Apex Legends Lifeline Gets New Trailer Ahead of Leaked Buff & Town Takeover Everyone

Apex Legends Lifeline Gets New Trailer Ahead of Leaked Buff & Town Takeover Everyone

Apex Legends‘ favorite combat medic got a new Story From the Outlands trailer today ahead of the next event. Called “Family Business,” this trailer focuses not only on how Ajay Che found her way into the games but also on her relationship with both Octane and her family. While this trailer doesn’t reveal any new legends for Season 14, it gives far more weight to the leaked Lifeline buff and her Town Takeover coming soon.

Set sometime before the events of Apex Legends, this trailer sees Lifeline and her best-friend Octane infiltrate Silva Pharmaceuticals so that they can save some people wounded in an attack. Unsurprisingly, the heist doesn’t go as planned, leading to a confrontation with Ajay’s arms dealer mother and Octane’s manipulative father. Some of you may recognize Octane’s dad, as he appeared in various trailers throughout Season 12 and is the new person attempting to take control of the Apex Games.

Another fun nod is that we finally get to see Octane’s real face in a trailer. Even though this has been revealed in artwork before, Family Business is our first look at this handsome, adrenaline junkie’s face. This trailer is also set before Octane lost both his legs, which Ajay actually helped make for him.

Along with the trailer, a variety of leaks around Lifeline have been popping up left and right, one of which is a new Town Takeover set on Olympus. While the location appears to be somewhere near Gardens, this new P.O.I. (point of interest) appears to be a hospital where players can find some Medkits on shelves. Given that portion of the map is rarely traveled and has the most open space, I wouldn’t be surprised if Respawn wants to drive more players away from hot areas like Estates or Fight Night.

Lifeline also appears to be getting a buff soon, which is something she has desperately needed for months now. The leak suggests that D.O.C.’s healing pool is going from 1,500 t0 9,999. The drone’s healing radius has also been doubled, and down teammates can now opt-out of being auto-revived by it. Additionally, Lifeline’s ultimate’s cooldown has been reduced from five minutes to three minutes and thirty seconds.

With the introduction of Newcastle, it makes sense that Respawn is showing some love to this character. Lifeline has effectively become useless in a lot of scenarios, mainly thanks to Newcastle’s ability to revive someone and shield their downed body at the same time. Buffing her overall healing abilities will give her a bit more utility, especially in chaotic endgames when resources are limited. While I would have liked to see her drone not remain a stationary piece of utility, the doubled radius will be helpful when fighting from behind cover.

The ultimate cooldown reduction is also desperately needed. Even though it can be strong, players can currently maybe use it twice per game if they make it to the end. This buff will allow her to provide more consistent supplies and equipment throughout every stage of a match. Finally, we also know that Lifeline will most likely be getting the outfit from the Family Business trailer as a skin in-game.

Apex Legends‘ next event is rumored to begin on June 21.

Author: Deann Hawkins