15 Underrated Quotes That Are Ridiculously Meme-Worthy

15 Underrated Quotes That Are Ridiculously Meme-Worthy

Modern Family is known for its hilarious family-related drama. As a mockumentary, the characters had some iconic one-liners as they got themselves into unfavorable circumstances that resulted in lies or hidden agendas. Over the show’s 11 seasons, there were some beloved quotes that fans repeat often in their day-to-day (like Phil Dunphy’s, “I’m hip. I surf the web. I text. LOL – ‘laugh out loud,’ OMG – ‘oh my god,’ WTF – ‘why the face?'”).

But with so many Modern Family episodes attached to each season, there are loads of great quotes that go unappreciated and underused. The dry, honest delivery by the actors made the show one of the most memeable online.


Updated on May 9th, 2022, by Lynn Gibbs: Modern Family has become a show that’s gold for meme inspiration. From Phil Dunphy’s one-liners to Jay Pritchett’s obsession with his dog, the three families were all relatable to multiple viewers. And that’s what makes for a great meme, relatability. The messiness of these families and the love they had for each other created quotes that were prime real estate for Modern Family memes. Quotes from Claire created logical and strong memes for any family member, while quotes from Cam made for light-hearted and dramatic memes. In the end, Modern Family has meme written all over it. 

Jay Pritchett & Gloria Delgado-Pritchett

Jay: “I Don’t Know If I Can Go That Long Without Seeing Joe!” Gloria: “Not Joe, The Dog!”

Gloria gives Jay a plan about Stella and Joe on Modern Family

There were plenty of times when Jay loved his dog Stella more than Gloria. Unlike his wife and kids, Stella didn’t talk back to Jay and was always affectionate. So when his son broke out in a rash, he was devastated at the thought of getting rid of Stella to save his son.

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Gloria suggested separating the two to see if Joe’s rash got better, but Jay assumed they’d keep Stella and pass Joe off to another family member. Pet lovers would understand Jay’s frustration, making this underrated quote a great meme. In the end, the family kept Stella because Joe was allergic to Gloria’s face cream, not the dog.

Cam Tucker

“Why Does Drama Keep Following Me Everywhere I Go?”

Cameron is one of the most dramatic characters in Modern Family. He loves his family but he might have loved drama and theatrics more. He stirred the pot, gossiped, and believed most rumors he heard. Knowing all this, his quote “Why does drama keep following me everywhere I go?” is underrated because of how ironic it is. Cameron had his annoying moments in Modern Family but he countered each annoying scene with a sweet one.

For those who see themselves in Cam or also have drama following them around, this quote makes for the perfect meme.

Claire & Alex Dunphy

Claire: “What Have I Told You About Staying Up Past Your Curfew?” Alex: “That I Need To Do It More Often.”

Alex tells her mom she needs to stay out more often on Modern Family

This meme is perfect for the introvert; the person who would rather stay in than go out and be social. Alex Dunphy was a smart young woman with a good head on her shoulders, but she was completely different from her family.

Claire begged Alex to break curfew and do something exciting but Alex always preferred staying home and reading. While Claire has done some bad things to the family because of her controlling nature, her love and worry for Alex’s social life were commendable (albeit pushy).

Phil Dunphy

“I’m Not Nervous! I’ve Had Bigger Hogs Than This Between My Legs.”

Jay helps Phil on a bike on Modern Family

In the episode ‘Yard Sale,’ Phil was excited to find out that Jay was selling his motorcycle. He always wanted one but never felt confident or safe enough driving one. As always, Phil wanted to appear cool to Jay and didn’t want him to think he was nervous. Some thought the ongoing storyline between Phil and Jay’s differences was overdone, but it did make for funny scenes.

But in a classic Phil way, he said something awkward due to his nervousness. This quote is memeable because most memes love a good sexual innuendo. With Phil Dunphy’s name and face attached to it, everyone would know the quote was a sarcastic joke.

Cam Tucker

“Hey! I Can Say It!”

In season 5’s ‘Farm Strong,’ Cam and Mitch got a visit from Cam’s sister, Pam. The couple was worried about her visit because she could be negative and wouldn’t have been happy about their engagement. A day with Pam went better than expected but that didn’t mean the Pritchett clan loved her “farm strong” attitude.

When Cam and Pam showed up at the Pritchett’s for a dinner party, Pam told everyone that she brought boar. Cam poked fun at his sister and talked poorly about her behind her back, but when Claire joined in on making fun of Pam, Cam snapped. “Hey! I can say it!” is the perfect quote for a meme for those who are entitled to talk about a situation that no one else can. As her brother, Cam could say whatever he wanted about Pam but the second someone else said something negative, he was in for the kill.

Phil Dunphy

“I Wish I Were One Of Those People Who Thrives On The Danger Of Leading A Double Life. You Know, Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker, Hannah Montana…”

Phil talking about living a double life on Modern Family

As perfect as Phil and Claire Dunphy were together, they couldn’t be more different from each other. Claire was the daredevil whereas Phil was the cautious one. There have been scenes where Phil wished he was as daring as his wife, or as he said, Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker, or Hannah Montana.

For anyone who is as cautious as Phil, this meme perfectly encapsulates those that wish they could be braver. In a classic Phil way, he didn’t just wish to be like Spider-Man, he wished to be like a Disney character Hannah Montana. The examples of who he’d like to emulate are what make this quote perfect.

Haley Dunphy

“In Legally Blonde, Elle Won Her Case Because She Was True To Herself And Dressed Cute.”

