8 Unpopular Opinions About Toph, According To Reddit

8 Unpopular Opinions About Toph, According To Reddit

Avatar: The Last Airbender is home to many beloved characters, and for a lot of fans, the best character is Toph Beifong. While she didn’t appear until the show’s second season, she immediately made an impact, literally and figuratively. However, that doesn’t mean everyone loved her unconditionally.

The website Reddit is a place for fans of the show to discuss their opinions of the characters, and sometimes these opinions can be unpopular. And no character is exempt from this, not even the beloved Toph. She isn’t a perfect character, so therefore there is a lot about her that can be challenged.


Fans Gloss Over Toph’s Flaws Too Much

Toph sits in the foreground eating while Uncle Iroh sits in the background in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Many fans love how blunt and brattish Toph can be, but naturally, this may rub some viewers the wrong way. According to Reddit user Shylock10101, fans that love Toph often overlook how mean her behavior can actually be: “it’s how people gloss over how problematic some of the things she says/does are. I think Toph’s character is fine, just not my cup of tea. I also don’t begrudge people their personal opinion. I just think that this aggrandizing of her character and abilities is problematic.”

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Arguably, this is more of an opinion of Toph’s fans rather than Toph herself, but it’s easy to see how Toph’s somewhat unlikeable behavior can lead to this discussion between fans.

Toph Is Too Scary And Selfish

Toph being so brutish is what initially drew many viewers to her. But according to Redditor RiskyCroissant, this actually made her unlikeable: “I don’t like Toph, because she uses excuses to not try to become a better person. She always resorts to violence to solve problems and refuses to listen to anyone else. In LoK she literally ends up scaring her children because she’s selfish.”

Despite Toph being an iconic character, she is definitely flawed, so it is hard to argue with this opinion. Her poor behavior is particularly shown in episodes like “The Runaway,” which may be why it is considered one of the worst ATLA episodes according to IMDb.

Toph Never Grows As A Person

Toph Beifong angrily yelling in The Legend of Korra.

Arguably all of the characters grow and develop throughout the franchise, but according to Redditor Shylock10101, Toph doesn’t: “She never really does have a personal growth moment. Maybe I would’ve liked Toph more if she did, but I won’t ever know. Also, I mean a fundamental change to how the character acts, like how Katara learns to understand her anger and let it go, or where Aang learns that fire doesn’t only hurt, but you have to control it. Toph doesn’t really have a big moment like that.”

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Other fans may disagree with this opinion, as episodes like “The Runaway” and “The Chase” clearly show Toph growing as a character.

Toph Is Overrated

Toph's battle outfit in ATLA

Toph is considered the best fighter in the whole Avatar franchise, but according to Reddit user BMO_and_bubble, this isn’t a truthful assessment. “Toph is not an all-powerful God who can defeat every single bender. In all the vs matches I’ve seen where Toph is involved, most people say Toph immediately, usually without any explanation. Toph is an incredible earthbender, yes, but she’s not the best bender of all time.”

To Toph’s credit, she is involved in most of Avatar’s best earthbending fights, and she invented metal bending at only 12 years old, so it’s easy to see why many may view her as the best earthbender. Then again, an Avatar may easily be able to out-bend her.

Toph Is A Bully

Avatar Toph

Toph’s brutish behavior makes her a fun character to watch, but maybe not to hang out with in real life. According to Redditor Shylock10101: “the main reason I don’t like Toph is because she reminds me a lot of the bullies I had to put up with when I was the same age. I was a lot more like Aang, in both personality and how I acted. All of my bullies were bull-headed prep kids, like Toph. They were also the kids who were all “rebellious.” So I’ve never really liked Toph.”

Toph did have some moments where she arguably pushed characters like Aang too far, and these moments are now seen as some of the worst things Toph ever did.

Toph Should Have Ended Up With Aang

Aang and Toph in ATLA

Shipping is a contentious topic in the whole Avatar fandom, despite Katara and Aang being set up throughout the story as the series’ endgame. And according to Reddit user emzolio, “Even though I like Kataang, Aang and Toph would have made a good couple.”

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The reason that many people enjoy Toph and Aang together is that they were a closer age, and she continuously challenged him rather than coddled him, which pushed him to develop as an Avatar. Though this does seem to be a less popular ship in the fandom, with Redditors such as WanHohenheim  even arguing that “all the romantic relationships in ATLA were forced.”

Tokka Could Never Happen

Avatar The Last Airbender Sokka and Toph

Toph and Sokka, despite never becoming a canon couple, did have many cute moments together, and a lot of fans ship them together. However, as Redditor -velox- states, “I don’t get Tokka at all. When I watched the show I never even considered it a possibility, then I joined this sub and there’s so many people who ship it. I never thought Toph had a crush on Sokka.”

While many fans still ship Tokka, it’s arguably better than Toph didn’t end up with any of the other main characters, and nowadays Sokka is much more likely to be shipped with Zuko, as many fans consider Sokka and Zuko soulmates.

Toph Should Never Have Changed Aliases

Toph was first introduced to the show as “The Blind Bandit,” which was a very cool nickname. However, She began being called “The Runaway” by the Fire Nation in season 3, and according to Reddit user n8dogg55, “The fact that they decided to call Toph “The Runaway” instead of “The Blind Bandit” was the worst thing about the show.”

Not many other fans get as heated about this, and Redditor harmonyfire argues “The Blind Bandit was her stage name for Earth Rumble Six. Technically, she doesn’t really steal anything in that Fire Nation town, and they likely call her the Runaway because she takes your money, then runs away. Literalism. Yipee.”

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