10 Great Games For Fans Of DC’s Suicide Squad

Split image of scenes from The Suicide Squad movie and DC's Suicide Squad game

Recently, Idris Elba has expressed interest to reprise his role as Bloodsport, but only if he can fight against Super-Man onscreen. And with Rocksteady’s anticipated game Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League delayed until next year, many fans of the Suicide Squad have many great new games and potential movies to enjoy.

But until then, there are plenty of games for fans to play, whether they’re DC related or not. From games where players can take control of villains and anti-heroes to team-based combat games, these will surely please fans until the latest Rocksteady game gets released.


Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

The cast of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

After finding success with the Batman Arkham series, Rocksteady returned to the DC universe, but this time they turned their attention to the Suicide Squad. Featuring Harley Quinn, King Shark, Deadshot, and Captain Boomerang, players can take control of one of these anti-heroes to stop the Justice League from taking over the Earth after being possessed by Brainiac.

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Developing the game with the focus on the team exploring Metropolis in an open world area, fans can finally take control of each of these iconic comic book characters, with everyone having their own move sets. While the game has been pushed back by a year, this will be one that fans of the comics and movies are anticipated to play.

Tales Of Berseria

Velvet Crowe standing in front of other party members in the game Tales of Berseria

The Tales Series has been around for 27 years, with its first entry being released on the Super Nintendo back in 1995. With many titles being released since then, this entry was by far one of the most original when it came to its story, as gamers played as the villain for the first time as well as playing one of the best female protagonists from the series.

It’s no easy feat to get anyone to root for the villains, but the writers for Tales Of Berseria were able to do just that. Leading a team and fight off opponents with dark magic and deadly weapons, this is one game that fans who love the villains and anti-heroes of any property will enjoy, even if they may not be the biggest JRPG players.

Batman: The Enemy Within

Key art from The Telltale Series Batman - The Enemy Within

Before Telltale Games closed their doors in 2018, they managed to get everyone interested in choose-your-own-adventure games, and created some of the best too. Being able to reinvigorate many iconic brands in popular culture, they were even able to tell a fresh story with Batman.

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While a Batman story, The Enemy Within also bought in some other iconic characters from Suicide Squad. With the likes of Harley Quinn and Amanda Waller being featured in the episodes, the developers attempted to put a fresh spin on these characters to give DC readers a new take on these familiar cast members.

A player turns on Ironman Mode in XCOM 2

Released 4 years after its predecessor, XCOM 2 finally launched in 2016, and it pleased sci-fi enthusiasts and gamers simultaneously. With aliens finally taking over Earth, it’s up to a group of humans to band together to save the day.

While the sci-fi strategy title saw the player take control of heroic humans trying to take back their planet from invading aliens, this is certainly a game for those that like to see an ensemble of differently-skilled fighters coming together for a common goal. One of the best strategy games of all time that use team-based mechanics, those looking for a more thought-provoking experience will enjoy this.

Batman: Return To Arkham

Batman vs Joker in Batman Return to Arkham

Anyone who loves DC will undoubtedly have played any one of the Batman Arkham games, as it’s been re-released and updated over the years from console to console. For those who own one of the current consoles and never played these games, Return to Arkham is an easy recommendation, as it features the first two games, remastered and updated for modern systems.

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While Batman does take the focus of the game, those that are looking for Suicide Squad members can find them scattered across this package. From Harley Quinn assisting the Joker during his own twisted journey to Easter eggs referencing everyone’s favorite villains and anti-heroes, any DC fan will find something that will tickle their fancy.

DC Universe Online

Starro from DC Universe Online over the conquered Justice League

Easily one of the biggest MMO games of all time, DC Universe Online is still active today as it was when it was released in 2011. Featuring many heroes and villains from DC’s rich history and lore, the game has been able to offer a lot of content for everyone who owns one of the multiple consoles and systems that can run the game.

Among the many characters who made their way to the MMO through a series of updates that made DCUO one of the best superhero games, members of Task Force X could be interacted with and even act as bosses for some of the events that dropped in the game. And with multiple versions available for anyone to access, fans can choose to interact with their favorite version of the Suicide Squad.

Apex Legends

Characters running in Apex Legends

After the success of Fortnite, multiple studios jumped in on the success of the battle royale games, releasing some fantastic titles. Among them was Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends, which saw a group of three battle it out on a map against a rival group to be crowned the winners.

A few battle royale games could be an ideal way for fans of the team of villains and anti-heroes to jump in and enjoy, but Apex Legends is easily one of the best. With its focus on teamwork and a cast of colorful and unique characters, this is one that gamers should check out before any other.

Injustice 2

Harley Quinn in Injustice 2

Released in 2017, Injustice 2 continued the story in the 1st Injustice game where an alternative universe’s Earth of superheroes must band together to stop Brainiac from taking over the planet. With a cinematic campaign, gorgeous graphics, and a revamped combat system, it built on the first game.

After the success of the first Suicide Squad movie, several key characters that starred in it made their way to the game as playable fighters. With the likes of Deadshot joining Harley Quinn on the roster, they can finally fight it out against Batman and Wonder Woman. And the addition of Enchantress saw her become one of the hardest characters to master in the game.

Grand Theft Auto V

An image of Trevor Phillips walking away from a blazing fire in Grand Theft Auto V

Now 7 years old, Grand Theft Auto V remains one of the best games that Rockstar has developed. Being able to take control of three very different criminals to commit a series of crimes across the city, anyone can choose to play the game the way they want to. And with its changes and updates too, it has improved since launch to become the game it is today.

With the freedom to cause chaos across the sandbox and commit crimes to their heart’s desire, this is a brilliant game for those that wish they could use their imagination and become as destructive as their favorite DC villains. And with its sense of humor, many who enjoyed James Gunn’s projects in the DCEU will love the comedy too.

LEGO DC Super Villains

The Justice Syndicate in Lego DC Super Villains

After 3 LEGO games that focussed on Batman, TT Games would turn their attention to the super villains and their adventure to take down the Crime Syndicate. And with the game focusing on a customizable villain from the player’s imagination, anyone can create their dream antagonist and bring them to life in the game.

Among the villains that can be unlocked throughout the game, many who originated from Task Force X made it to the roster as cute mini figures with their own move sets. While not the most difficult game, it’s one that any Suicide Squad fan can enjoy and can also be a great introduction for newcomers.

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Author: Deann Hawkins