10 Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Aquaman As A Character

10 Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Aquaman As A Character

On July 19, Zack Snyder’s Justice League got its long-awaited digital release. Fans have appreciated that version of the film much more than the original that was released in 2017, with several characters standing out more including Jason Momoa’s Aquaman.

With the Snyder Cut’s digital release, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom coming in 2023, it is worth recalling some of Aquaman’s best quotes in the DCEU. Whether in his first movie or his cameos in the DCEU, these moments in his short time on-screen sum up his character perfectly.

“I was a product of a love that never should have been.”

Could Two Worlds Collide?

James Wan and David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick directed Aquaman in such a way that was poetic and emotional, conveying a young Arthur Curry’s sense of ostracism between two worlds. Undoubtedly a staple of Arthur Curry’s origin is the story of his parents.


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Atlanna and Tom had a son, part Atlantean and part human, who would forever feel the weight of living on the outside. In Atlantis, he would be rejected as the rightful heir to the throne. He would struggle to find confidence anywhere he went, probably feeling guilt as the actualization of forbidden love.

“You killed innocent people! Ask the sea for mercy.”

Asking the Sea for Mercy

Aquaman battling Black Manta in Sicily in James Wan's Aquaman

This anger-filled quote comes at an emotional time for Black Manta; his father is trapped in the submarine and he seeks help from his enemy, Aquaman. In a fit of rage and mercilessness, Aquaman claims that Black Manta is getting what he deserved.

Black Manta might not have escaped the “development hell” that his DCEU spin-off movie is stuck in, but this emotional scene showed his humanity—perhaps more than Aquaman’s. While the Black Manta spin-off might delve into this side of him more, this quote summarizes a young Aquaman as someone aware of the sea’s power, and yet hardened to mercy.

“If Orm attacks, I’ll treat him the same way your people treated her, with no mercy.”

Aquaman’s Revenge Plot

Amber Heard as Mera in green suit in Aquaman

As Mera meets Aquaman, she briefs him on the dire circumstances at hand. His half-brother Orm is about to attack the surface world with no mercy, and Arthur is the only one who might be able to stop it. Mera tries to confirm that Aquaman has the birthright as King of Atlantis, but he responds in anguish—and vengeance.

It seems that meeting the people of Atlantis only compounded his desire to avenge his mother, and hearing about Orm’s plot to destroy the surface world kindled a deeper spark of anger in him. Nevertheless, Aquaman knows that his birthright will be hard to attain because of his mother’s choices.

“So we’re clear. I’ll help you stop this war, then I’m done.”

Aquaman Only Does What He Must

Aquaman in the Sahara Desert with Mera

One trend that Aquaman is known to follow is only doing what he must in order to protect Atlantis. As the King, he concerns himself with the underwater world and its threats, which eventually leads Batman to travel far to recruit him in Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

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Aquaman might be a team player every once in a while, but he prefers to fight on his own terms, and only as long as is convenient for him and the sake of Atlantis.

“None are taken back from the darkness, not without giving one up in return.”

Arthur Curry Knows Loss

Aquaman Talking To The Flash In The Batcave - Zack Snyder's Justice League

In Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Aquaman paints a stark vision of the reality the Justice League is about to face, calling back to his own sense of love and loss. In a grim—and cryptically vulnerable—quote, Aquaman gives the DCEU its own “another head for Hydra” kind of quote.

The darkness that the Justice League soon face is relentless and unfeeling, and Aquaman can’t help but recall what darkness and sacrifice he’s seen in his lifetime. It’s made him hardened, but also wiser and a better fighter. He always bears the weight of life and death going into battle. This may prepare him for one of the saddest storylines in DC Comics, that may or may not occur in the DCEU.

“I came to save my home and the people that I love.”

Forced Into Leadership

Aquaman talks to Batman

As King of Atlantis, Aquaman bears the weight of leader of the underwater world. As Arthur Curry, however, he bears the weight of odd normalcy, grappling with his humanity and the responsibility of protecting two worlds.

He’s no leader, he contends, but he will become one to save his home. He may forever struggle with the question of when to fight, how to protect Atlantis, and ultimately, how to be a King. Whether he feels forced into a position of leadership, however, heroes like Batman or Wonder Woman eventually see him as such.

“Permission to come aboard.”

Aquaman’s Cocky Heroism

Jason Momoa as Aquaman on a submarine

One reason that Aquaman is one of the best DCEU movies to date might be its drama-humor balance. The boy who grew up different is also the bombastic man who punches his way through threats, sarcastically quoting one of the most iconic lines from the movie.

This quote summarizes Aquaman’s eventual acceptance of who he is, and how he develops into a confident (if not cocky) superhero. His fighting and drive are compounded into a can-do attitude seasoned with sarcastic humor. Ultimately, Aquaman is an adventurous, near unstoppable superhero.

“Well let my bloodshed, until the gods make known their will!”

A Fighter To The Death

Featured Patrick Wilson King Orm Training Aquaman 2

Upon arrival in Atlantis, Aquaman is met with his half-brother’s adversity. Until this point, Orm was set to be King after his father died. Even when Aquaman challenged Orm for the throne, he ultimately fell short. Orm continued to capitalize on Arthur Curry’s seemingly constant losses, but Aquaman persisted.

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Aquaman’s rebuttal to Orm’s resentment summarizes him not only as a fighter to the death but as a sacrificial leader. Before Atlanteans accepted him as King, he had already determined to fight and even let his own blood shed for them.

“That was awesome.”

Always Ready For A Life-Threatening Adventure

As a timid boy wrestling with his identity, Arthur Curry might not have been as adventure-loving. But as the King of Atlantis and a man of both worlds, Aquaman is always ready for a wild ride. Whether it’s jumping out of a plane into the desert with Mera or having a near-death experience in a canyon, Aquaman doesn’t shy away.

This might summarize him well as the most dangerous and risky in the Justice League. His personality is benevolent but gung-ho, caring but reckless at times. Aquaman is a balance between saving the world and escaping death himself.

“It’s Fish Man.”

Get It Right

Aquaman Movie Jason Momoa

In a comedic exchange, a “jarhead” asks Arthur Curry if he’s the “fish boy from TV.” While fans might want that to be a reference to Aqualad, who hasn’t appeared in the DCEU yet, Arthur responds by saying that he’s the Fish Man.

Not only is this indicative that Arthur Curry is stepping into his role as Aquaman and growing less self-conscious about his identity, but it also shows that even when people make wrong assumptions about him, he responds with wit. The “Fish Man” truly is a comedic, fun-loving, honorable superhero that even cuts bystanders some slack.

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