Animal Crossing Design Makes An Adorable My Neighbor Totoro Meadow

Animal Crossing Design Makes An Adorable My Neighbor Totoro Meadow

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player has shown off how they used a custom path to create an adorable My Neighbor Totoro meadow on their island.

A player of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has shared a look at their custom My Neighbor Totoro island meadow, created with a custom path design. Studio Ghibli movies have come to Animal Crossing before, with creative players utilizing the game’s many design options and items to recreate their favorite characters and scenes from some of the studio’s most iconic movies.

The latest instalment in the Animal Crossing franchise focuses on design and customization in ways previous games didn’t, with a wealth of options available for users to create their perfect island home. This has led to countless inspirational designs shared by the game’s community, whether they be unique clothing styles and cute pathways, or large structures, buildings, or even cityscapes. Movie and TV show recreations are another popular choice for players, with fans designing not only Studio Ghibli islands, but also Animal Crossing areas inspired by Disney.


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Twitter user and Animal Crossing content creator acnh_kireishima impressed social media with a look at their My Neighbor Totoro meadow, created on their island using in-game custom paths. The clever design appears to show Totoro napping on the ground thanks to some altered depth perception, and looks adorable when placed alongside the user’s many wild flowers and trees. Those looking to create their own Totoro island meadow can find a similar one designed by atumoriarisu_u9, which acnh_kireishima found on Pinterest. 

While a slightly older design, seemingly first created back in 2020, the My Neighbor Totoro creation’s resurfacing serves to show just how dedicated the game’s community is when it comes to finding cute and unique Animal Crossing designs. Fan designs and art, made available for everyone to use thanks to the in-game Design App functions, might now be the best way for users to discover new content for their islands, as Nintendo has confirmed the game has already seen its last significant update of items and new features. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of options that can be downloaded in-game due to Animal Crossing’s countless talented players.

These artistic Animal Crossing players – and the game’s easy-to-use online sharing functions – make it easy for users to search for almost any idea they can think of, and this shareability keeps players returning to the game even years after release. Adding a My Neighbor Totoro meadow would be a fun and unique addition to almost any island, as it fits a wide array of popular themes for users’ worlds, such as Cottagecore or Fairycore ACNH islands. For fans of Studio Ghibli, this Totoro meadow is perhaps a must-have for their Animal Crossing: New Horizons build.

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Source: acnh_kireishima/Twitter (1, 2), atumoriarisu_u9/Twitter

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