5 Ways The Main Characters Changed (& 5 Ways They’re The Same)

5 Ways The Main Characters Changed (& 5 Ways They're The Same)

And Just Like That came to our screens 11 years after the second Sex And The City film. It’s clear that times have moved on, and the show is clearly aiming to be more culturally aware and inclusive. The show has received both negative and positive reactions from fans and critics, but after the first series, the fans craved more.

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Fans loved Sex And The City because of the witty one-liners, solid friendships, and cast iron scripting. They could relate to the emotional rollercoaster the characters went on throughout the series, so it was more important than ever for the writers to ensure this was not lost in And Just Like That. But how have the main characters changed? And what did the writers get right by keeping the same?


Stayed: Charlotte York Goldenblatt – Traditional And House Proud

In the original series, Charlotte was honest, traditional, and house-proud, and nothing’s changed in the new one. She’s positive and loyal, and fans noticed she continued to care too much about what other people thought. Charlotte wanted to fit in, in all scenarios, in Sex And The City she became Jewish so she could marry her husband Harry, the love of her life.

She is, and always has been, a total romantic living in the dream that love cures all. Charlotte still holds the same values, but times have changed, and sometimes fans saw her a bit out of her depth in And Just Like That.

Changed: Miranda Hobbs – Lost Confidence

Sex And The City gave fans a confident Miranda, a woman who knew what she wanted from her job, she had career goals, and she didn’t stop until she reached them. And Just Like That saw Miranda quit her job and take the path back into education to study Human Rights. Fans, although excited for the change of direction, were disappointed that the confidence they once saw seemed to have disappeared.

Miranda, in Sex And The City, was known for her sensitivity, understanding, and openness to different cultures, so for fans watching her struggle during And Just Like That came as a shock. Fans were grateful for the new relationships which And Just Like That gave them, because they were very disappointed with Miranda’s change in personality.

Stayed: Anthony Marantino – Charm And Loyality

Fans loved the fact that Anthony didn’t change his personality. They got exactly what they remembered from Sex And The City, quips, dry humor and unapologetic honesty.

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Anthony will always be remembered from the original series as one of the most loyal friends to Charlotte. They grew together. He was the complete opposite to her personality, and fans knew that’s why their friendship worked and why it was so solid. Anthony’s and Charlotte’s friendship didn’t age, and it reminded fans exactly what they loved about the original series.

Changed: Carrie Bradshaw – Money

Carrie was a writer in the city, and that didn’t change in And Just Like That, but what did change were her finances. Fans can remember a time in the original show when she couldn’t afford her own apartment. Time has moved on, and this time around fans were treated to an affluent Carrie, a woman who doesn’t concern herself with money, who doesn’t worry about what she spends, and doesn’t spend her last lot of rent on designer shoes.

But Carrie married into money, and her podcasts probably weren’t what kept her lifestyle afloat. This made fans lose some of their connection to her, suddenly they felt she was unreachable. Carrie’s personality change was one of fans most unpopular changes to And Just Like That. 

Stayed: Charlotte York Goldenblatt -Integrity

Charlotte York Sex and the City feature

Fans loved the fact that in the original Sex And The City Charlotte was one of the most loyal characters. She wore her heart on her sleeve, her career drove her, as well as her friendships, she loved to love, and when she did, she loved hard. Such as in Sex And The City, when Charlotte was pregnant, Anthony asked how big his role would be. This cemented their friendship when Charlotte promised he would have a leading role in their lives.

True to her word, And Just Like That shows Anthony in The Goldenblatt household, feet firmly under the table. The vulnerability of Anthony in the original moment shone through, and fans loved Charlotte’s integrity and honesty, which she managed to keep throughout.

Changed: Carrie Bradshaw – Maturity

Carrie Writing in And Just Like That

It comes as no surprise to fans that some characters matured in the new series of And Just Like That, but one prominent character who showed quite a change in the maturity stakes, which fans noticed, was none other than Carrie herself. The actor Sarah Jessica Parker will always be defined by one role, Carrie.

Carrie was renowned as the witty charismatic serial dater in the original series, who morphed into the widower who took on more of a motherly role in And Just Like That. Fans loved watching her take on more of a  sensitive position with Charlotte’s children, something they never thought they’d see Carrie do.

Stayed: Harry Goldenblatt – Trustworthy

Harry, the husband of Charlotte, was one of the fan favorites from the beginning. Charlotte met Harry when she was going through a divorce, she was a hopeless romantic, and Harry managed to turn her life into a real romantic comedy.

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Although Harry was always a touch awkward and often said the wrong thing, the audience loved it. He wasn’t without his faults, but the fans didn’t care, because he owned his mistakes. Harry proved in And Just Like That, that time doesn’t have to change who you are. He was still as awkward as before, he still adored Charlotte, and he was still one of the kindest and gentlest characters of the show.

Changed: Mr. Big – Womaniser 

Fans either loved Big or hated him, some wanted Carrie to marry him, others wanted to see her end up with Aiden. What they were all surprised about, in And Just Like That, was how loyal Big appeared. In Sex And The City he was often seen driving past in his chauffeured car, pulling up to Carries’ door.

Big’s character changed over the years, and fans saw the evidence when he wasn’t out at the parties, but he was more than happy ordering in and watching the TV. Big used to be everywhere, wherever Carrie went he appeared, loving other women and leaving her heartbroken and confused on many occasions. But in And Just Like That he was settled, secure and homely, something which fans never thought they’d see.

Stayed: Steve Brady -Loyal


Fans loved Steve in the original and they didn’t change their minds in And Just Like That. He was always seen as one of the most loyal and caring characters even though he did cheat on Miranda in Sex And The City. Steve managed to redeem himself with the fans and continued to thrive. When he was wrong, he’d say so. Miranda was always the tough half of the couple, but even she crumbled when he wasn’t around.

And Just Like That showed fans how Steve’s and Miranda’s relationship had started to break down. But when Miranda cheated Steve remained his calm, loyal and caring self and they worked on their relationship, together.

Changed: Samantha Jones – She Only Appeared On Texts

Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones in Sex and the City

Fans waited eagerly to see if Samantha Jones would appear in And Just Like That, which she did but only via text message. The show stated that she and Carrie had fallen out over work, which kept Samantha’s character alive and well.

She was unpredictable, funny and caring, and the audience missed her wholeheartedly. What fans didn’t expect was to still love the show without her. Some fans believe Sex And The City to be better than And Just Like That, even without her presence, but it was good that the show kept her alive through the other characters.

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