AC Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok Gameplay Preview

AC Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok Gameplay Preview

In December 2021, Ubisoft detailed its content plans for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s second year of post-launch support. The Dawn of Ragnarök story expansion headlined the news, promising a $40, 35-hour experience that once more positions Eivor in the role of the Allfather himself, Odin or Havi. This DLC, slated for release in March, sees Havi travel to the Dwarven kingdom Svartalfheim, where he hopes to uncover the whereabouts of his kidnapped son, Baldr. On his journey, the larger-than-life character will forge alliances, encounter new enemies, and, of course, gain access to powers and abilities that players can exploit during combat. A recent preview event hosted by Ubisoft Sofia developers offered a glimpse at all of the above and more.


Dawn of Ragnarok may constitute a refresh of the core Assassin’ Creed Valhalla experience, yet Ubisoft Sofia worked to ensure all players would have a fair shot at enjoying the expansion. As such, while the DLC boasts a recommended power level of 340, those who haven’t reached the mark will receive a boost so they can jump in without issue. Users new to AC Valhalla will have an option to dive right in as well, though the specifics presently remain under wraps.

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The story begins after Havi visits Jotunheim and learns of Baldr’s kidnapping by Surtr. Svartalfheim marks the Allfather’s first stop on a quest for answers, but they won’t come easily. The Dwarven inhabitants of the war-torn realm now live in hiding, tucked away in various Shelters scattered throughout the kingdom. According to Ubisoft Sofia, every Shelter should feel unique, though each one boasts shops and other common points of interest.

ac valhalla dawn of ragnarok dlc gameplay preview muspel

Developers showcased a Relic quest during the Dawn of Ragnarok gameplay demo, wherein Havi travels to a Dwarven Shelter in search of Ivaldi. After much discussion, another Dwarf tells the Allfather that Ivaldi was slain while trying to contact other Shelters. Surtr’s bastard son, Glod – a half-Jotun, half-Muspel – is apparently the guilty party, thus inviting Havi to chase a subsequent trail of bread crumbs to Uldar City.

The Muspels, who hail from Muspelheim, now lord over the mining town and use locals as labor to unearth hidden relics of ancient origin. Naturally, things opened up in this part of the gameplay preview, with the player gaining access to a wide expanse of land to explore. This also marked the time at which Havi’s new abilities took center stage.

Power of Rebirth

ac valhalla dawn of ragnarok gameplay

What could constitute AC Valhalla’s final DLC adds Hugr, or life force, that powers Havi’s weapons and skills. As the name suggests, users obtain Hugr by killing enemies, then put it to use to perform abilities such as the Power of Raven, which activates shapeshifting. Meanwhile, Power of Rebirth resurrects fallen foes that fight on Havi’s side. Each power features its own set of upgrades, allowing for plenty of combat variety. The abilities also run on a timer that players can prolong by skillfully managing Hugr.

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Each new combat ability deepens the base game’s mechanics, especially since most come fashioned with more than one use. In addition to protecting Havi from scalding hot lava, for example, the Power of Muspelheim also unlocks social stealth opportunities that involve the character disguising themself as a Muspel. Ubisoft’s AC Valhalla gameplay demo showed this particular feat in action through a scene wherein Havi infiltrates a palace to find Fritjof, the dwarf possessing information on the much sought-after relics.

And the Muspels themselves seem quite the formidable opponents. Because they hail from Norse mythology’s fiery realm, these new enemies bring the heat, evidenced by instances of the war cry they unleash when packed together in sizable groups. Muspels like the Flamekeepers look as though they’ll keep players on their toes, too, acting as bomber-esque foes capable of exploding at a moment’s notice. Suffice it to say, users will want to dispatch Flamekeepers as quickly as possible.

A Cut Above The Rest

ac valhalla dawn of ragnarok screenshot

The advent of the Atgeir weapon, a polearm that could count among AC Valhalla’s most powerful weapons, along with divine-quality gear upgrades, Rune perks, and Boasts should all enhance the gameplay experience of the upcoming DLC. In particular, the gameplay demonstration for Dawn of Ragnarok made it clear the Atgeir was built with wide, sweeping attacks in mind, while the slew of new powers open up close-range and long-range possibilities.

Simply put, those who jump into the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla DLC expansion this March can expect combat, stealth, and exploration enhancements that further expand upon the core tenets of the main game. Not to mention, the Svartalfheim map features a level of verticality bound to impress Assassin’s Creed faithful who prefer taking to higher ground. How this will all measure up in the grand scheme of things presently remains a mystery, but if Dawn of Ragnarok does mark Assasin’s Creed Valhalla’s final bow, it seems fans will have plenty to sink their teeth into.

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarök hits Google Stadia, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms on March 10, 2022. Screen Rant was invited to a preview presentation for the purpose of this article.

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