Atlanta Season 3 Trailer Sends The Gang On A European Tour

Atlanta Season 3 Trailer Sends The Gang On A European Tour

Things get weird as Earn, Paper Boi, Van and Darius go on a European tour in the official trailer for the long-delayed Atlanta season 3.

Atlanta season 3 trailer sends Earn, Paper Boi, Van and Darius on a European tour. Donald Glover and company are finally returning for the third season of their acclaimed comedy after a hiatus of four years.

Season 1 of Atlanta actually debuted way back in 2016 and immediately garnered loads of critical acclaim and awards buzz. But the show’s uncertain release schedule was established early on too when it took until 2018 for season 2 to finally arrive. The wait for season 3 would prove even longer as Glover and co-stars Brian Tyree Henry and Zazie Beetz became busy with other projects. But things later picked up considerably on the production side as season 3 and 4 were ultimately filmed back-to-back.


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With Atlanta season 3 finally in the can, FX has released the first official trailer for the show’s long-awaited return. In the clip, the series’ four main players – Glover, Beetz, Henry and LaKeith Stanfield – find themselves on a European tour where, in typical Atlanta fashion, things get somewhat surreal. See the video in the space below:

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Season 3 indeed seems to pick up the action right where it was left at the end of season 2, when Earn and Paper Boi were headed off to Europe on a tour in support of rapper Clark County (R.J. Walker). According to the Atlanta season 3 synopsis from FX, the new episodes catch up with Earn and Paper Boi along with Van and Darius “as the group navigates their new surroundings as outsiders, and struggle to adjust to the newfound success they had aspired to.” Indeed the whole European experience proved to be a difficult one for the show’s cast and crew in real life as, according to Glover and his co-writers Stefani Robinson and Stephen Glover, they were subject to racial harassment while filming in London.

It remains to be seen how the European tour works out for the characters of Atlanta but considering the show’s reputation for blending the real and the surreal, it’s almost certain that weirdness will ensue as the gang explores new places and new cultures. No matter how things play out, it’s undoubtedly a gift for Atlanta fans that the show actually made it back after years of uncertainty about its future. It was of course also recently confirmed by FX chief John Landgraf that the upcoming Atlanta season 4 will be the last for the show, so that once-uncertain future is now definitely set and will last long. Atlanta season 3 arrives on FX on March 24, 2022 with Hulu also streaming episodes beginning the day after their linear release. Season 4 is set to arrive in the fall.

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