10 Strangest Romances In Scarlet Witch Comics

10 Strangest Romances In Scarlet Witch Comics

Content Warning: This article contains discussions of incest, violence, and abusive relationships

After supporting appearances in previous Marvel movies, Wanda Maximoff—also known as the Scarlet Witch—and the Vision finally had their romance brought to the forefront in Disney+ series WandaVision. Audiences fell in love with the two Avengers and rooted for their tragic romance, as the MCU iteration of these characters seem perfectly matched for one another.

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Long before Marvel gave fans this version of Wanda and Vision’s relationship, though, they both had a storied and often unexpected romantic history in the comics. From villains to other Avengers, Scarlet Witch and the Vision have each had their fair share of unusual and even upsetting relationships.


Updated on April 26th, 2022 by Stacie Rook: The events of WandaVision left the Scarlet Witch in a lonely and grief-filled state, set to be explored through her upcoming appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, in a story that will likely see her encounter many realities that could have been. Similarly, these romances from Marvel comics provide a glimpse into other paths that both Wanda and Vision could have pursued, though some are more far-fetched than others.

Vision And Carol Danvers

Carol Danvers holding up her fist

WandaVision viewers got to see hero Monica Rambeau in action, but in the comics, her friend Carol Danvers actually went on a date with Vision. In the comic book story arc Heroes Return: Avengers, Wanda and Vision’s marriage dissolved, forcing the two to move on.

While Wanda began a relationship with Wonder Man, Vision decided to ask Carol Danvers out. Even though their first date was a successful one, Avenger’s responsibilities delayed a second date. Ultimately, the two decided to remain friends, with Carol believing that ultimately Vision still had feelings for Wanda.

Scarlet Witch And Nightcrawler

Split image of Nightcrawler and Nocturne

As Wanda is the daughter of Magneto in some continuities, she has long-lasting  connections to both the Avengers and the X-Men. As such, the Earth-2182 variant of the Scarlet Witch had a long-term romance with Kurt Wagner, also known as Nightcrawler, with the two bonding over their similar upbringings.

This romance even resulted in the couple having a mutant child, Talia Josephine Wagner, who would go on to join the X-Men as Nocturne. While the pair may not be the most obvious of partners, they ended up having a surprising amount in common.

Vision And Cassie Lang

Split image of Vision and Cassie Lang

After the original Vision was destroyed in Marvel Comics, he was recreated by Iron Lad. This new version was more technologically advanced but lost his memories and experiences. Vision joined the Young Avengers and developed feelings for Cassie Lang, the hero Stature (and Scott Lang’s daughter).

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His interest in Cassie Lang led to a love triangle between the two and Iron Lad. This romance served as a coming-of-age experience for the maturing Vision, helping him to grow and find his identity. Ultimately, though, this love triangle had a devastating end, which resulted in Iron Lad destroying Vision.

Scarlet Witch And Captain America

Scarlet Witch and Captain America kissing

Following the events of Avengers Disassembled, Scarlet Witch found herself losing control of her powers. As part of the fallout from that, she inadvertently manipulated one of the most prominent Avengers.

In Captain America and the Falcon, readers were led to believe that Scarlet Witch had developed a romance with Captain America, culminating in a kiss, and Cap later confessed to having deep feelings for her. This turned out to be nothing more than a vision, though, accidentally produced by the Scarlet Witch, who herself was unaware that Captain America believed they were in a relationship.

Vision And Mantis

Vision and Scarlet Witch and Mantis and Swordsman

Two of the MCU’s most underrated superheroes, Vision and Mantis established a deep connection in their work as Avengers, but were kept apart by their relationships with Scarlet Witch and Swordsman respectively. Mantis was then identified as the Celestial Madonna, destined to become a goddess of life.

In Avengers: Celestial Quest, Mantis reunited with a now-single Vision. The two were finally free to express their love for one another and developed a romantic relationship. However, their bliss was short-lived as Mantis’ identity as the Celestial Madonna prevented her from being with a partner incapable of reproducing organic life.

Scarlet Witch And Dr. Doom

Following on from House of M, one of the best Scarlet Witch comics ever, in which Scarlet Witch drastically reduced the mutant population, Avengers: The Children’s Crusade picked up as the Avengers discovered a de-powered Wanda living with memory loss in Latveria, where she was engaged to marry the villainous Doctor Doom.

The Young Avengers were able to intervene and rescue her, but she was negatively affected by the events. Doctor Doom is an unlikely romantic match for anyone, but his manipulation of the situation by taking advantage of Wanda’s memory loss makes this abusive pairing even worse.

Vision And Falcon

The Falcon in flight

In the Ultimate Galactus Trilogy storyline, Vision was an alien android who had come to Earth to warn them of Gah Lak Tus, who was coming to destroy the planet. During her time on Earth, Vision appeared in a feminine form and started a romantic relationship with Falcon.

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Unfortunately, their romance was forced to come to an end after the heroes defeated Gah Lak Tus and Reed Richards reprogramed her to serve as an aid to other planets threatened by Gah Lak Tus. While their MCU counterparts have not had much interaction, the Vision and Falcon of this continuity work surprisingly well together.

Scarlet Witch And Quicksilver

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver holding each other

The Ultimates 3 made the controversial decision to include an incestuous romantic subplot between Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. While the story tried to justify their relationship by highlighting their shared past trauma, it remained unsettling. Their romance eventually came to an end when Scarlet Witch was killed by an Ultron robot.

The MCU has had far greater success in portraying the sibling dynamic between these two, and wisely felt no need to revisit this particular storyline. Nevertheless, this ill-conceived pairing remains one of the strangest relationships in Marvel Comics history.

Vision And Virginia

Vision and Virginia

A comic that showcased Vision’s best and worst traits, Vision Vol. 2 followed Vision as he created an entire synthezoid family in an effort to settle down and live an ordinary life. Vision created a wife, Virginia, two kids, Vin and Viv, and a dog, Sparky, so that they could live the suburban dream life. Though Virginia was made to look like a synthezoid, her mind was created from Scarlet Witch’s brainwaves.

Despite their attempts to live a normal life, the family were plagued with deceit, blackmail, and violence. Virginia eventually snapped, beating Sparky to death and killing multiple people. The synthezoid then ultimately made the decision to destroy herself. Needless to say, a murderous synthezoid with the brainwaves of his former lover remains one of Vision’s oddest relationships.

Scarlet Witch And Vision

Scarlet Witch and Vision preparing to fight

These two star-crossed lovers have been romantically linked in many different continuities and storylines. While their story often ends in heartbreak, there is no denying that they are one of the most iconic comic book romances.

The frequency of the pair’s breakups does not stop their romance from being a memorable one. In spite of being a famous comic couple, though, there is no way around the fact that a synthezoid and a magical mutant make for an unexpected duo.

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