10 Most Unexpected Things To Happen In Breaking Bad

10 Most Unexpected Things To Happen In Breaking Bad

For five seasons, Breaking Bad was a show that kept viewers on the edge of their seats. The series has been praised for its storytelling that offered surprises around every corner as Walter White’s drug empire grew larger and more dangerous. But even with its reputation of being unpredictable, there were moments that really took fans by surprise.

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In some cases, these were deaths that came out of nowhere. Other shocking moments took characters in drastic new directions. Whether the fans were heartbroken or thrilled they certainly didn’t see these Breaking Bad moments coming.

10 Fring Kills Victor

Breaking Bad season 4

From the moment he was introduced, Gus Fring was presented as an intelligent villain who was careful and calculating. However, after being outsmarted by Walt and Jesse, Gus allows for a moment where he loses his cool and it is terrifying.

The scene is filled with tension as Gus arrives at the lab where Walt and Jesse are being held. Without a word, he puts on a hazmat suit and proceeds to calmly slit the throat of his henchman Victor right in front of Walt and Jesse. It is a gruesome and shocking act of violence from the usually calm man.

9 Hank Is Executed

After finding out the truth, a confrontation between Hank and Walt was inevitable. It appears as though Hank gets the upper hand when he lures Walt to the desert and arrests him only for Uncle Jack and his heavily armed men to show up.

Even after a shootout that leaves Hank injured and on his own, it feels like there is a way he could get out of this dire situation. But even as Walt tries to make a deal for the life of his brother-in-law, Hank is coldly executed in a heartbreaking end to the beloved character.


8 Walt Saves Jesse

The relationship between Walt and Jesse was always rocky, to say the least. It started out as a forced partnership filled with bickering and disrespect for each other, but it was clear to see that it was building to something deeper over time.

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But Walt truly showed how much he cared for Jesse when he came to the rescue as Jesse faced off with a couple of rival drug dealers. As Jesse approaches the men, Walt suddenly drives in from out of nowhere, runs the men over, then executes them.

7 Hector Blows Up Fring

Breaking Bad Gus Fring Death Scene

One of the best storylines in Breaking Bad was the showdown between Walt and Fring when the professional relationship turns sour. And while Fring proves to be a very hard man to kill, Walt continues to prove he is often the smartest one in the room.

Making a deal with Fring’s enemy Hector Salamanca, Walt has Fring lured into a trap where Hector detonates a bomb in his wheelchair. As if the explosion wasn’t shocking enough, seeing Fring walk out of the room with half his face missing was one of the show’s most iconic moments.

6 The Head In The Desert

Breaking Bad Tortuga's Death

Fans might forget that Danny Trejo guest-starred on Breaking Bad as a cartel informant named Tortuga. It was a brief appearance as he was murdered and used to send a message to the DEA in quite a shocking way.

Hank and the other DEA agents find Tortuga’s head on top of a turtle in the desert. But as fans tried to process that gruesome reveal, a bomb was triggered, blowing up the head and taking out several of the agents.

5 Walt Kills Mike

Mike's death in Breaking Bad

Mike is one of the most likable characters in Breaking Bad, in part because he was never afraid to put Walt in his place. But while he pushes back against Walt’s ego more than anyone else, few fans were expecting how drastic Walt’s reaction would be.

As Mike prepares to go on the run, he can’t help but give Walt one more dressing down only for Walt to shoot him in response. It was the first time Walt killed someone, not out of necessity, but simply because he was angry.

4 Walt Lets Jane Die

Breaking Bad Jane's Overdose

It is hard to pinpoint exactly where in the story Walt became a villain, but the death of Jesse’s girlfriend Jane is a strong contender. Though the two bring joy to each other, Walt finds that Jane is becoming an edge in his relationship with Jesse.

So when Walt finds Jesse and Jane passed out in bed and Jane begins choking on her own vomit, he decides not to save her. It was likely the darkest moment in the series up to that point and while Walt was conflicted at the moment, it showed what he was capable of.

3 Todd Kills A Kid


Todd is one of the best villains on the show because, though he seems like a nice young man, he is actually a cold-blooded killer. He proves this during the famous train heist episode of Breaking Bad.

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Though the young boy on his dirt bike is introduced at the beginning of the episode, viewers forget about him as they get wrapped up in the excitement of the heist. But everyone’s heart stops when the young kid is shown standing there, having witnessed anything. Todd’s casual wave before he shoots him makes it all the more unsettling.

2 The Plane Crash

Breaking Bad is excellent at foreshadowing and throughout the second season of the show, some huge destructive incident was teased. With dead bodies, debris, and a mysterious pink teddy bear, fans were left wondering what could possibly be coming.

The end result was wilder than most of the theories as Jane’s father, distraught after her death, neglects his job as an air traffic controller and causes two planes to collide in midair. Even with the warning ahead of time, the moment was unbelievable.

1 Walt Poisons Broke

Though letting Jane die was a shocking turn for Walt, it was far from the most unexpectedly evil thing he would do in the series. By the end of season 4, Walt proved there were no depths he wouldn’t sink to in order to remain on top.

Walt wins back Jesse’s loyalty after helping him realize that Fring had young Brock poisoned. However, the end of the episode reveals that it was actually Walt who poisoned the boy in order to win back Jesse and take down Fring. With everything he had done before, fans still couldn’t believe Walt was capable of such a thing.

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