10 Things Only Comic Fans Know About Bizarro Superman

10 Things Only Comic Fans Know About Bizarro Superman

Fans of Superman & Lois will be a bit sad to learn that Season 3 isn’t in CW’s fall schedule. That means a longer wait for what has become one of the best ever superhero TV shows. In the recently concluded season, fans were introduced to several gripping new storylines, including the chaotic Bizarro World.

One of the best characters from the Bizarro World is Bizarro Superman, who faces off against the Earth-Prime Superman after showing up to destroy Ally Allston’s pendant. While plenty of information is given about Bizarro on the show, there are things only comic fans know about the Last Son of Krypton’s longtime foe.


Planet Htrae (Bizarro World)

Htrae's destruction

In Superman #140, Clark discovers that Bizarro Superman has created multiple clones of himself who now reside in the cube-shaped planet known as Htrae (Earth spelled backward). Since Bizarro was rejected on Earth, he makes the clones act in an opposite manner to the way humans do.

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As one of the most interesting planets in DC comics, there are many things to love about Htrae. For example, its inhabitants hang curtains on the outside of the window rather than on the inside. Its seasons are a bit messed up too because the sun doesn’t cover it as properly because of its cubical shape. And even though many of the women are Lois Lane duplicates, there is an exception in Wonderzarro, who is a duplicate of Wonder Woman.


Bizarnage fights Spider-Boy in Amalgam Comics

In the Amalgam Comics (where Marvel and DC characters are merged). a botched experiment at Cadmus Labs fuses Carnage with Bizarro Superman, forming Bizarnage. Seeking to become like Spider-Man he tries to kill him but the hero gets the better of him.

Bizarnage is undoubtedly one of the best Marvel and DC crossover characters because he is a fusion of two mindless monsters. None of his schemes make sense. In fact, he is so delusional that he believes the people can accept him as they do Spider-Man. Nonetheless, he still manages to entertain because of the mayhem he causes across New York.

Opposite Powers

Bizarro first comic appearance

In Secret Society of Super Villains Special #1, Bizarro’s powers are shown to be the opposite of those of Superman. He has freeze vision instead of heat vision and heat breath instead of cold breath.

Given the manner in which Bizarro’s powers work, the name Reverse Superman would be very fitting for him too. However, Bizarro’s powers being opposite to those of Superman is more of a disadvantage to him than an advantage. For example, he doesn’t have a telescopic vision. Instead, he is myopic, meaning he cant see incoming threats until it’s too late. His hearing is flawed too, making him unable to hear cries for help that are far away.

Rogue Bizarro

Bizarro DC Comics

Bizarro goes rogue in Superman #423 and destroys Bizarro World. He then journeys to Metropolis where he instigates anarchy before being stopped by Clark. Clark soon discovers that Mister Mxyzptlk was the one controlling him.

As one of the most powerful DC characters, it’s no surprise that Mister Mxyzptlk manipulates Bizarro into destroying a planet full of his own kind. Over the course of Superman’s existence, Mxyzptlk has arguably been his most annoying foe because he never stays down once defeated. Unfortunately, neither Bizarro nor Mxyzptlk pay for the massacre because the former dies while the latter escapes.

Blue Kryptonite

Ordinarily. Green Kryptonite powers Bizarro instead of weakening him like it does Superman, while Blue Kryptonite causes him anguish. However, when Bizarro is presented with a Blue Kryptinie ring in Batman/Superman #25, he develops 12th-level intellect and starts speaking normally.

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Interestingly, it’s never quite explained why this happens. Even Bizarro himself isn’t too happy about how positively the ring influences him so he gets rid of him and returns back to his usual confused state. Because of his fear of the rings, Bizarro never manages to be as formidable a hero like Superman.

Luthor’s Intelligent Bizarro

A Bizarro that can think and speak better also appears in Superman (Vol. 2) #87. This happens after Lex Luthor finds a way to improve Bizarro’s genes in the lab.

One of the things that make Lex one of Superman’s best enemies is how innovative he is. Thanks to his tendency to always see a way to improve every scenario, he has engineered some of the most powerful subordinates. Consequently, Superman has never had a boring day in his life. With the emergence of an intelligent Bizarro, Superman gets a foe that matches him in just about every single way.

The Joker Creates Another Bizarro

DC Bizarro World

In Action Comics #769, the Joker uses Mister Mxyzptlk’s powers to create a version of Bizarro that acts like a child but has all of Superman’s powers. However, Joker’s Bizarro soon finds himself in conflict with General Zod, who doesn’t wish to see anyone that resembles Superman.

Like Lex Luthor, the Joker prefers having others do the dirty work for him just as much as he enjoys doing the dirty work himself. He chooses to create a Bizarro in the comic issue in order to find a quick way to defeat Batman’s stubborn sidekicks. Unfortunately for him, his project fails because of a fellow badly.

He Learns How To Speak Properly By Watching TV

In Action Comics #845, Bizarro Superman learns how to speak proper English by watching TV for 13 months. However, doing so also makes him more violent.

There has never been a shortage of comical Bizarro moments in the comics and here, readers get to see him jump in excitement after learning new phrases from TV shows and news bulletins. But just as he learns words, he learns violence too. As a result, Superman has to deal with a Bizarro that can even garrote people like an assassin.

He Falls For Lois

Bride of Bizarro Superman comic featuring Bizzaro Lois

Bizarro Superman first appears in Action Comics #254 when Lex Luthor uses the duplicating ray to create him. He falls in love with Lois and in order to stop his advances, she uses the ray to create Bizarro Lois for him.

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Though he is very different from Superman, Bizarro is shown to have the same kinds of feelings as him, which explains why he finds Lois attractive. But trust Lois to always be a quick thinker Knowing he’ll be a bother, she figures that the only way to keep him off would be to create another Lois for him. And it works.


Batman Who Laughs Batzarro DC Comics

A Bizarro version of Batman named Batzarro first appears in Superman/Batman #20. This version speaks like Bizarro Superman and claims to be from the same planet.

Batzarro ends up being superior to Bizarro Superman because of how he reacts to Kryptonite. Since he doesn’t have ties to Krypton, Blue Kryptonite and Green Kryptonite don’t affect him in any way. As such, members of the Justice League have a harder time taking him down. He also refers to himself as Wayne Bruce instead of Bruce Wayne.

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