9 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Paul Rudd Movie

9 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Paul Rudd Movie

Several comedies rode the wave of movies like 40-Year-Old Virgin, Superbad, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall during the mid to late 2000s. Some are more memorable than others. To many viewers, I Love You, Man stands out among the rest.

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Fans might have forgotten the celebrities that appear alongside Paul Rudd in I Love You, Man. The film features comedic actors from hits of the time, and their performances help make the movie a rewatchable comedy. Audiences are perhaps interested to know what elements came together to produce the film.

The Script Sat On The Shelf For 11 Years

Paul Rudd and Jason Segel in I Love You, Man smiling while riding a Vespa together

Audiences might think the pleasant story presented in I Love You, Man would have an easy time getting filmed. However, the comedy might have looked extremely different if it was produced around the time the script was written.


Director John Hamburg told Variety that the screenplay had “been around for 11 years” before being made into a movie. Larry Levin wrote the original, but Hamburg reworked it into what stars Paul Rudd and Jason Segel called an “airtight” version.

Robert Downey Jr. Advised Jon Favreau To Be In It

Before Rudd’s Peter Klaven gets tied up in the bromance of a lifetime, he tries to make friends with various other men. One of his friendship failures comes with his fiancée Zooey’s friend’s husband Barry McLean, played by Jon Favreau.

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Metro revealed that Favreau wouldn’t have signed on to the movie if not for advice for Roberty Downey Jr. Favreau directed Iron Man, which came out during the time of I Love You, Man’s filming. Downey Jr. said that working during his successful moment with Iron Man, rather than sitting around patting himself on the back, was “the best thing [he] could do.”

It Caused A Lawsuit From The Former Egyptian President’s Daughter

Many fans call I Love You, Man’s Sydney Fife one of Jason Segel’s best roles. Audiences perhaps remember Sydney’s dog. He is named after 1970s Egyptian president Anwar Sadat, Sydney says because they look alike.

The BBC reported that as a result of this gag, Sadat’s daughters filed a court case. The lawyer representing the daughters asked the U.S. Embassy for an apology, while several Egyptian bloggers took offense to the film and called it insulting.

OK Go Makes A Cameo

It’s hard to say that I Love You, Man isn’t a feel-good movie. It ends with a heart-warming wedding sequence as all the loose ends of the story seem to get tied up.

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Fans might have not noticed that the wedding band looks a bit familiar. It might not be as obvious without an innovative music video to underscore the appearance, but rock band OK Go acts as the wedding band.

Jason Segel And Paul Rudd Were Featured In Rush Tours Because Of The Movie

Jason Segel and Paul Rudd hugging during a Rush concert in I Love You, Man.

Rush is a celebrated rock band in their own right. They appear on soundtracks, but Rush is also sometimes referenced in movies like The Foo Fighters’ Studio 666. However, it’s hard to argue that I Love You, Man isn’t made for Rush fans.

Protagonists Peter and Sydney bond over the band, and the movie is forever tied to Rush. As a result, Rush featured Paul Rudd and Jason Segel in a video played during their 2010-2011 tour. Ultimate Classic Rock revealed Paul Rudd conducted an orchestra during their 2013 tour a few years later.

It Is The First Movie The Director Also Wrote And Produced

I Love You, Man comes from writer and director John Hamburg. The funnyman helped write several cult comedies of the early 2000s, giving movies like Zoolander and Meet the Parents some of their most hilarious quotes.

Hamburg did some directing before I Love You Man, with movies like Along Came Polly and Safe Men. However, I Love You, Man is the first feature Hamburg directed, wrote, and produced.

There Is A Cult UCB Reference

Most comedy fans are well aware of Upright Citizens Brigade. The comedy troupe and subsequent theatre birthed several notable comics. However, the original group also starred in a cult Comedy Central series.

Fans of the show know one of its most celebrated sketches about a self-important golfer who condescends to others after spending years sullying and distributing tainted pennies. Matt Walsh appears in a cameo as the character, even wearing the same outfit he dons in the series.

Jason Segel Uses His School’s Real Name

Jason Segel and Paul Rudd in I Love You Man

One of I Love You, Man’s most memorable sequences comes when Peter and Sydney first spend time in Sydney’s “man cave.” Peter peers around at Sydney’s stuff as he takes in the space.

At one point, he looks at a picture of Sydney and his friends at Westlake High School. Sports Illustrated confirmed that Jason Segel went to a middle/high school called Harvard-Westlake School.

The Paul Rudd Billboard Was Repurposed

Some fans call I Love You, Man one of Paul Rudd’s most underrated movies. It’s hard to imagine the movie with any other star. As a result of his celebrated past, designers for the movie were able to take a few shortcuts.

One of the funnier gags in the movie comes when Sydney pays for several silly billboards featuring Rudd’s Peter to help promote his real estate business. One of the billboards used takes an image from a Rolling Stone spread on Rudd. Once viewers see the images side-by-side, it’s easy to tell.

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