Beast Wars Series is Heading Toward a Depressing End

Beast Wars Series is Heading Toward a Depressing End

Transformers: Beast Wars #15 hints that the comics could end with the same cliffhanger as the TV show’s first season – without returning.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Transformers: Beast Wars #15!

As IDW’s license to Transformers comes to a close, where the publishing company’s Beast Wars comic is headed could see the series concluding depressingly based on where the original TV show was at this time.

Recently, IDW Publishing lost the publishing rights to Transformers and Beast Wars, among others, to an undisclosed competitor rumored to be Skybound. Although an official end date was never disclosed, it was originally reported by the Hollywood Reporter that Beast Wars would end in the summer. This, of course, answer is quite open-ended as summer doesn’t officially start until late next month and ends in late September. However, it appears the final issue might be closer than originally thought since the words “Next: It’s almost the end …” appear on the final page of Transformers: Beast Wars #15 by writer Erik Burnham, artist Winston Chan, colorist Ellie Wright and letterers Nathan Widick and Jake Wood.


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In the issue, Optimus Primal and Megatron finally come face to face with Transformers’ mysterious god-like alien race known as the Vok who have been using the planet the Transformers crash-landed on as part of an ongoing experiment. The Vok only intended this meeting to be a short introduction before destroying them but when the Vok are about to end Megatron’s life, they are surprised when Optimus Primal protects him, to which they reward by giving the Transformers seven cycles to defend themselves against their impending doom. This doesn’t bode well for Optimus Primal because this latest arc with the Vok is loosely based on season one of the TV show and Optimus wasn’t in a great spot by the end of it. Since there’s a chance that the comic is concluding sooner rather than later, writers could end their series the same way – except it would be permanent.

Optimus Primal tells Megatron that they will have to team up against the Vok in Transformers: Beast Wars #15.

In the TV show, the Vok transform a nearby moon into a massive weapon that will destroy the planet that the Predacons and Maximals crash-landed on. After catching the Predacons trying to alter one of his protoform pods into an escape pod, Optimus Primal uses the basis of the Predacons’ original plan to come up with his own, which is for him to fly the repurposed pod into the Vok’s weapon and jettison out before it makes contact. However, as Optimus flies toward the giant weapon, Megatron is able to tap into the pod to prevent Optimus from escaping, causing him to collide into the weapon and explode. It’s possible that the comics could conclude similarly as the latest issue of Transformers: Beast Wars ends with Megatron and Optimus Primal teaming up to help devise a defensive strategy against the Vok. Even though TV’s Optimus Primal returns in the middle of the second season, the fact that IDW’s comic won’t continue after this arc ends means that writers have the opportunity to conclude their adaptation with the same cliffhanger.

Of course, this is all contingent on IDW actually greenlighting such a depressing idea. While the comics have actually borrowed quite a few storylines from the Beast Wars TV show, writers have given them their own unique spin each time, which will unlikely happen again in the final issue. Regardless, it’s a shame that IDW is losing the rights to publish Beast Wars, but it’s clear that the publishing company has left quite an impressive mark on the overall legacy of the Transformers franchise.

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Transformers: Beast Wars #15 is available now from IDW!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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