5 Of The Best Moments From Season 2 (& 5 Of The Worst)

5 Of The Best Moments From Season 2 (& 5 Of The Worst)

Season 19 of The Bachelorette is fast approaching, much to the excitement of reality dating show fans. Reality TV is well-known for its dramatic scenes, and reality dating shows are no exception. However, Netflix’s new dating show, Love Is Blind, explores the possibility of love without drama.

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The show’s newest season features five couples who explore the ins and outs of love. Although there are naturally still contestants who are prone to bouts of drama, the majority are refreshingly able to explore their relationships healthily.


5 Best Moments

Shayne Shutting Down Shaina

Shayne Jansen on Love Is Blind season 2

Shortly following a group vacation in Mexico, the five engaged couples met up for a picnic. The event was going well until Shaina showed up to try and drive a wedge between the newly engaged Natalie and Shayne.

The moment had the potential to become one of the most dramatic fights in the season, but Shayne displayed maturity by responsibly drawing boundaries with Shaina. He de-escalated the situation, politely putting Shaina in her place while also reinforcing his loyalty to Natalie. The notable lack of drama in this scene shows that Love Is Blind isn’t afraid to break genre rules by forgoing drama.

Salvador Making Dinner

Sal sitting on the ground playing the ukulele in Love is Blind.

Preparing for a hard conversation with his fiancée, Salvador made his famous stir fry and set the table for a romantic dinner. Amid the rose petals and soft candles, Salvador and Mallory had a heart-to-heart that ultimately strengthened their relationship.

This moment was so tender and sweet, and viewers could see the love that Sal had for Mallory just by watching him set the scene. The intimacy of the moment was a welcome break from the surrounding drama as the two got to reconnect with each other, and as viewers got to reconnect with the meaning behind the show.

Deepti Leaving Shake

This moment was truly iconic in a number of ways. After learning the truth about Shake and reconnecting with her own value as a woman, Deepti left Shake at the altar and gave an empowering speech on love and self-worth. This message is incredibly important today, and Deepti used her platform to bring as much change as she possibly could.

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Once she realized she was wrong about Shake, she didn’t stick around to test her theory. Instead, she created a moment that breathed truth into everyone who may be in a similar situation. Deepti vehemently chose to stay away from the drama, and that is why her moment was the best.

Danielle’s Mom

Danielle Ruhl's mother Wendy on Love Is Blind season 2

When Danielle brought Nick home to meet her family, her mom had one of the best parent reactions in Love Is Blind. Danielle’s mom brought levity to the gravity of the situation and embraced Nick as if he were already her son. Danielle’s mom also provided some insight into Danielle’s approach to relationships and some potential issues she may have.

Danielle’s relationship with her mom was refreshing and wholesome, and Nick clearly fit right in with the family dynamic. In a scene that was truly heartwarming, the family helped the couple to avoid drama by pointing out the weaknesses in their relationship.

Salvador Addressing Family

Mallory Zapata and Salvador Perez on Love Is Blind season 2

Salvador and Mallory made the tough decision not to go through with their wedding in a scene that was surely heart-wrenching for everyone involved. The two had made a good pair, but their chemistry was just a little lacking. Immediately after breaking it off, Salvador invites Mallory’s family into another room in order to properly explain his decision.

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This action showed great maturity on Sal’s part and further showed his respect and love for Mallory as he sought to honor her family. Sal’s proactivity in preventing drama turned his failed wedding into one of the most drama-free moments of season 2.

5 Worst Moments

Shake Talking To Everyone But Deepti

Shake smiling for the camera in Love is Blind.

Early into Shake’s relationship with Deepti, it was clear that he was not attracted to her. Rather than discuss the issue with his soon-to-be wife, though, Shake decided to discuss it with nearly every other couple on vacation in Mexico.

This move not only shows a lack of the maturity necessary to form a marriage connection but also demonstrates a complete lack of respect for Deepti. Shake’s behavior singlehandedly made him and Deepti one of the most dramatic Love Is Blind couples. He didn’t have to make his relationship drama, but he chose to anyway.

Jarrett’s Conversation With Mallory In Mexico

Jarrette Jones on Love Is Blind season 2

The group vacation in Mexico was the true test of all five remaining relationships, as everyone was finally able to see each other outside of the controlled pod environment. Jarrett seemed to be having an especially hard time, as he began flirting with his previous love interest, Mallory, and attempted to undermine her relationship with Sal.

The breach of his relationship with his fiancée, Iyanna, later went on to define their early relationship. What Jarrett did in this scene of Love Is Blind caused big fights with Iyanna but also sparked several episodes’ worth of unnecessary drama.

Shaina Leaving Kyle

Shaina Hurley on Love Is Blind season 2

Shaina and Kyle also experienced relational stress in Mexico when Shaina abandoned her fiancé on the first night. Kyle broke several years of a dutiful vegan lifestyle to celebrate his engagement, and Shaina responded by sending him to his own room and then returning to the States.

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Kyle seemed to truly have feelings for Shaina; however, following this sequence of events, it became clear that Shaina did not reciprocate the feelings. The ensuing back and forth of drama caused a tangled mess that went on way longer than it needed to. Shaina’s decision to leave Kyle in Mexico was not only dramatic, but it only lead to more drama.

Shake At The Reunion

Abhishek Chatterjee aka Shake on Love Is Blind season 2

It has become a tradition for the Love Is Blind couples to come together for a post-show reunion to discuss their thoughts on the show and its public reception. Season 2’s reunion became very emotionally charged when Shake began to point fingers at his castmates.

His penchant for drama caused clear distress across the set, with contestants on both sides of the stage begging him to stop. Shake’s behavior both displayed adolescence and demonstrated a contempt for the relationship that he had previously shared with Deepti. Shake’s performance at the reunion was overly dramatic, even to the point of being painful to watch.

Shayne And Natalie’s Wedding

Shayne and Natalie at their wedding on Love Is Blind

Shayne and Natalie were one of the most functional couples of season 2 and seemed to have a budding relationship based on deep friendship. The two overcame quite a few obstacles as a couple, but ultimately never made it past the altar. As the final culmination of seasonal drama, Shayne and Natalie called it quits due to an irreparable breach in their relationship that had occurred shortly before the wedding.

Though melancholy, the sheer shock of this seemingly solid couple choosing not to recite their vows easily became one of the most dramatic moments of season 2.

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