10 Things Fans Love About The Scream Franchise, According To Reddit

10 Things Fans Love About The Scream Franchise, According To Reddit

Looking back on successful horror franchises, Scream is always going to stick out from the crowd of slashers. Whether fans like the humor, the characters, Ghostface, or the twists that take place at each turn of the story, fans will always return to these movies when they want to spend time in Sidney’s familiar world again.

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From an iconic scene from the 1996 movie to some highlights of several sequels, Scream fans have taken to Reddit to discuss why they enjoy this popular horror franchise so much.

10 The First Scene Of The Original Movie

Casey on the phone, playing with a knife

Scream has great opening scenes, and when looking back on why the original 1996 movie is so good, Redditor Rechan mentioned, “The stellar opening” with Drew Barrymore as Casey Becker.

Horror fans love rewatching Casey making popcorn in her kitchen, getting ready to watch a scary movie and answering a phone call from Ghostface. As Casey realizes that she might not make it through the evening, she watches her boyfriend die and her death scene is one of the most chilling from the entire franchise. Watching her mom let out a scream after seeing Casey’s body is also effective and memorable.

9 Scream Has A Good Mystery

Sidney and Tatum on the phone in Scream

Redditor GreyStagg wrote that movies with “a ‘whodunnit’ mystery” hadn’t been released in a while when Scream came out in 1996 and the movie featured this type of story in a “cool way that appealed to a new generation.”

As Sidney hangs out with her best friend Tatum and keeps receiving calls from Ghostface, and Principal Himbry is killed in his office at school, audiences are trying to figure out who the killer is and what their potential motive could be.


8 Ghostface’s Behavior Is Unique

Ghostface in Scream

Scream fans enjoy seeing Ghostface in each movie, and while the look of this villain stands out, fans also enjoy the way that each Ghostface acts.

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Redditor TyrianMollusk loves that “Ghostface is flailing, vibrant, and ridiculous, like he’s desperate to get to you instead of inevitable doom.” Some of the horror franchise’s most frightening moments are also some of the most hilarious, as Ghostface will sometimes trip and fall while trying to kill someone.

7 The Movie Influenced Others In The Genre

Scream 2: Mickey and Sidney

Fans love that Scream is a meta horror franchise, and Redditor Orpheus7 likes that the movie has had such a huge influence on the genre, writing that audiences can “see now where every self-aware horror movie gets its inspiration from.”

When watching other movies that come after, from Ready Or Not to The Cabin in the Woods, it’s possible to see Scream’s influence as these stories are intelligent, creative, and keep audiences guessing. These movies are also beloved because they maintain a sense of humor throughout.

6 Scream 2 Is A Scary Sequel

Dewey and Gale in Scream 2

Fans also enjoy the second movie in the franchise, which isn’t usually the case since sequels sometimes lose a lot of the excitement from the first film.

Redditor JNTA1234 said that Scream 2 is “the scariest Scream film” and there is “intensity” the entire time. It’s definitely chilling that another Ghostface is murdering people and that even though Sidney has gone away to college, she isn’t actually as safe and in the clear as she assumed that she was.

5 The Ghostface Mask Is Iconic

Ghostface in Scream 2022

Redditor kazefuuten said “The mask!” is one big reason why Scream is so loved all of these decades later, and it’s true that Ghostface’s costume is special.

The mask is recognizable and has become part of the franchise’s brand identity, and there’s something goofy and interesting about it, as the eyes and mouth droop down. Ghostface is absolutely horrifying and no one wants to come into contact with them, but the mask contributes to the campy and fun tone of the movies as well.

4 Amber Is A Great Ghostface

Amber smiles at a bar in Scream (2022).

Redditor Awesomejuggler20 said, “Amber is my favourite killer in the franchise now,” and Amber is definitely one of the most intelligent characters in Scream (2022).

For much of the movie, Amber is a funny, witty and confident teenager who seems to have it all together. Amber surprises audiences with her plan to become famous and create a new viral story, and she’s a great character with memorable quotes. No one will be able to forget watching her catch on fire in the final confrontation, either.

3 Scream 3 Has Good Acting

parker posey scream 3

Scream 3 has a fun movie-within-a-movie plot with Stab 3 being filmed, and several actors play Gale, Sidney, and the other characters who Ghostface chases in the first movie.

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Redditor Fragrant-Tough-9500 praised this movie and wrote, “The original trio is fantastic, Parker Posey and Scott Foley are fantastic.” While new characters in franchises aren’t always as witty or well-drawn as the originals, Jennifer Jolie does a hilarious job of playing Gale in the Stab movies, and the director Roman turning out to be Ghostface is a big surprise.

2 Scream (2022) Has Amazing New Characters

Mindy looking alarmed in Scream.

There are many fan favorite Scream (2022) characters, and for Redditor WhoIsTheZODIAC, “The new cast was great.”

The fact that the latest movie features a new group of young characters who live in Woodsboro and who are just as witty and funny as the others who came before them is definitely something that fans enjoy. It’s particularly moving meeting the Meeks-Martin twins Mindy and Chad who are related to Randy, as they have an important place in the franchise’s history.

1 Scream (2022) Uses Gale, Sidney, And Dewey Well

Before watching Scream (2022), fans were curious about how the original characters would be worked into the script, since there are so many new ones.

Redditor FKAchris wrote, “The original trio is weaved into the story in a surprisingly emotional way.” It’s hard not to feel moved when seeing Gale and Dewey chat awkwardly after splitting up, and Sidney is there for Sam, who is dealing with the same problems that Sidney once did.

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