10 Dumbest Movie Controversies Ever, According To Reddit

Jack and Rose with the door in Titanic and Ricki and Larry looking at each other in Gigli

Even though it was released by the almost universally-beloved studio Pixar, Lightyear engendered some controversy because of the inclusion (very brief) of a same-sex relationship. It was, in many ways, a very silly controversy and one that was out of proportion to the movie itself. This has been an ongoing problem in Hollywood, one exacerbated by social media and a culture that feeds on conflict.

The users of Reddit have very helpfully identified some of the dumbest movie controversies that have emerged over the past several years, revealing the extent to which such dust-ups are ultimately not that important.


10 Martin Scorsese Vs. Marvel

Scorcese with his hands up

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of today’s most successful franchises, and so it makes sense that it would excite commentary. Martin Scorsese in particular has been quite scathing in his view of the MCU and its dominance of Hollywood.

This in turn engendered quite a lot of internet commentary but, as several Redditors, including MrL2030, point out, “It was just his opinion.” Indeed, it soon became clear that Scorsese’s comments rubbed many fans of the franchise the wrong way, and the cultural conversation was far out of proportion to its true importance.

9 The Casting Of Daniel Craig As Bond

Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan, and Roger Moore as James Bond

Though he has come to be regarded as one of the best people to have played James Bond, when Daniel Craig was first cast it caused quite a great deal of controversy. What’s more, as MagicBez says in regard to a later promotional event in which Craig wore a life jacket, “This demonstrated how unfit for the role he was because fictional spy James Bond would never have worn a life jacket and obviously we need actors to risk their lives to look more compelling at a PR event.”

Ultimately, this controversy showed itself to be a rather silly one, since Craig would soon prove that he was more than capable of playing James Bond in a new and exciting way over several films.

8 The Door Debate In “Titanic”

Jack and Rose with the door

Titanic is one of the most successful movies in the history of the movies, with a box office and awards dominance that remains largely unmatched. However, there has always been some controversy about its tragic ending, in which Jack gives up his place on the door so that Rose can live. Many took to the internet to decry Rose’s selfishness, since the door was quite large.

However, as The_Firmament argues, “It’s become such a popular punchline in culture, but there is absolutely no basis for it whatsoever.” Indeed, as they go on to convincingly argue, it’s more a matter of weight than room, and the movie addresses all of this in the story itself.

7 The Political Controversy Over “The Hunt”

The Hunt 2020 poster pig

Many movies have ended up engendering controversy because of their perceived politics. Few, however,  have been quite as vigorously received as The Hunt, which features a group of “conservatives” being hunted by “elite liberals.” Of course, those who saw the trailer misunderstood the movie’s essential politics, as several users on Reddit pointed out.

As longdustyroad says, “But the hunters (elitist liberals) are clearly the bad guys and the primary targets of the satire.” This particular controversy is a cautionary tale about the dangers of assuming what a movie’s politics will be based simply on a trailer.

6 The Reviling Of “Gigli”

Larry and Ricki face to face in Gigli

Few movies have become quite as much of a flop as Gigli, which struggled to break out of the negative reception that greeted its release (this, despite its undeniably charismatic leads, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck). However, the controversy that has long surrounded it is, in the eyes of many of the users of Reddit, very much a matter of perception rather than reality.

Appropriate_Focus402 puts it this way: “It was firmly mediocre, and even had some good things about it. There’s hundreds of worse movies that come out every single year, and anyone would agree. Anyone I ever knew who actually saw it was like ‘yeah, it wasn’t that bad’.” As is so often the case with the most notable movie controversies, far too many people allowed their perception of a movie to be skewed by what the masses and the critics were saying, rather than actually seeing it and judging for themselves.

5 The Flag On The Moon Controversy Around “First Man”

The astronauts in a line

Many great movies have been set in space, and First Man is one of the best with its stunning cast (including Ryan Gosling and Claire Foy), its beautiful cinematography, and its strong screenplay. However, it wasn’t immune to criticism and controversy, particularly since it chose not to focus on the actual moment when Neil Armstrong plants the flag on the moon.

As DeLousedInTheHotBox describes it, the issue is mostly an issue of how some fans incorrectly “think that if something happened between shots, or out of frame, then it didn’t happen at all.”  In this case, the emotional intensity of the “controversy” certainly seems out of proportion to the actual movie itself.

4 The Conflict Over Coco And The Book Of Life

Mama Imelda gets upset in Coco

Pixar has made many great movies, most of which are critically beloved. Some, however, have come in for their fair share of criticism, and there were many who felt that Coco had appropriated and plagiarized The Book of Life. In fact, they were simply two movies that were drawing on similar cultural iconography.

As JugofVoodoo says, “by comparison, imagine if someone accused “The Nightmare Before Christmas” of ripping off “Hocus Pocus” because both have jack-o-lanterns.” As this silly controversy demonstrates, sometimes outrage is generated by a certain kind of ignorance from those who are getting upset.

3 The Outrage Over A Same-Sex Kiss In “Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker”

The token same-sex kiss in Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker

Though Star Wars might be one of the most successful franchises in Hollywood, this very success has engendered no small amount of controversy. One need look no further than the same-sex kiss at the end of The Rise of Skywalker to see how easily this can grow.

Dan_of_Time wryly remarks: “I’m amazed anyone could be angry about 2 women kissing, especially in a movie where there is a lot more to be angry about.” In addition to being misguided, the controversy seems particularly overblown when one considers the fact that the kiss in question is a blink-and-miss-it moment in the movie as a whole.

2 General LGBTQ+ Representation In Disney

Greg and Manuel in the kitchen together in the Pixar SparkShort Out

Though Disney has made some strides in terms of its commitment to representation, it is often the case that its LGBTQ+ characters are only on-screen for a few moments before they are whisked away.

Nowhereman36 is particularly scathing of these controversies: “We are talking about movies where a talking lamp cooks dinner and space wizards drink walrus milk. Who the f*** cares that 2 characters with beards make goo-goo eyes at each other?” This writer does have a point. Given the fantastical nature of so many Disney movies, it does seem rather silly that detractors have focused on an issue that only briefly emerges in most productions from the studio. In fact, it’s arguably more controversial that representation has been as low as it has.

1 The Presence Of Black Characters In Historical Dramas

Queen Charlotte sitting on a throne on Bridgerton

There have been a number of great historical dramas over the past several years, and they have been notable for their inclusion of people of color. For some, however, this has generated controversy.

Fortunately, the users of Reddit have rightly pointed out how silly these controversies are. As Willsmithsdignity says: “Like these people really think no African ever (willlingly) left the continent before 1900…” This user rightly demonstrates the extent to which far too many people are willing to let their own racial assumptions distort their view of the past and how it should be represented. A talented actor is a talented actor, and several movies have been made better by their diverse cast.

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Author: Deann Hawkins