Animal Crossing’s Ugliest Villagers Find Island Home Together

Animal Crossing's Ugliest Villagers Find Island Home Together

While fans love Animal Crossing’s villagers, there are some that are less attractive than others, and one player created an island haven for them.

Not all Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers are loved equally, and one player even grouped together the ones they deemed most ugly. Although many consider villager interactions to be some of Animal Crossing’s best moments, several of these affable AI companions have drawn the ire of gamers, with some being demeaned or criticized due to their appearance, personality, or behavior.

There are countless ways that players can interact with villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Oftentimes, these NPCs will assign the player some activity, generally related to building, maintaining, or personalizing their homes. These activities and missions will increase the friendship level of the player and the villager, ultimately culminating in various gifts and a framed portrait of themselves. Interactions between players and villagers are typically endearing and cute, but some NPCs  can be aggressive and even outright mean before warming up to the player. It doesn’t help that there are many ways that players can accidentally disgrace Animal Crossing villagers, leading to more awkward moments.


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Some of this Animal Crossing villager distaste can simply boil down to appearances at times, and this type of light prejudice can be observed in a recent Reddit post from user amydonelly13. In the post, amydonelly13 explains that they are working on an island of only “ugly” villagers. The roster totals ten villagers, many of whom, such as Jambette, Al, and Barold, have been called out by the fanbase for their looks before. As amydonelly13 explains, some of these villagers come from amiibos.

Because of the inclusion of the amiibo islanders, this list may be more comprehensive and inclusive than most. Fans have long debated which Animal Crossing villagers are most hideous, so building a community of them isn’t too shocking, and few of amydonelly13’s choices are likely to be controversial or unpopular. Some of these villagers are considered a bit more unsightly than others, though, and commenters were quick to point out the inclusion of Al, suggesting that more gorilla villagers should be featured on this type of list due to their strange and somewhat unsettling design in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. However, amydonelly13 probably just wanted more diversity in their “ugly” island.

Still, this grouping could spark the flames of some fervent discussion amongst Animal Crossing fans, as many players have grown fond of the game’s many islanders over the past few years. Ugly or not, there are countless Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers that draw the attention and love of gamers across the globe.

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Source: amydonelly13/Reddit

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