15 Most Memorable Bridgerton Quotes

15 Most Memorable Bridgerton Quotes

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Bridgerton.

Bridgerton is a delightful amalgam of the old and new, and viewers loved watching the spicy Regency-era drama. Shonda Rhimes’ reimagined historical drama is something new, unlike other stuffy and chaste players in the same genre. Even the dialogue in the show isn’t uptight – the mix of old-world niceties with modern manners is surprisingly pleasant and highly addictive.

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Lady Whistledown’s naughty magniloquence, Eloise’s hilarious one-liners, and Daphne and Simon’s ardent speeches kept fans hooked to the period drama, and even offered nuggets of wisdom on several occasions. A few of these Bridgerton quotes stood out and stayed in audiences’ minds.


Updated on April 5th, 2022 by Amanda Bruce: Bridgerton has become a huge hit for Netflix. In its first week of release, the second season saw more than 193 million hours streamed according to Netflix. That’s a whole lot of gossip from Lady Whistledown being spilled on screens all over the world. It’s not just Lady Whistledown’s words that the audience can’t get enough of though. From the love stories to the banter to the heartbreak, there are just as many quotable moments as there are longing glances amongst the characters.

Lady Whistledown Knows All Amongst The Ton

“My Name Is Lady Whistledown. You Do Not Know Me, And Never Shall. But Be Forewarned Dear Reader, I Certainly Know You.”

Nicola Coughlan as Penelope Featherington in Bridgerton

The mysterious gossip columnist of London’s high society had her eye on everyone and a way with words. Nobody could quite figure out who the eloquent and omniscient Lady Whistledown was and how she had access to every secret and scandal across the ton.

The columnist also knew her power and wasn’t scared to assert it over the rest of the milieu. She was intent on keeping her identity confidential but wasn’t afraid to use her influence to make things happen in the city. Her old-style fluency and literary poise were unforgettable, which made sense since she was one of the smartest characters in Bridgerton.

Edmund Bridgerton Has Words Of Wisdom In Flashback

“You Cannot Show Someone Your Best Without Allowing Them To See Your Worst.”

Edmund teaching Anthony how to shoot in Bridgerton season 2

The Bridgerton patriarch is dead before the events of the series take place, and Bridgerton Season 2 reveals just what the circumstances are that lead to his demise. He clearly leaves a lasting impression on his children, particularly Anthony. Witnessing his father’s death is traumatic, but Edmund also has some wise words for his children to carry with them in the flashbacks that introduce him to the audience.

It’s interesting that Edmund encourages his family members to be themselves when they care for someone because debuting in society, as Daphne and Eloise find, is all about presenting a particular package to eligible suitors. Clearly, Edmund wasn’t so concerned about his sons or daughters marrying strategically.

Eloise Wants More Than The Options Before Her

“Why Must Our Only Options Be To Squawk And Settle Or To Never Leave The Nest? What If I Want To Fly?”

Eloise Bridgerton laughing and reading Lady Whistledown on a chair at their house

Vivacious Eloise Bridgerton made no bones about her views on London society – women were treated like objects to be exchanged in marriage and weren’t ever encouraged to do anything beyond settling down with a husband, or staying a sad spinster with their parents.

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Still, she wanted to do much more, like the men of the ton who had a universe of options ahead of them when they came of age. Eloise often discussed her ambitions beyond just marriage with Penelope, hoping to inspire other women to take a stand and claim their rights.

Daphne Admits Her Feelings For Simon

“It Is You I Cannot Sacrifice. I Burn… For You.”

bridgerton daphne and simon kiss

Perhaps the most popular quote from Bridgerton that became a rage all over the internet, Daphne said this to Simon soon after they got married. Despite being in love, the two were only married in name and didn’t share a relation beyond the titles of husband and wife, but when the passion they had for each other became too much to ignore, she said these words to the Duke.

