A New Tales From the Borderlands Game Has Been Announced

A New Tales From the Borderlands Game Has Been Announced

It feels like there have been more sequels to Telltale games announced since Telltale closed than there were when Telltale was actually alive, but my heart fluttered a little with this one.

Announced at the Gearbox panel at PAX East, currently ongoing in Boston, a sequel to the seminal Tales From the Borderlands has been revealed with a full reveal coming later down the line. The original Tales From the Borderlands is, in my opinion, Telltale’s best game and takes the Borderlands universe from a kind of rote and poorly-written space to one with the possibility to tell really interesting stories with good characters. A new game with those characters is an exciting prospect.

There are more stories to explore in the #Borderlands universe. An all new Tales from the Borderlands adventure is coming in 2022 from @GearboxOfficial and @2K.

Stay tuned for a full announcement this summer! pic.twitter.com/xsFbRZ5eHo

— Borderlands (@Borderlands) April 21, 2022

That said, Telltale is dead. The new game is being developed internally at Gearbox and while they haven’t said if there are any writers from the original game involved, my eyebrow twitches a little bit at the idea of a new game without the old creatives who made the original good. It’s not exactly a guarantee or anything, but trusting the people who wrote Borderlands to write a series that was good because it was so actively everything Borderlands was not feels like a tall ask.

But we’ll see! Borderlands 3 featured several Tales From the Borderlands characters and kind of mangled them from a writing perspective, so maybe they got all of that out of their system. Possibly. Hopefully. I’ll just keep sitting in the corner with my knees over my chest rocking back and forth and hoping for the best.

Author: Deann Hawkins