Haley in her dorm room talking about Elle Woods on Modern Family

Haley had a slow transformation when she was accepted into college because no one thought she’d be smart enough to go in. So when Haley was arrested in college, her parents came to the rescue to find out what was going on. Haley didn’t take the situation seriously even though she was about to be kicked out of school. Phil and Claire warned Haley to dress more conservatively for her meeting with the school board, but Haley claimed she was doing what Elle Woods would do in Legally Blonde.

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As frustrating as it was that Haley wasn’t taking her situation seriously, this quote about dressing well to feel confident is hilariously relatable and a good meme for anyone defending their fashion choices. 

Lily Tucker-Pritchett

“Let’s Create A Tinder Profile Of A Really Hot Girl And See What Pictures Guys Send To Us.”

Lily Tucker-Pritchett talking about Tinder on Modern Family

Lily transformed during her time on Modern Family from an infant to a teenager. While she was a teen, Lily was far too young to be on a dating app like Tinder, but that didn’t stop her from showing Claire her new teenage personality.

In the episode, Claire watched Lily when Mitch and Cam went out for the night. With nothing to do, Lily suggested making a fake profile on Tinder to catfish another person. Despite the dangers of catfishing, Claire found her idea humorous and was intrigued by the experiment. For those who are of age to use the dating app, a meme like this as a joke for a group of friends is on par with the other Tinder memes on the Internet. 

Phil Dunphy

“Onion Goggles. Welcome To The 21st Century. You Should Get A Pair.”

Phil talking to Jay about onion goggles on Modern Family

For anyone who loves cooking and has an issue tearing up while cutting onions, this meme is perfect to send on a rainy day. Phil never missed a chance to have one-on-one time with Jay, especially when he got to show off an invention or idea. So when Jay asked Phil to help him with a recipe, Phil came prepared.

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To save him from tearing up, Phil wore his onion-cutting goggles and expected Jay to be jealous of them. Instead, Jay insulted Phil’s manhood and ignored him, but that didn’t stop this moment from having total meme potential. 

Gloria Delgado-Pritchett

“That’s How You Know That Your Family Loves You — When They Feel Free To Scream At You.”

A split image of Gloria talking about family in her kitchen on Modern Family

Gloria’s upbringing was completely different from the Pritchetts and Dunphys. Hailing from Colombia, Gloria didn’t have much besides Manny. When she married Jay, it took the family a little bit of time to get used to how loudly she spoke and how often she yelled. Jay and Manny were used to it, but the other families were not.

Claire and co. didn’t think Jay and Gloria’s relationship made sense, but Gloria reminded everyone in this scene that a person is loved by how often their family argued with them. For fans who have similar families to Gloria’s, this meme says it all.

Claire Dunphy

“What Do You Mean I’m Not Even Scary? I Literally Almost Scared The Life Out Of A Man.”

Claire Dunphy wants to be scary on Modern Family

Claire had her toxic moments with family members, but deep down, she had a big heart and wanted what was best for everyone. She just had a small control issue when those she loved didn’t listen to her.

Due to Claire’s intimidation factor, she loved that she was scary to those who didn’t know her. Phil tried to break it to her that people didn’t find her scary, which made Claire want to prove her wrath even more. Claire’s love of Halloween and all things scary is relatable for some, making this a great meme for anyone with similar type-A energy.

Mitchell Pritchett

“I Think You Mean You ‘Couldn’t Care Less,’ Because If You Could Care Less That Means That You Care A Little Bit.”

Mitchell talking about the difference between could and couldn't care less on Modern Family

Mitchell and Claire tend to be know-it-alls within their households. Mitchell always thought he knew more than Cam, and Claire always thought she knew what was best for her kids.

In one scene, Mitchell proved he knew more than Cam when Cam said “I could care less.” Fellow grammar police forces can use this meme whenever another person uses the saying incorrectly. Cam judged Mitchell for being pretentious but Mitchell wasn’t wrong…

Haley Dunphy

“Okay, So After A Quick Scan Of His Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, And Instagram, Here’s What I Know…”

Haley looking for someone on Social Media on Modern Family

When it comes to Haley and the topic of love interests, she was advanced in the art of romances. She’s had so many flings and relationships that when Luke needed help with a girl he liked, Haley jumped into private investigator mode. She searched every social media site that the girl could be on and put together a good batch of information for Luke.

This quote of Haley’s is funny because it’s relatable for any Modern Family fan who’s dug through the Internet for information on a possible love interest, either for themselves or a friend.

Luke & Phil Dunphy

Phil: “What Did I Say About Eating Things For Money?” Luke: “Charge The Most. Then People Will Think You’re Worth It.”

A split image of Luke and Phil talking about doing things for money on Modern Family

Luke and Phil had a special bond. They were best friends who were incredibly similar and had some of the greatest moments in the show together.

In one scene, Phil reminded a young Luke about a lesson he taught him before. If Luke was asked to eat something as a bet, he had to charge an extraordinary amount of money so that people knew that he was “worth it.” This also meant that Luke would come out with a handsome sum if he went through with it. A fan doesn’t need need to be eating things for money to charge more, but this meme is good for anyone searching for a job or a date and knows their worth.

Phil Dunphy

“Act Like A Parent, Talk Like A Peer. I Call It Peer-Renting.”

Phil talking to the cameras about parenting on Modern Family

Leave it to Phil to make up his own words. His innovative mind makes most of his lines untouchable because no one can deliver them quite like him.

In this scene, Phil told the cameras that he was more than a parent to his kids; he was a peer as well. This meme works for any parent who wants to be besties with their kids — Phil calls it peer-renting. There comes a time in most kids’ lives when they’re no longer interested in being mom or dad’s buddy, and would rather hang out with their friends. The minute a child starts separating from the nest, a parent can easily whip this meme out to express their parenting method.

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