Abbott Elementary Scores ABC’s Highest Ratings Since Modern Family Finale

Abbott Elementary Scores ABC’s Highest Ratings Since Modern Family Finale

Following the premiere of episode 2 of Quinta Brunson’s Abbott Elementary, the mockumentary has scored ABC’s highest ratings since Modern Family.

Abbott Elementary continues to triumph over ABC’s ratings, scoring the network’s highest ratings since the series finale of Modern Family. Written and starring Quinta Brunson, the series follows a group of optimistic teachers in one of the worst public schools in the country, determined to bolster their students’ learning experience and help them succeed. Based on her own experiences in grade school and inspired by Brunson’s real-life teacher, Ms. Abbott, the ensemble comedy had recently become the first comedy premiere to quadruple ratings since its original air date.

Now, according to Deadline, the premiere of Abbott Elementary episode 2 has surpassed ABC’s highest comedy ratings since the Modern Family finale. After its premiere on January 4, the series accumulated a total of 9 million viewers, along with holding a 2.93 rating among adults between 18-49 after 35 days across various viewing platforms. This has also given Steve Harvey’s show Judge Steve Harvey a boost in viewership, as his show premieres before Abbott Elementary’s time slot on television.


The main cast of Abbott Elementary.

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Since its debut, Abbott Elementary has developed a fanbase that’s growing organically and rapidly and has received praise from both the audience and critics. Recently, Brunson shared that she pushed for a less well-known cast despite pressures from the studio to hire recognizable actors and was overwhelmed by the success of her series. Since the end of Modern Family in April 2020, many were concerned as to whether the broadcasting company would be able to revive the looming demise of sitcoms with another hit success. Fortunately, the success of Brunson’s mockumentary has rejuvenated the genre, continuing to break records for the network.

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Source: Deadline

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