Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Gabriela Deserved Second Stew Over Ashley

Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Gabriela Deserved Second Stew Over Ashley

There are many reasons why Gabriela Barragan deserved the second steward role over Ashley Marti for Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3.

Gabriela Barragan was given the second steward role over Ashley Marti during the Below Deck Sailing Yachtseason 3 premiere, and she deserved it. Viewers of the Bravo series have missed the newest spin-off of the Below Deck franchise and are happy to see some new and familiar faces. Season 2’s Chief Steward Daisy Kelliher, First Mate Gary King, and Chief Engineer Colin MacRae all made their return to Parsifal III. Even BDSY OG Captain Glenn Shephard is making his return.

As for the newbies, Gabriela and Ashley are a part of the new interior team, along with Chef Marcos Spaziani, and two new deckhands, Tom Pearson and Kelsie Goglia. The premiere episode began like every Below Deck season with the crew getting acquainted with one another, deciding on cabin arrangements, and fixing up the interior and exterior of the yacht. However, night one for the BDSY season 3 crew was one of their days off and consisted of them getting a little wilder than they usually would.


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After the crew arrived at the yacht on day one of the charter season, Daisy, who suffers from separation anxiety, had to make the difficult decision of who to choose for her second stew. Both Gabriela and Ashley are qualified candidates, but Gabriela had the experience Daisy was looking for in a strong second stew. Gabriela has extensive bartending experience compared to Ashley, which Daisy looked at as a plus when considering who would be her second stew. Gabriela also worked in nightclubs before, so Daisy was confident she would be wonderful with the charter guests. Let’s not forget Gabriela is also a decade older than Ashley and has a decade more of experience. Overall, Gabriela earned her place as the second stew while Ashley did not.

Ashley Marti Below Deck Sailing Yacht

When Daisy revealed during their team meeting that Gabriela would be the second stew and Ashley would be the third stew, the latter was not pleased. Throughout the first half of the episode, Ashley was confident she would be named Daisy’s second. The new third stew of BDSY season 3 has the experience and the knowledge to be a great second stew, but Gabriela was overqualified for the position. Daisy wants to have the best season the <emBDSY fans have ever seen, and she knows the crew can achieve that with Gabriela as the second stew. While Ashley might not think that is fair, she has a long time ahead of her to gain the experience she needs to be a second stew one day.

Overall, Gabriela deserved the second stew position over Ashley. It wouldn’t be fair for Gabriela to be the third stew since she has extensive experience working in the service industry as a bartender and nightclub worker. While Ashley has a similar background as Gabriela, being only 23-years-old, at the most, she maybe has a little over two years of experience in the industry. All in all, Gabriela’s second stew role was well-deserved.

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Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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