14 Worst Things Scarlet Witch Ever Did In Marvel Comics

14 Worst Things Scarlet Witch Ever Did In Marvel Comics

Scarlet Witch proved how powerful she was in WandaVision when she turned an entire town into her own playground, and she did it subconsciously. What makes this even more impressive is that her powers in the MCU are not even up to the level of the Scarlet Witch comics, where she did things that were even more destructive than her actions in WandaVision.

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Scarlet Witch has done a lot of bad things in the comics, and the saddest part is that most of these things were done because she either lost control or was in a state of agony. Wanda Maximoff’s life was never easy and she never learned how to deal with her pain, often causing her to lash out at those around her and leaving a path of destruction in her wake.

Updated on May 2nd, 2022, by Shawn S. Lealos: While Scarlet Witch proved she was capable of great evil in WandaVision, there is an argument that she didn’t learn anything from her experience. In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, she made the comment that it didn’t seem fair that she was punished for what she did and he wasn’t punished for his actions.

While Doctor Strange did some things he shouldn’t have done with his powers, he never went as evil as Wanda, who manipulated an entire town of people into performing for her comfort. In the comics, it wasn’t very different as the worst things Scarlet Witch has done were through her own immaturity and arrogance and through careful manipulation by others, making her think she had the right to change the world as she saw fit.

14 Studied Black Magic, Releasing The Demon Arkon

Scarlet Witch talking to Arkonin Avengers.

Scarlet Witch went evil long before she killed several Avengers teammates in Disassembled. Early on in her Avengers career, she showed that she was never in full control of her powers or her emotions. After losing her powers, she began to study black magic to try to regain them.

She ended up accidentally summoning the extra-dimensional villain Arkon, and he kidnapped Wanda to turn her into his bride. Luckily, the Avengers saved her, but this only led to losing control of her powers again, this time under the manipulation of Chthon, once again putting her teammates in danger.

13 She Broke Wonder Man’s Heart

Wonder Man yelling at Vision.

The story of Vision in the comics is different than the MCU. In the comics, Vision had the body of the Android Human Torch and received the brainwaves of the deceased Simon Williams to help make him more human. When Wanda fell in love with Vision, it was while he had Wonder Man’s brainwaves.

Wanda ended up later falling in love with Wonder Man, but she never gave up her love for Vision putting the three in a tough spot. When the U.S. Government disassembled Vision and wiped his memory, Wonder Man refused to allow his brainwaves to be used again, and Wanda lashed out at him in anger, even though it was in his complete right to keep them for himself.


12 Unwittingly Helped Red Skull Steal Professor X’s Powers

Red Skull steals Professor X's brain.

Wanda had a tough connection with Hydra and the Nazi party in general. For many years, she believed that Magneto was her father and his entire history is tied to being a child in internment camps during World War II. When he first met Professor X, he battled Hydra. That made her unwittingly helping Red Skull such a shocking betrayal.

Red Skull had captured both Scarlet Witch and Rogue and he forced them to help him when he cut the brain out of the dead body of Professor X. While brainwashed, Wanda helped him use Xavier’s powers to de-power all mutants.

11 Wanda Joined Hydra’s Avengers In Secret Empire

Scarlet Witch joins Hydra in Secret Empire.

Joining Red Skull while brainwashed was bad, but one of the worst things Scarlet Witch has done was joining Hydra’s Avengers during Secret Empire. She betrayed everyone who trusted her. It was a confusing situation, as Steve Rogers was brainwashed as well and was leading the country into a new status of fascism.

Chthon once again possessed her and that is why she joined the Hydra Avengers. Luckily, Doctor Strange was able to save her and end the possession. Wanda finally came around and joined the side of good again to help end Hydra’s plans.

10 Joined The Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver with Magneto.

While it wasn’t completely her fault, Scarlet Witch began her career in Marvel Comics as a villain and one of the most powerful members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. However, she and her brother, Quicksilver, were not aware of their true origins, and were largely seeking somewhere to live safely among people like them – rather than being truly ‘evil’.

Scarlet Witch was a villain, though, and helped Magneto try to defeat the X-Men more than once. She eventually broke away from the villains with her brother and joined the Avengers, becoming a hero from that point on.

9 Magically Created Her Own Children

Scarlet Witch's children Wiccan and Speed.

Scarlet Witch struggled as a member of the Avengers, and she almost killed them once while possessed. However, she came around, fell in love with the synthezoid, Vision, and the two of them went to California to serve in the West Coast Avengers.

At this time, Scarlet Witch used her powers of magic to make herself pregnant with Vision’s child, and she gave birth to twin boys against Vision’s wishes. These children weren’t real, and Wanda created them with Black Magic thanks to Mephisto. Their essence was real, eventually transferring into two other children who grew up to become heroes in Speed and Wiccan.

