Big Brother Season 24 Star Alyssa Snider’s Age, Job & Instagram

Big Brother Season 24 Star Alyssa Snider's Age, Job & Instagram

Big Brother 24 premiered on Wednesday, July 6. Here is everything to know about 24-year-old Alyssa Snider from Sarasota, Florida.

When the Big Brother 24 cast was announced on Tuesday, July 5, viewers were introduced to Alyssa Snider from Siesta Key, Florida. She is one of 16 houseguests competing this season for the $750,000 grand prize. Now, after the live premiere, viewers want to learn more about the new houseguest.

During the live Big Brother move-in, viewers saw Alyssa move into the BB house with 15 other houseguests, and it seems like she may know a previous contestant, Alyssa Lopez from Big Brother 23. It is unclear how she may have gotten to know the BB23 star, but there are a few possible clues about how the two women are linked.


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Due to this new information, fans are eager to know everything about the new houseguest. While viewers will have to wait to find out her fate in the game this summer, she may be one to watch in the competition. From her age and job to her hometown, here is everything to know about the BB24 star.

Big Brother 24: Alyssa Snider’s Age 

Alyssa is currently 24 years old. She is among many Big Brother houseguests in their 20s this season. Some sources report that her birthday falls in November, but this hasn’t been confirmed by the reality star.

Big Brother 24: Alyssa Snider’s Hometown

During the premiere, it was revealed that Alyssa is from Siesta Key near Sarasota, FL. Some Big Brother fans may be aware that there is a reality show called Siesta Key, which is set in the city, but Alyssa isn’t a part of that series.

Big Brother 24: Alyssa Snider’s Occupation

According to CBS, Alyssa is a customer service rep/marketing agent. BB23’s Alyssa Lopez is a swimwear designer who is also from Sarasota, FL, which may explain the possible connection between the two women.

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Big Brother 24: Alyssa Snider’s Instagram

If viewers want to keep up with Alyssa while she is inside of the Big Brother house, and after the season ends, they can follow her Instagram account, @alyssasnida. Prior to appearing on the show, Alyssa seemed to be fairly active on social media. Her last post before the cast announcement was added on June 18. It is unknown at this time if anyone will be running her account while she is on Big Brother.

Big Brother 24 just began airing for the summer, and there will surely be tons of drama ahead. Alyssa may not look like a threat right now, but who knows what tricks she might have up her sleeve? It wouldn’t be a big surprise if she laid low during the start of the game, before giving it her all towards the end, if she makes it that far. Viewers will have to watch Big Brother to find out how well she does in the game.

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Big Brother airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST and Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.

Source: Alyssa Snider/Instagram

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