8 Best Bling Empire Characters (& 5 Worst)

8 Best Bling Empire Characters (& 5 Worst)

Bling Empire is one of Netflix’s juiciest reality television series, and while Netflix hasn’t been known for the genre per se, they are starting to grow this branch of their content. With series like Selling Sunset and now Bling Empire, fans of reality TV are definitely hooked on what Netflix is producing.

One of the reasons that Bling Empire’s two seasons were so well received by fans is that it had a high production value along with engaging, interesting cast members. Some of the cast members knew each other before while others did not, but they all come from money and are fabulous in one way or another. However, some of the characters on the show were more liked by fans than others.


Updated on May 25th, 2022, by Lynn Gibbs: With the release of Bling Empire’s second season, fans of season 1 were excited to see what the main cast members were up to since cameras stopped rolling in 2021. However, fans can agree that not every Bling Empire character had great moments. From drama to heartfelt moments, the reality TV series had its fair share of amazing (and troubling) castmates. 

The Best Bling Empire Characters

Cherie Chan

Cherie might not be out living as exciting of a lifestyle as some of her friends, but her adorable family was fun to watch. Her children, Jadore and Jevon, were adorable, and seeing her deal with having a new baby just after her own mother died was one of the saddest moments in the show.

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In season 2, Cherie was in hot water when rumors swirled around her relationship with her fiance. It was said the two started their relationship in the form of an affair, which many of her friends were offended by because they didn’t know. Despite this news, Cherie is a sweet friend, a great mother, and a good cast member.

Dorothy Wang

Dorothy Wang on Bling Empire Season 2

Dorothy Wang is season 2’s newcomer and she made a splash with her bubbly personality, authentic confessionals, and wealthy lifestyle. Dorothy was known by reality TV enthusiasts for her former role on #RichKids Of Beverly Hills, but she’s also known in the friend group.

Dorothy made it known that she was friendly with Jaime Xie and Christine Chiu and was excited to get to know the others better. The only character she didn’t mesh with was Kane Lim. And while she wasn’t shown much in season 2, she was still a likable cast member.

Jaime Xie

Jaime Xie didn’t have a strong role in season 1 but she had more of a presence in season 2. As the youngest of the bunch, Jaime didn’t seem to have too much in common with the group. By season 2, she was more comfortable with her friend group and was able to express herself.

Her dry personality and close friendship with Anna Shay made her a fun character to watch. It also doesn’t hurt that her father is a billionaire, allowing her to spend money as she pleases.

Mimi Morris

Mimi Morris Bling Empire Season 2

Mimi Morris isn’t the most popular Bling Empire character on Instagram but she’s on her way after having a fabulous season 2. Like newcomer Dorothy Wang, Mimi didn’t have too much screen time but her insane wealth and marriage to Don Morris were fascinating to watch.

Mimi’s sweet moments with Kevin and Kelly showed where she fit in with the group. As wealthy as she is, she still fits in with younger castmates and knows how to have fun. Because of this, Mimi is a crowd favorite.

Kevin Kreider

Kevin was the newbie of the group in season 1, and while in real life he’s not actually as poor as the show makes himself out to be, it’s still fun to watch the dynamic on the series. Kevin is relatable to audiences and his mega-wealthy friends appreciate his authenticity.

His friendship moments with Kane Lim were some of the best in the series but the two hit a snag in season 2. When Kevin tried to date their friend Kelly Lee, Kane got involved and ruined his chances. Despite what happened, Kevin is beloved by all and fans have a soft spot for him.

Kelly Mi Li

kelly from bling empire

Kelly is a likable cast member who has a lot going for her, but many fans wanted to see her find happiness in season 1 outside of her relationship with Power Rangers actor, Andrew Gray.

The two had a toxic relationship but broke up for good by the start of season 2. Instead of jumping into another relationship, fans saw Kelly work on herself. Aside from spending time with friends and going to therapy, Kelly appears to be living her best life and is one of the show’s best characters.

Anna Shay

There are countless times when Anna Shay stole the show. As the breakout star of the series, she is introduced as a wealthy heiress who is the voice of reason for the group. She’s eccentric and unique but loving and protective of her friends.

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Despite being extremely rich, she’s not as worried about impressing people with her riches, and she seems to really want a genuine connection with people. For these reasons, many fans found her delightful to watch.

Kane Lim

Kane LIm Bling Empire

While Anna might be considered the top star to come out of season one, Kane should also be right up there. Despite being quite rich and enjoying the more lavish things in life, he comes across as a genuinely good friend in season 1.

In season 2, Kane didn’t have the best friendship moments, however. Despite his problems with Kevin, Kane also got in between Anna and Christine’s disagreements. Even though he gets involved in situations that aren’t his business, he’s endearing and fun to watch.

The Worst Bling Empire Characters

Guy Tang

Guy sitting in a confessional for Bling Empire

Guy Tang is more of a supporting character in season 1 (and was barely shown in season 2) than one of the main cast members, but he didn’t make a good impression in his scenes. The most memorable thing he did in season 1 was to wander without permission through Anna Shay’s home and then throw one of her sex toys out of the window.

Both he and Kim Lee participated in this, but Guy seemed to be let off the hook more by Anna and others which didn’t feel fair.

Andrew Gray

andrew gray bling empire

Many can agree that Andrew Gray was the series’ antagonist in season 1. While he appeared to be a fun-loving and attentive person, he was in a toxic relationship with Kelly Mi Li and treated her horribly.

His current relationship status was the question in season 2 but, as it turned out, Andrew was not a part of the series since he and Kelly broke up and he wasn’t friends with the group. However, he did make a quick appearance at the very end of the finale when he showed up randomly at Anna Shay’s house.

Jessey Lee

jessey lee from Bling Empire cropped feature

While Jessey Lee is a good partner in many ways, it was sometimes frustrating to watch him in season 1. He was resistant to asking Cherie to marry him even though they already lived together and had two kids. In short, they were married without the paperwork.

He also seemed a bit distant when it came to supporting Cherie as she worked through her grief. While he wasn’t a bad person, it was hard to watch his reaction when Cherie asked him to marry her. In season 2, Jessey made a brief appearance before he and Cherie exited the show after the news about their affair came about.

Kim Lee

Kim is one of the series’ unintentional villains, but this doesn’t mean she’s a horrible person or that she’s not great to watch on the show. She had an interesting arc over the episodes, and she redeemed herself quite a bit. As a DJ on the rise, Kim had some popular quotes that proved how rich she really was from her career.

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Aside from not always treating Anna or her home with respect, Kim played with Kevin’s heart in season 2. There’s a lot of depth to Kim that makes her a unique character but her inability to be serious gets her into trouble with her friends.

Christine Chiu

Christine Chiu From Bling Empire

Christine Chiu might be the “worst,” but she’s also the best of the worst. She’s season 1’s main villain, but she plays this role well. While she can be too worried about appearances and her treatment of Anna was bothersome, she does have things that make her likable.

Christine is a loving wife and mother, but it’s her holier-than-thou persona that rubbed many people the wrong way. Christine was more of a likable character in season 2, but she still had her villainous moments.

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