10 Things Only Comic Fans Know About The Darkhold

10 Things Only Comic Fans Know About The Darkhold

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness might have disappointed some Marvel loyalists by not featuring alternate versions of fan-favorite characters as fan theories suggested but it is still an awesome movie in many ways. One of the standout characters is Wanda Maximoff, who causes all kinds of destruction after reading the Darkhold.

The Darkhold is known to corrupt minds and apart from Wanda, MCU fans have already gotten to know a thing or two about it through characters like Agatha Harkness and Anton Ivanov, aka, Superior. However, there are many other little details about it that are still exclusive to the Marvel comics at this point.


How It Comes Into Existence

In Mighty Avengers #22, Chthon is forced to flee Earth in order to avoid Demogorge, the God-Eater’s wrath. Before doing so, he writes his spells into scrolls and leaves them at the Wundagore mountain range so that he will always have influence over Earth.

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Chthon can thus be blamed for all the mayhem that the Darkhold has caused ever since. Thanks to the Elder God’s efforts, there has always been a conduit between the outer world and the Earth-Realm. Without Chthon laying the foundation, Wanda would have had a harder time moving through the multiverse as easily as she does in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. 

The Total Number Of Spells

Scarlet Witch Chthon

In the comics, the Darkhold contains a total of 6 spells. These include the ability to access the Limbo, aka, Otherplace (a magical dimension full of demons), the structures of lycanthropy, the ability to conjure the Darkforce, the ability to control the will of humans, summoning elder gods, drawing psionic energy, and the elements of vampirism.

Given how extreme the contents are, it’s no surprise that ordinary individuals who access the Darkhold tend to find it too much to bear. The effectiveness of the Darkhold in accessing demon dimensions and summoning other gods is the major reason why witches and other kinds of supernatural beings, always yearn to get their hands on it.

Wanda Uses It To Corrupt Fellow Avengers

Scarlet Witch Chthon Wundagore Avengers

MCU fans might be surprised by Wanda turning evil but it happens a lot more on the Marvel pages. In Darkhold Alpha #1, she tricks some of the Avengers into reading the Darkhold so that she can send them to the other realm.

In the MCU, Wanda has fought fellow Avengers to guard her own interests. It’s why she puts them in a trance in South Africa and why fights Doctor Strange all over the multiverse. However, on this occasion in the comics, she corrupts her fellow heroes out of pure malevolence, with her goal being to become the one and only true hero. Luckily, she soon learns the error of her ways.

The True Darkhold

Scarlet Witch is possessed by Chthon in Marvel Comics.

There have been a number of Darkhold copies in Marvel media and it’s by reading one of them in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness that Wanda learns about universes where her children exist. There is also the “True Darkhold,” which was made from an Elder God’s flesh. In Darkhold Omega #1, this version fuses with Wanda, making her even more powerful.

Since these events only happened recently in the comics, Wanda could be labeled the most powerful Marvel character at the moment. She doesn’t just fuse with the Darkhold but also absorbs Chthon. This means that every existing sorcerer has to bow down to her. Moreover, there is no damage she can’t undo.

Baron Zemo Uses It In A Major Villain Scheme

Baron Zemo corrupts Blackout using the Darkhold in Secret Empire #1,

In the MCU, Baron Zemo is currently imprisoned in Wakanda after causing all kinds of havoc in The Falcon & The Winder Soldier. In the comics, specifically Secret Empire #1, he causes even more havoc when he uses the Darkhold to empower Blackout and make him cast blackout shadows over Manhattan.

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As treacherous as Zemo is, he isn’t exactly a good fighter. Neither does he have any unique special abilities. He thus knows that the best way to make sure his plans don’t interfere is by manipulating other characters. In the Manhattan incident, he uses Blackout’s shadows so that he can prevent heroes from gaining access to the area and ruining his plans. But as is always the case, everything goes well until it doesn’t.

The Darkhold Is The Reason Vampires Exist

Varnae, the first vampire from Marvel Comics

In Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #11, the Darkholders (the followers of sorcerer Thulsa Doom) use the Darkhold to create the first-ever vampire named Varnae. But instead of obeying the Darkholders, Varnae turns against them and uses spells from the book to create more vampires.

Most of Marvel’s most powerful vampires thus have Varnae to thank for their existence. Because of Varnae’s defiance, readers have been blessed with iconic characters such as Blade and Morbius. Because of how essential it is to vampire existence, many creatures of the night have successfully tried to steal the Darkhold, including Dracula, who sends thieves to the Vatican in the 17th century.

Carnage Gets Sought After By The Darkholders

In Carnage Vol 2 #4, Darkholders seek out Cletus Kasady, ala, Carnage, and attempt to sacrifice him so as to awaken Chthon. Instead, Chthon empowers Carnage, who then steals the book and goes on a reign of terror.

As proven in Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Kasady is normally terrifying enough already without the Darkhold, and with it, the best Spider-Man villains such as Venom and Mysterio stand no chance against him. It’s during this period in his life that he arguably has his best spell as a villain. Eventually, it takes a team of dedicated heroes, namely, Victoria Montesi, Jubulile van Scotter, Man-Wolf, and Toxin, to stop him.

Morgan Le Fay’s Contribution

Initially, the Darkhold is only a collection of scrolls. In History of the Marvel Universe Vol 2 #1, Morgan Le Fay, one of the most powerful magical beings in Marvel comics, binds the scrolls into a book for the first time. From there on, it’s referred to as “The Darkhold”https://screenrant.com/doctor-strange-2-only-comic-fans-know-darkhold/,”The Shiatra Book Of The Damned,” and “The Book Of Sins.” All this happens in 600 AD.

MCU fans will best remember Fay from the series, Runaways, where she is introduced as an enemy of King Arthur who had been trapped in the Dark Dimension for centuries. The sorceress’ contribution to the Darkhold doesn’t get acknowledged enough yet it’s clear that without her, many of the scrolls would now be scattered all over the world.

The Darkhold Dwarf

Darkhold Dwarf Marvel

In Darkhold: Pages from the Book of Sins #1, it’s revealed that anyone who attempts to read the Darkhold is normally warned of its dangers by Chthon himself. And at times, the Darkhold Dwarf tricks the person into using a particular spell.

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As the creator of the Darkhold, Chthon’s motive for controlling the users is to make sure that people he isn’t fond of don’t benefit from him. As for the Dakrhold Dwarf, he is more of an opportunist, often stealing some pages and delivering them to certain individuals for profit. At the moment, the Darkhold Dwarf is yet to appear in the MCU but since the Darkhold is here to stay, he just might show up in future phases.

The First Humans To Find It

As proven in Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., ordinary humans don’t fare so well when they come into contact with the Darkhold. Such is the case in the Pre-Cataclysmic Era, when humans living in Lemuria and Atlantis (when the lands were still above water) acquire it.

Understandably, the humans don’t keep the Darkhold for long because of its immense power. But by letting go of it, it only ends up in the wrong hands. Thulsa Doom is the next person to own it and it’s through him that events are set in motion, leading to the creation of the creatures of the night.

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