The chemistry between the Duke and Daphne was absolutely scintillating, and this proclamation of affection led to the long-waited union between the Diamond of the Season and the coveted former bachelor. Daphne and Simon were clearly soulmates.

Anthony Woos Kate Without Trying To

“You Are The Bane Of My Existence And The Object Of All My Desires.”

When Anthony and Kate meet in Season 2, there’s an obvious attraction despite them constantly battling one another. Anthony picks Kate’s sister to court, with the plan that he’s only going to marry the “diamond” of the social season, but he just can’t seem to keep himself from thinking about, or taunting, Kate.

His delivery of this line had social media in a flurry nearly as soon as the new season dropped on Netflix, so it’s no surprise that it’s becoming one of the most talked-about scenes in the show. As much as neither of them wants to admit that they’re drawn to one another, Anthony just can’t let Kate go.

Eloise Points Out The Obvious To Her Brothers

“If You Desire The Sun And The Moon, All You Have To Do Is Go Out And Shoot At The Sky. Some Of Us Cannot.”

benedict eloise and anthony bridgerton

Forever a champion of women’s rights, the younger Bridgerton, Eloise, was a feminist icon. She made some very poetic yet salient observations about the difference in status afforded to men and women. The two sexes led lives that were markedly different, and a lady couldn’t grow beyond becoming a wife and a mother.

She said these lines to her brother one night while they sat on swings, mourning how she had no room to achieve any material or work-related success in life because society didn’t allow her to, whereas Benedict and her other brothers could go out and do whatever they liked.

Simon Finally Tells Daphne The Truth

“Everything I Told The Queen Was True. I Cannot Stop Thinking Of You. From The Mornings You Ease, To The Evenings You Quiet, To The Dreams You Inhabit, My Thoughts Of You Never End. I Am Yours, Daphne. I Have Always Been Yours.”

bridgerton daphne simon

If Daphne expressed her emotions for the Duke, he couldn’t be far behind either. In the same scene that Daphne confessed to “burning” for him, he gave an impassioned missive about how the beautiful Bridgerton daughter had taken over his thoughts and captivated his heart.

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It was quite lovely to hear the otherwise aloof Simon be so candid about his thoughts, and finally accept the love of a woman when he had vowed to stay away from marriage and the likes for the longest time. The romance in these few lines is also evocative and beautiful.

Edwina Laments Not Seeing The Chemistry

“Was I Truly This Blind? Were They Always This Obvious?”

Charithra Chandran as Edwina Sharma in Bridgerton

The heart of the audience breaks a bit for Kate’s younger sister with this Season 2 Bridgerton quote. After all, Anthony appears to the public to fully intend on marrying Edwina. Edwina is so worried that her sister’s hostility will push Anthony away that she even urges them to spend more time together, completely missing that the hostility is because they’re trying to avoid how they feel for her sake.

When the truth is revealed to Edwina, she worries that she’s been a fool for not seeing it sooner. While the audience, of course, is privy to every point of view, Edwina is so preoccupied with her own social obligations that she never sees what’s right in front of her, and it’s not entirely her fault.

Simon Finds A Best Friend In Daphne

“To Meet A Beautiful Woman Is One Thing, But To Meet Your Best Friend In The Most Beautiful Of Women Is Something Entirely Apart.”

bridgerton simon and daphne dance

Romance was the last priority in Simon Basset’s life, which was a pity because it came so naturally to the Duke. With Daphne, he had met his match. The couple had to go ask the Queen’s permission to marry quickly, and in his plea to the regent, he said that marriage was but an unbreakable bond of friendship, and he had found his best friend in Daphne.

Both Simon and Daphne were extremely emotional as they said this, and they were also under a lot of pressure to make the Queen agree to their marriage, but it was clear that he meant every word he said.

Daphne Understands That Loving Someone Includes Their Flaws

“I Love All Of You. Even The Parts That You Believe Are Too Dark And Too Shameful. Every Scar. Every Flaw. Every Imperfection. I Love You.”

