25 Free Nintendo Switch Folder Name Ideas

25 Free Nintendo Switch Folder Name Ideas

Nintendo Switch folders are great and, crucially, finally exist. The handheld hybrid finally received this much-requested feature in a new update today. We’re certainly big fans of the feature over here at Fanbyte. However, not everyone is as excellent at organization as us. You might need a little inspiration. You might need some free Nintendo Switch folder categories to help inspire your new collection.

Well, fret not! We’ve made yet another article following in the footsteps of our other free name ideas for game publishers and game players alike. Here are 25 great name ideas for you to steal at your leisure — or just use as springboards for your own fun and useful titles. Take a look below for some examples.

That’s a Lotta Picross
Podcast Games
Cross-Save Games
Good Final Fantasy Games
Bad Final Fantasy Games
Normal Games (NOT Anime Girls)
How Does this Even Run on Switch
“I’m just a little guy”
Cooperative Games for Friends
Cooperative Games for Enemies
Legend of Heroes Collection(TBA)
New Games
Old Games
Old Spice
Odor Blocker
Body Wash
I Forgot I Bought This
In Case of Long Flight
Mobile Ports
Battery Killers
Already Bought Once on PC
2D Mario
3D Mario
•¿ Δ § 4D M æ R 1 Θ ∞ ◊ ψ•
The Musou Pit

And there you go, folks! Note that folders are currently limited to just 32 characters per name. That means you can’t, for instance, name one of them “Games I Should Really Be Playing on a More Powerful Console Where It Would Run Better but Playing from Bed is Just Sooo Convenient I Really Don’t Wanna Buy It All Over Again on PlayStation or Whatever I’ll Just Deal with the Frame Rate I Guess.” Keep that in mind and you should be totally fine as you reorganize your Nintendo Switch library going forward!

Author: Deann Hawkins