Animal Crossing Fan’s Custom Bunny Day Sweaters Look Like Official Gear

Animal Crossing Fan's Custom Bunny Day Sweaters Look Like Official Gear

Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans are getting ready for Bunny Day, and a player has created and shared adorable bunny-themed custom sweaters.

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan is helping players celebrate Bunny Day with adorable custom bunny sweater designs. Bunny Day remains a controversial event in New Horizons, with the first year crowding player islands with hidden eggs, and the second year doing little to improve garish DIY recipes and items. However, thanks to the custom designs, players can put their own spin on seasonal items and offer adorable alternatives that may be indistinguishable from official options.

While many may be hoping for an event update to refresh Bunny Day 2022 gameplay, it is unlikely Nintendo will offer any new content. After a long summer with minimal updates in 2021, and just before the New Horizons Happy Home Paradise paid DLC and free 2.0 Update released in November, it was announced Nintendo has no plans for further large updates to base gameplay. Because of this, many who have already participated in two years of poor Bunny Day activities may choose to skip the event entirely. However, fans can still dress up and decorate islands thanks to custom designs shared by other players.


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In a post on Twitter shared by Tapirisle, a series of custom bunny sweaters for Bunny Day showcase designs so clean they look like official clothing items from New Horizons. The set, which can be found with the download code MA-9327-1035-3033, has four different options for New Horizons players to try. A blue, checkered sweater offers small bunny patches for a cute but subtle option, while pink and yellow alternatives have larger bunnies that are more obviously themed for New Horizons’ Bunny Day event. There is also a green button-down cardigan option that has a small bunny head poking out of the breast pocket for a cute and stylish event-themed flare.

Creating designs in New Horizons using the Custom Design app on the Nook Phone is often a time-consuming task. The designs, which are painted by hand, offer players a good deal of control over how they want images to appear, but getting the designs just right can require multiple edits. Because of this, professional-looking designs like Tapirisle’s Bunny Day sweaters are both fun to wear, and a great way to appreciate and share the craftsmanship of other players. These types of clothing items can also help players create custom New Horizons outfits themed to specific island designs, or simply showcase personal style without the limitations of the base game wardrobe.

With summer just around the corner, it is likely that custom design artists will share patterns and clothing items perfect for warmer weather in the months to come. Those who have started redesigning their island decorations for summer adventures may also be using custom designs for options outside of clothing, like special wallpapers and path designs. The customization capabilities are one of the many reasons Animal Crossing: New Horizons remains popular, and impressive designs shared by players are a great way to try new options when base content gets stale.

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Source: Tapirisle/Twitter

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