American Arcadia Has Some Serious Truman Show Vibes

American Arcadia Has Some Serious Truman Show Vibes

American Arcadia, a new indie game whose trailer premiered at Summer Game Fest, has some serious Truman Show vibes with a darker and grittier twist.

Summer Game Fest gave fans a look at the newest indie game from Out of the Blue Games and Raw Fury, American Arcadia, which has some serious The Truman Show vibes. Announced initially on April 26, the full trailer premiered on June 9 during the main Summer Game Fest showcase. There is not a release date announced yet.

American Arcadia is a single-player game with both third-person platforming and first-person exploration gameplay. From the initial trailer, American Arcadia looks to combine stealth, exploration, and puzzles in a visually appealing environment. The game takes place in a kitschy and colorful version of the 1970s where players play as Trevor Hill, an average and mundane person living his everyday life.


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The twist in the story of American Arcadia, just like in The Truman Show, is that the main character Trevor Hill, and everyone else in the city of Arcadia, is having his life secretly broadcast nationwide 24/7. When Trevor finds out the truth and that he was in trouble for not being popular enough, he wants to escape. When Trevor Hill discovers that he is in trouble in American Arcadia, a voice reaches out to him offering to help him escape. Whether this mysterious voice really wants to help Trevor or is just finding a way to bring up the show’s ratings, the player will have to find out for themselves. Check out the trailer for American Arcadia below.

American Arcadia Is A Darker Truman Show

Like in The Truman Show, the main character of American Arcadia is having his life broadcast unknowingly on television, discovers the truth, and wants out. However, American Arcadia appears to have darker and grittier consequences when Trevor Hill tries to escape. The trailer shows Trevor being chased by officers and robots around the city and through dark alleys – conversely, the worst thing Truman ever had to face was a dangerous storm.

This type of game was a refreshing change from other titles announced on the first day of Summer Game Fest. Most of the games announced during Summer Game Fest lacked variety, consisting largely of first-person shooters or horror games mostly set in space. Seeing a strategy and puzzle game like American Arcadia added more variety to the show for people interested in other types of games.

American Arcadia is a survival adventure game that has some serious Truman Show vibes and it is wonderfully refreshing to see. The game combines beautiful landscapes with puzzles, stealth, and strategy. For gamers who are looking for something new, for people who like strategy, puzzles, and a bit of a dark twist to an adventure that isn’t just another first-person shooter, American Arcadia is a game to look forward to.

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