Animal Crossing Villagers Get Accurate Tinder Profiles Thanks To Fan

Animal Crossing Villagers Get Accurate Tinder Profiles Thanks To Fan

One creative Animal Crossing fan has shown off some Tinder profiles for villagers Molly, Hopkins, Teddy, Coach, Lyle, Megan, and Monique.

A fan has created hilariously accurate Tinder profiles of Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers. Animal Crossing has a long roster of characters, mostly villagers that can fall into one of eight personality types. This is alongside reoccurring NPCs such as Tom Nook and Lyle, meaning Animal Crossing has achieved the impressive feat of having a very large, but still memorable, cast of diverse characters.

As the Animal Crossing series has advanced, it’s included new ways for players to express their creativity. From expanding upon decorating their house, rearranging the entire landscape of their island, designing patterns for clothes and items, to creating picturesque photo ops with the villagers, the series is an adorable outlet for creativity. Not unlike other simulator titles such as The Sims, Animal Crossing has attracted artists and creators of all kinds who show off their skills both in and out of the game.


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Reddit user Hopkins41 created profiles for six Animal Crossing villagers, as if they were all users on Tinder, with remarkable accuracy. Complete with the character’s supposed age, carefully posed photo, how many miles away they are, job position, and a short profile blurb, each of these profiles has been perfectly tailored to fit each villager. What makes this extra delightful is that Hopkins says this is only “Part 1”, implying they will be posting more profiles in the future.

Animal Crossing Tinder Profiles

See the full image gallery on Reddit here.

The first profile is Molly, pictured as an independent publisher surrounded by books, which fits the cozy library atmosphere of her house in New Horizons. Hopkins also included two jock characters Teddy and Coach, who are both work-out ready in their profiles. While not a villager, Lyle also makes an appearance. His photo not so subtly crops out the top of his head to hide any trace of male pattern baldness, which he denies having along with being a scammer back in Wild World.  Megan’s profile promises any who spends the day with her will be taken to the “candy shop”, while ACNH’s Monique makes it clear that she will not be wasting her time on anyone who makes under 4 million Bells a month.

The amount of detail and care put into each individual character makes for a light-hearted and adorable piece of fan work. With the Animal Crossing profile pictures posed to show off the characters in their home or workplace while still feeling natural – or at least as natural as a regular Tinder profile – each one manages to feel perfectly in character. Various parts of these profiles, such as Lyle’s denial of his baldness and shady history, are both very clever and amusing details added by Hopkins.

These profiles spark fun ideas and questions, namely what the profiles of other ACNH villagers would look like. Fortunately, it looks like fans can look forward to Hopkins’ Part 2 of these Animal Crossing: New Horizons dating profiles. However, in the meantime, they can ask themselves who they would swipe right for.

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Source: Hopkins41/Reddit

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