A still from Bridgerton

The courtship between the leading couple of Bridgerton was electric, but their marriage was tumultuous. The two seesawed a fair bit between being in love and then hating each other, but Daphne stated her intentions for the Duke quite clearly, even after the Duke’s vow to not procreate.

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She finally understood her partner’s past and his hang-ups, which was a relief for fans who wanted a happy ending for them. Bridgerton knew how to set a romantic atmosphere, and this scene was a great combination of dreamy rain and great dialogue.

Colin Breaks Penelope’s Heart Without Meaning To

“You Are, Pen. You Do Not Count. You Are My Friend.”

Colin speaks to Penelop at a social function in Bridgerton

It’s no secret to the audience that Penelope Featherington has feelings for Colin Bridgerton. Colin, for his part, doesn’t realize in the first two seasons of the show, and that leaves him breaking her heart without even realizing it.

When Penelope jokes that Colin has sworn off women, but he’s talking to her at a social function, he decides she doesn’t count because of their friendship. In Colin’s eyes, Penelope isn’t even a potential love interest as he associates her with his little sister Eloise. Though his lines here are relatively tame, it’s a moment that stays with the audience long after it’s over.

Daphne Is Comfortable Bantering With Simon

“Yes, I Know. You Are Not The Marrying Type. Yet Have You Considered You Are Not The Type Women Wish To Marry?”

Daphne and Simon's Wedding in Bridgerton Season 1 Episode 5 _The Duke and I_

The best part of Simon and Daphne’s courtship was the witty banter between the two. The couple got along like fire, and their initial flirting and teasing formed the foundation of their relationship. Simon was notorious for being a bachelor who didn’t care for a wedding, which he used to make amply clear to Daphne.

Daphne in return quipped that women weren’t lining up to marry Simon either: he wasn’t exactly the loving, warm man that they wanted to marry. It was nice to see her take down the Duke off of his high horse, and the repartee was fun to watch.

Violet Feels The Weight Of Lost Love

“Edmund Was The Air That I Breathed, And Now, There Is No Air.”

bridgerton lady violet

So much attention is paid to the older Bridgerton siblings that sometimes, the parents of the eight children might be forgotten a bit by the audience. After all, the love stories playing out are that of the new generation, not their parents.

As more is revealed about Violet and Edmund Bridgerton, however, it’s made very clear that they married for love. So many relationships are born from social and financial strategy, but the Bridgertons are a family where love is the priority, even if some of them would like to ignore that. Violet Bridgerton’s admission that she feels like she can’t breathe when she loses her husband is where that starts. With parents who loved one another so dearly, why wouldn’t the children want fulfilling relationships instead of strategic ones?

Simon Points Out The Advantages Of A Fake Relationship

“Me, Unavailable; You, Desirable.”

The beginning of the elaborate ploy between Daphne and Simon began with these words. Simon wanted to keep bachelorettes and their mothers off his back, and Daphne wanted to get other suitors interested in her, so they decided to fake a romance to kill two birds with one stone.

This line described their situation perfectly, and the planned romantic entanglement really did increase Daphne’s potential suitors, and Simon was considered spoken for which made their lives easier to an extent – until they fell in love with each other.

Lady Whistledown Understands Broken Hearts

“All Is Fair In Love And War But Some Battles Leave No  Victor, Only A Trail Of Broken Hearts That Makes Us Wonder If The Price We Pay Is Ever Worth The Fight.”

Bridgerton Lady Whistledown

All the characters of Bridgerton were at the mercy of the ubiquitous Lady Whistledown, and she could see every little thing that happened to them. Since love and marriage was so crucial in Regency-era London, it was the one thing that the writer focused on, especially the heartbreaks.

In “Swish,” Lady Whistledown revealed Marina’s pregnancy, breaking Colin’s heart and their engagement. It was clear that Penelope had decided to out Marina to the ton because she loved Colin, but she also did it to protect him. However, she felt no vindication – the three of them were left brokenhearted and disappointed.

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