10 Reasons Why Thor Is The Most Powerful Avenger In The MCU

10 Reasons Why Thor Is The Most Powerful Avenger In The MCU

Thor: Love and Thunder is being released just around the corner, and the excitement is unanimous among MCU fans. Chris Hemsworth’s Thor has undergone extensive character development since the first Thor was released back in 2011, making him not only endearing but revered in the MCU. Everybody who follows the Marvel timeline has seen Thor in his prime and also at his lowest giving him a range and opportunity to bounce back even better than before.

The beloved Asgardian has a handful of characteristics that truly set him apart as the most powerful Avenger. He’s gone head to head with some of the strongest villains and heroes, he’s been raised to rule as a god, and his physical dominance pairs with his pure heart and determination to make him the complete package. As Thor continues to develop as a character, his power and standing will only continue to rise.


Thor Has Super Strength, Endurance, and Speed

Thor Ragnarok Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Thor has been in a different category than the other Avengers since birth. With feats like destroying the Bifrost, withstanding the heat of a star, and overpowering Surture, he consistently displays super strength and deliberate battle techniques in every appearance. More talents include notable endurance and speed that add to his intensity and strength in combat.

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He is a god, which gives him incredible abilities shared by only a few of his counterparts. All of the Avengers are significantly fit and acclimated to the physical demands of battle. Even so, little comparison can be made as Thor has adapted to fighting for hundreds of years and knows how to capitalize on his strengths.

Thor Is Practically Immortal

Chris Hemsworth as Thor carrying his hammer in The Avengers

Thor is built differently than any mortal. In Thor: The Dark World,  Loki claims that the life expectancy of Asgardians is about 5,000 years, so Thor still has a great chunk of time to live. As demonstrated in countless battles, Thor’s body is not only designed to take a hit but also to self-sustain.

Thor is resistant to injury and is also built to survive on a molecular level. As seen in Avengers: Infinity War, he floats around space for an extended period of time with no sustenance. No human could survive in space without technology, let alone physically exert any effort for an elongated period of time.

Thor Is Immune To Diseases

Chris Hemsworth in Thor Ragnarok

Thor exhibits superhuman healing, especially in periods of distress. His body is built to receive hits, and not just in wartime. With a physique crafted to travel through space, fight monsters, and rule for centuries, the prospect of ever falling ill is practically impossible.

Not only can he take incredible blows, but his body also bounces back and heals faster than any human could dream of. With all of the abilities that come from his lineage as a god, the capacity to dodge illness comes as no surprise. This makes Thor stand out as a fierce and consistent contender whenever he is needed.

Thor Has His Hammer, Mjolnir

Chris Hemsworth as Thor holding Mjolnir

As audiences have gathered throughout the films and the comic books, Thor does not gain his power through his hammer. It is a mere instrument that he employs to harness his power seamlessly and completely. As seen in Thor: Ragnarok, after he loses Mjolnir to Hela’s rage, Thor goes on a quest to make Stormbreaker which became more powerful than his previous hammer.

He is known to control thunder and lightning, which adds to his potency and influence in battle. He also uses the hammer as a weapon in itself which he can hurl from hundreds of feet away. The hammer provides the perfect weapon to channel Thor’s mastery over the elements and the power inside of him in a unique way compared to the rest of the Avengers.

Thor Has The Ability to Fly

This perk of Thor’s trusty sidekick sets him apart from some of the other warriors in Asgard and Earth. All he has to do is spin Mjolnir (and later, Stormbreaker) with his super strength and thrust the hammer in the desired direction, which then propels him into the air.

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This gives him the leeway to fight in any environment whether it be land, air, or space. Having the ability to travel freely and manipulate opponents in battle adds to his power immensely. Thor can have the high ground, whenever he desires it.

Thor Can Shoot God Blasts

Thor’s God Blast power comes from his mastery of Mjolnir and Stormbreaker. It is a catastrophic blast that has the capability to kill any target, human or immortal. Thor demonstrated the God Blast only once on camera. Avengers: Endgame deviated from the Marvel formula by allowing Thor to show the full breadth of his power in his memorable entrance to the fight against Thanos.

Thor’s hammer strikes and lightning blasts are always devastating, but The God Blast is hitherto his most powerful showings of force. This alone sets Thor apart. The other Avengers have powerful abilities of their own, but none can release a single attack as destructive as The God Blast.

Thor Has A Noble Heart And Mind

Thor Love and Thunder Chris Hemsworth

It took Thor years to be worthy to wield his hammer. Through sacrifice, duty, humility, and perseverance, he gained all the experience he needed to be a great ruler. Thor never loses sight of what’s truly important, even when tempted by evil.

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This soundness of mind and consistency of doing what’s right adds to Thor’s impact as a hero. This is a great quality that all of the Avengers share, yet Thor has a farther reach and overall scope of influence in the universe. He uses his influence for good in every world and every people he comes across. It can be hard to stay humble despite near-limitless power, but Thor has grown to understand that it’s critical.

Thor Maintains Relationships With Jane, Loki, And The Avengers

Thor holding Janes hand in Thor

As Thor grew as a leader, the relationships he acquired with those around him were humbling and eye-opening. He came to understand the needs of the people on Earth and saw them more as equals than subjects. As his character developed alongside Loki, they come to a better understanding of each other and the roles they are meant to play.

Thor’s ability to be abject and see from different perspectives gives him a much stronger grasp of the conflicts he is part of. All of his life has been spent serving his people and protecting them. The fact that these relationships play such a key role in Thor’s character development helps him to be more well-rounded and respected by all and makes Thor a great candidate to lead the Avengers.

Thor Has The Most Experience

Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Ragnarok

A Thor clarifies in Infinity War that he’s been fighting for good across the Nine Realms for hundreds of years. Not only does he have the most extensive background of battle experience, but he has also been stripped of his powers, the people he loved, and all hope.

Every time Thor is knocked down, he demonstrates utter strength and perseverance in his recovery. Saying he’s lived longer than the rest of the Avengers is a simplification. Thor has endured the most impressive and meaningful character development in the MCU to date.

Thor Has Valuable Connections

Thor has spent the majority of his life as the Son of Odin and the Prince of Asgard. He is an inheritor of the perks that accompany royalty and immortality and as such has been surrounded by very powerful beings that have had thousands of years of influence on the galaxy.

Thor has allies across the nine realms, and intimate friendships with influential people like Heimdall who was the Gatekeeper, and Brunnhilde now known as King Valkyrie. His relationship with the Avengers is another example of his ability to make positive and powerful connections wherever he travels.

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