All the New Dragonsong Ultimate Weapons of the Heavens and How to Get Them

All the New Dragonsong Ultimate Weapons of the Heavens and How to Get Them

The biggest addition to Final Fantasy XIV via Patch 6.11 is the new Ultimate raid, Dragonsong’s Reprise. This is an extremely difficult gauntlet of Savage-style fights that remixes the iconic battles from the Heavensward expansion. Nidhogg, Hraesvelgr, King Thordan, and the Knights of the Round are some of the opponents you face in Dragonsong Ultimate. To reward your skill and perseverance, all players who clear Dragonsong’s Reprise can earn an Ultimate Weapon of the Heavens — and these are some of the best looking weapons in the game.

Here, we’ve compiled in-game screenshots of each new Ultimate weapon for every Job so you can see all of them in one place. They all have a distinct golden glow with the sharp iconography of the Ishgardian art style, which coincides with the Heavensward-themed Ultimate. These are all level 90 weapons at item level 605. To earn these weapons, you need to clear Dragonsong Ultimate — all players who clear it will earn one (1) Dragonsong Token which they can turn into Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han (X: 10.6, Y: 10.0)for an Ultimate weapon of their choice. Players can only earn one token per week.

We have a guide on how to unlock Dragonsong’s Reprise, but to sum it up here, you need to have cleared Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle (Savage) from the Pandaemonium raid series. It’s a sort of skill check, because Ultimate-level duties are very, very hard, and require a lot of commitment from a full party. They’re essentially five (5) consecutive Savage bosses you have to defeat in a two-hour window, with complex mechanics and various phases. If the party wipes, you have to start at the beginning. Most folks who attempt it will know the deal, but if you want Dragonsong Ultimate to be your first, just be aware of what you’re getting into.

For more on this latest update, check out our summary of FFXIV 6.11 Job changes and breakdown of FFXIV PVP Job changes. Director and producer Naoki Yoshida also gave his recent thoughts on player conduct in PVP, so take it as a warning if you’re getting spicy in Crystalline Conflict. Otherwise, enjoy this sick gallery of my Warrior of Light rocking the new FFXIV Ultimate weapons from Dragonsong’s Reprise.

Paladin — Ultimate Sword and Shield of the Heavens

Warrior — Ultimate Axe of the Heavens

Dark Knight — Ultimate Claymore of the Heavens

Gunbreaker — Ultimate Gunblade of the Heavens

Monk — Ultimate Knuckles of the Heavens

Dragoon — Ultimate Halberd of the Heavens

Ninja — Ultimate Daggers of the Heavens

Samurai — Ultimate Katana of the Heavens

Reaper — Ultimate Sickle of the Heavens

Bard — Ultimate Bow of the Heavens

Machinist — Ultimate Heavensfire

Dancer — Ultimate War Quotis of the Heavens

Black Mage — Ultimate Staff of the Heavens

Summoner — Ultimate Grimoire of the Heavens

Red Mage — Ultimate Rapier of the Heavens

White Mage — Ultimate Cane of the Heavens

Scholar — Ultimate Codex of the Heavens

Astrologian — Ultimate Heavensmeter

Sage — Ultimate Milpreves of the Heavens

Author: Deann Hawkins