10 Unresolved Plot Points That Season 6 Needs To Wrap Up

10 Unresolved Plot Points That Season 6 Needs To Wrap Up

Spoiler warning: The following contains spoilers for season 6 of Better Call Saul.

Season 6 of Breaking Bad’s magnificent spin-off Better Call Saul premiered in April 2022, just 2 days shy of exactly 2 years after season 5 wrapped and left fans’ minds racing with possibilities for the grand finale. The show’s timeline is creeping ever closer to Breaking Bad’s, with both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul confirmed to return as Walt and Jesse by the time the series ends.

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There are many plots that have been slowly but surely escalating throughout the show. There are also several characters in Better Call Saul who don’t appear in Breaking Bad, so season 6 needs to wrap up their stories as well. Since many characters are lacking a moral compass, there is no knowing where they will end up by the end of the series, but some predictions can nonetheless be made.


Updated on April 26th, 2022 by Mark Birrell: With the opening of Better Call Saul’s 6th season spelling doom for essentially all of the main characters, the tension has never been higher when Kim and the cartel are involved. Better Call Saul still has some unresolved plot threads and now is the time to revisit what they are before it all comes to an end.

What Happens To Kim Wexler?

Rhea Seehorn as Kim Wexler in Better Call Saul

Barring the returning alums from Breaking Bad, if Better Call Saul has one true standout character, it would be Kim Wexler. As she never appears in Breaking Bad, despite being a huge part of Jimmy’s life, her ultimate fate is almost constantly being pondered by the audience.

The end of season 5 masterfully played into the anxiety that fans feel about Kim’s future, quite literally putting her directly in the line of fire. What will happen to Kim Wexler in Better Call Saul’s finale, and whether or not she’ll be alive to appear in it, are questions that are going to be at the forefront of fans’ minds as season 6 unfolds.

Saul Goodman’s Involvement With The Cartel

Saul Goodman gets directly involved with the cartel in season 5, defending both Lalo and Krazy-8 as he’s sucked into a freefall of bad decisions. In Breaking Bad, Jesse’s famous introduction of Saul as the man who pits the “criminal” in “criminal lawyer” makes mention of Saul getting Krazy-8’s cohort, Emilio, off the hook twice, which is something that’s yet to happen.

So many of the tiny details that Saul mentions in passing during Breaking Bad have turned out to be true stories and plot points in Better Call Saul, it would seem odd if this one didn’t make an appearance. Regarding Emilio, Jesse says that “both times, they had him dead to rights, yo.” So it’s safe to assume that some true Saul Goodman chicanery is still left in store in season 6.

Gene Taking Matters Into His Own Hands

Gene on the phone to the disappearer in Better Call Saul

Every season premiere, with the exception of season 6, began with a flash-forward in a black-and-white sequence. Posing as Gene the mild-mannered Cinnabon manager, Jimmy is in hiding. His life is dull and it’s obvious he is reminiscing about his past a lot. At the beginning of season 5, he has been found out by Jeff, who could be a random taxi driver or possibly something more sinister and threatening.

Instead of running away, Gene decides to stay and fix this problem on his own. Though its introduction chose to show a different kind of scene that seems to be just after Saul Goodman’s downfall, season 6 needs to show what exactly his plan is and ultimately, what James Morgan McGill’s ultimate fate is.

What Happens To Lalo Salamanca Before Breaking Bad Starts?

Lalo on the phone in Better Call Saul

Since Lalo Salamanca doesn’t make an appearance in Breaking Bad and Saul doesn’t seem to know his status when Walt and Jesse interrogate him, Better Call Saul needs to give the audience some answers.

Though the season 6 premiere showed that Lalo faked his own death, Gus Fring taunts Hector Salamanca before their deaths in Breaking Bad by saying that Gus has killed all of Hector’s remaining family and he’s aware that Lalo survived the assassination attempt. A final confrontation between these two, not to mention Mike, is a highly-anticipated aspect of Better Call Saul’s final season.

The Fate Of Nacho’s Father

Mike holding Nacho and Manuel Varga's fake IDs in Better Call Saul.

The relationship between Nacho and his father is a whole side plot and one of the most emotional of the series. Gus puts a gun to Nacho’s father’s head to keep Nacho working for him and Nacho is shown to sacrifice absolutely everything to keep his father safe.

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Nacho’s father is a relatively minor character, yet has grown to be one of the most important in the story. Now that Nacho has finally met his end in the show, and Mike has sworn to protect his father from Fring, it’s possible that Manuel Varga’s time on the show is completely over. But nothing is certain when Gus Fring or the Salamancas are involved.

How Does It End For Howard?

Howard Hamlin from Better Cal Saul in a suit looking to the left.

For a brief moment, it looked as if Howard Hamlin might escape the events of Better Call Saul with some semblance of a life left intact but the finale of season 5 hinted that Howard might be as doomed as Chuck. Jimmy and Kim have little to do with Howard’s law firm, HHM, anymore, yet they still hold onto the past. In “Something Unforgivable”, Kim proposes they take Howard down and damage his career in order to expedite the Sandpiper Crossing class action payout.

Howard became the target of Jimmy’s misplaced grief in season 5 and was mercilessly pranked to the point of harassment. The beginning of season 6 showed that Kim and Jimmy’s plan starts with manufacturing the suspicion that Howard is using illegal substances. Whatever the two have planned, its chances of getting out of hand seem very high.

The Sandpiper Payout

Building a case against Sandpiper Crossing was a huge professional success for Jimmy, but he had to give it all up since it was not a one-man job and he refused to work for a big law firm. The plot against Howard is directly tied to the Sandpiper money, so one can’t really be resolved without the other.

The case has been a main plot point since season 1, with the payout looking to be sizable for Jimmy and perhaps even the seed money for many of Saul Goodman’s operations during Breaking Bad.

Jimmy Facing What He Did To Chuck

Chuck was such a big part of Jimmy’s life, but once he died, Jimmy seemed to have moved on in a heartbeat. The past is catching up to him, though, and much of Jimmy’s hatred towards Howard seems to be caused by Howard’s close association with Chuck. On some level, Jimmy also seems fearful that Howard knows the truth about how Jimmy intentionally got Chuck’s malpractice insurance premiums raised, thus provoking a standoff between Chuck and Howard. Jimmy then allows Howard to believe that the ensuing argument that the two had directly caused Chuck’s death, with Jimmy seemingly burying his own involvement in his mind and intending to take the secret to his grave.

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Jimmy doesn’t even tell Kim about what he knowingly did to Chuck, perhaps because he’s afraid of the consequences but also because he’s incapable of facing the horrible truth. If Jimmy is ever going to come full circle, emotionally speaking, he’ll have to find a way of truly living with the fact that he played a part in his brother’s downfall and death.

Who Is Calling Francesca On November 12th?

In “Quite A Ride,” there is a flash-forward of Saul telling Francesca to pick up a certain phone at 3 PM on November 12th as he is packing up to disappear for good.

Since the episode is named after a line Saul says to her, the scene is definitely among the most significant of the season. November 12th is Saul’s birthday. Who is calling that phone and what happens as a result?

Mesa Verde’s Future

Mesa Verde has been Kim’s biggest client so far. The bank’s CEO, Kevin Wachtell, is a fairly important character in Better Call Saul, and he’s already appeared once in season 6 in relation to Howard’s storyline, so it seems like his involvement in the events of the series isn’t quite over yet.

There’s a theory that Mesa Verde makes an appearance in Breaking Bad, which could mean that the couple isn’t quite done with the bank after all. Saul did threaten them with a copyright lawsuit, so there needs to be some kind of a follow-up in season 6.

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