3 New Silent Hill Games Reportedly Include Remake and Episodic Story

3 New Silent Hill Games Reportedly Include Remake and Episodic Story

Rumors about upcoming Silent Hill projects continue to pour in, with recent reports suggesting that three Silent Hill projects are being worked on.

As speculation continues to swirl about the current state and future of the Silent Hill franchise, news has emerged regarding three ongoing projects connected to the franchise. The beloved horror series has been dormant for nearly a decade now. Publisher Konami has been silent about the state and fate of the franchise since 2014’s Kojima-helmed P.T. demo for a new game that was eventually scrapped when the Metal Gear creator left the company. However, there have been leaks and rumors suggesting that a Silent Hill 2 remake could be in development, possibly featuring new endings and other reworked content.


Many fans have felt that Konami has been squandering the rights to the Silent Hill series over the years. The first three entries in the franchise are considered to be some of the best horror video games ever produced but its subsequent releases, while not without their fans, have earned more middling receptions from gamers and critics. Although series followers were let down after the cancellation of Silent Hills, recent stories about the revitalization of Silent Hill have sparked hope anew. Some of these stories include reports that Bloober Team has been working on a remake of Silent Hill 2, which is considered to be the best in the franchise by many. There have also been murmurings of a brand-new mainline entry, and alleged screenshots of this new Silent Hill leaked just a few days ago.

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More information about the future of the Silent Hill franchise has come courtesy of a report by Video Games Chronicle. In the report, VGC details rumors of three new Silent Hill projects, one of which is the aforementioned Bloober Team remake of Silent Hill 2. VGC also reports that an “episodic” Silent Hill game is planned, with could potentially be connected to Annapurna Interactive. Additionally, there have been reports of a new mainline entry in the series, which is supposedly being developed by a Japanese studio.

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While none of these new games are confirmed, it seems likely that something related to Silent Hill is in the works. The series is one of the most iconic in gaming, and Konami would be remiss not to capitalize on it. A Silent Hill trademark update earlier this year also suggests that the series has more in store.

As for how exactly these three projects will turn out, that is another story entirely. Fans have been less than pleased with how Konami has approached the development of not just Silent Hill, but other popular franchises like Pro Evolution Soccer (now known as eFootball). The gaming goliath will need to deliver high-quality Silent Hill content to make up for its years of inactivity. If it does, fans of the franchise will be quick to shower praise on Konami.

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Source: Video Games Chronicle

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