then, she would have encouraged him to be true to himself, and in return, he would have endorsed Yelena’s more mischievous/murderous qualities. It would be an insane pairing, which fans would surely love.


Sylvie pulling hood on in Loki poster

Returning to yet another version of Loki, this one is different. As a variant of Loki, Sylvie has a rather different personality to the Loki fans know and love. She arguably has more heart than the original but she is also blinded by a rage that even threatens his.

While Yelena is also very angry at the world post-Endgame, she is beginning to learn how to manage her emotions and also that not everyone is out to get her. She and Sylvie would be able to help each other let go of the darkness inside them.

Ravonna Renslayer

Renslayer is still a fairly big mystery to MCU fans. We still don’t really know her backstory, or even where she currently is. What is obvious is that underneath her cold and hard demeanor, real, proper emotions do exist.

Renslayer’s heavy work ethic would initially clash mightily with Yelena’s more carefree approach but it would be fun to watch the couple navigate that hurdle. Neither would take any nonsense and Yelena could encourage Renslayer to have a bit more fun. Renslayer, then, could help adapt Yelena to living in a world without her sister.

The Ghost

Ghost threatening Ant-Man in the movies.

The Ghost is still a fairly mysterious MCU villain and has only appeared in one film in the whole franchise. Despite this, she was still a worthy adversary for Ant-Man and the Wasp, what with her ability to phase in and out of reality.

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One thing fans have gathered about Yelena is that she loves a challenge. The Ghost has experienced extreme emotional trauma which Yelena can relate to deeply due to her tragic backstory too. Additionally, sparring matches between these two would be epic!

Monica Rambeau

Monica Rambeau in WandaVision

Again, Monica and Yelena are very similar to each other because they both have experienced recent trauma due to the Blip; Monica lost her mom and Yelena lost her sister. However, another more compelling reason why they should be together is that they are essentially two sides of the same coin.

Monica is the logical, reasonable partner, able to think past her grief and assess a situation carefully. Yelena subconsciously allows her grief to control her actions. Together, Monica would be able to face her mother’s death and Yelena could mourn for Natasha without being totally reckless.

Darcy Lewis

Kat Dennings as Darcy in WandaVision

This couple would be one of the best ships in the MCU because they would be hilarious to watch. Both Darcy and Yelena clearly enjoy making jokes and delivering witty one-liners and to watch them banter with each other could even be better than another Yelena and Kate scene.

Additionally, Darcy and Yelena have seriously different skill sets which complement each other nicely. Darcy is a scientist and very practical, but not really a fighter. Yelena is an amazing fighter but lacks some scientific knowledge, which Darcy could provide in this pairing.

White Vision

The White Vision in WandaVision

While Vision has made many appearances alongside Scarlet Witch, as evidenced by the sublime WandaVision, a case could be made for the coupling of White Vision and Yelena. Both characters are new to the MCU and are fairly naive in their own way.

White Vision was literally ‘born’ a year ago and Yelena is very new to the concept of being a hero. Together, they could help each other navigate this new world and the new opportunities presented to them. Plus the dialogue between these two would be incredible.

Kate Bishop

Hawkeye Yelena Kate Bishop Florence Pugh Hailee Steinfeld Blooper

After watching Hawkeye, no one can deny that these two are made for each other. Kate and Yelena are one of the best duos in Phase Four. They share an insane amount of chemistry and the dialogue between them is sparkling, thanks to Florence Pugh and Hailey Steinfeld.

Yelena and Kate just connect on the purest of levels and they are arguably a perfect fit. Both women are smart, brilliant fighters, and compassionate. They also have a similar sense of humor and treat each other as equals.

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