8 Killed Hawkeye And Ant-Man

Scarlet Witch kills Avengers in Disassembled.

Scarlet Witch was a member of The Avengers for many years, and even with her lapses in control, she remained a loyal member. However, that all changed when Wasp said something that triggered memories that Wanda had removed by Agatha Harkness. That was the fact she had created children and had them taken away.

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When she learned this, she lost control of everything without even knowing and Scarlet Witch went evil. The Kree attacked and it wasn’t until Hawkeye and Ant-Man died that they realized it wasn’t real and it was all an illusion created by Wanda. In the end, both of those heroes died as did Jack of Hearts and the Avengers broke up after this betrayal, easily the worst thing Scarlet Witch has done.

7 Killed Agatha Harkness

Scarlet Witch prepares to kill Agatha Harkness.

Doctor Strange showed up to shut down Scarlet Witch when she realized what she had done. However, before he could do this and before she attacked and killed members of the Avengers, she killed her own mentor and the person who always helped her. That was when Scarlet Witch turned evil.

It was Agatha who helped remove the memories of the twins from Wanda’s mind to protect her and the world from madness. Agatha wasn’t who took the twins away, but she was the one who paid when Wanda killed her in one of her most villainous acts.

6 Created House Of M

Scarlet Witch creates House of M reality.

After killing members of the Avengers and murdering her own mentor in Agatha Harkness, it seemed like Scarlet Witch reached the bottom of the barrel. However, as she proved next, even when she tries to do something good, it could end up very bad. Trying to fix things while in hiding, Wanda created the House of M alternate reality.

Wanda realized that there was almost a blind hatred in the world for mutants so she created a utopian society where mutants rule and everyone lived in happiness and peace. This was a large-scale version of what Wanda did in WandaVision and it took Wolverine realizing something was wrong to lead the heroes to fix the world.

5 Depowered Almost Every Mutant

Scarlet Witch takes away mutants powers.

When the heroes turned the House of M world back to normal, Wanda realized that what she did was wrong. However, as is normal with Scarlet Witch, she didn’t learn her lesson. Instead of just leaving the world as it is and fighting for what was right, she did something even worse.

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She said “no more mutants” and with that spell, she rid 986,618 mutants of their powers. Some became humans again and some died. This made Wanda Maximoff the most hated person in the world in the eyes of mutants. While she meant to do good, it was the worst thing Scarlet Witch has done

4 Almost Married Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom standing behind Scarlet Witch.

Wanda disappeared after the events of M-Day and went into hiding for her own safety. There were many mutants and former mutants who wanted her dead and she remained hidden even though a few heroes knew where she was, including Hawkeye, who she had resurrected in House of M.

It was her children returning in Speed and Wiccan who found her with the Young Avengers. This was in The Children’s Crusade and they wanted her to know they were alive and were her children. What they found was Wanda preparing to marry Doctor Doom. If married, Doom would have ultimate magical powers and when stopped, he ended up killing Cassie Lang, Ant-Man’s daughter.

3 Turned Marvel Heroes Evil

Scarlet Witch uses her powers in AXIS.

The storyline AXIS saw the Avengers, X-Men, Scarlet Witch, Magneto, and more battling an evil entity known as Red Onslaught, a merging of Red Skull and Onslaught. Knowing that this creature could destroy the world, Wanda and Doctor Doom teamed up to create a spell to stop him by inverting Red Skull’s moral compass and making him good.

What resulted was everyone on the island of Genosha inverted, with all the superheroes turning evil and the villains turning good. It was yet another spell Wanda cast that went horribly wrong in the end.

2 Tried To Kill Her Entire Family

Scarlet Witch battling her brother Quicksilver.

For many years, Wanda Maximoff believed that she was the daughter of Magneto. This made her and her brother Quicksilver mutants and the heir apparent of Magneto. This turned out to be wrong and Wanda realized it too late after she did something truly evil.

During AXIS, Magneto and Quicksilver tried to stop the Scarlet Witch from killing Doctor Doom and stepping over that line. Wanda, in anger, cast a spell to kill everyone with blood ties to her. Her brother Quicksilver fell dead instantly but Magneto didn’t, proving that he was not her father at all.

1 Created Zombies In Krakoa

Scarlet Witch brought back dead mutants as zombies.

When the mutants created their own nation island of Krakoa and escaped the persecution of humans living around them, it seemed they could finally live in peace. Only mutants could gain access to the island without an invitation, so they felt safe. Wanda screwed that up.

Feeling terrible for M-Day, even though mutants have been resurrected and regained their powers on Krakoa, Wanda decided to try to make up for things by resurrecting all the mutants killed in Genosha by Cassandra Nova. This went wrong as the dead mutants from Genosha all returned as mutant zombies and invaded Krakoa. It took Doctor Strange’s help to fix this — something he has had to do far too many times in Scarlet Witch comics.

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