Birth Is About Collecting Bones to Cure Loneliness in a Foreign City

Birth Is About Collecting Bones to Cure Loneliness in a Foreign City

Solo-developed by Madison Karrh, Birth is an upcoming point-and-click game with a strange but intriguing premise: You’ve recently moved to a foreign city and live alone, and to quell your growing pangs of loneliness, you decide to collect bones and organs found around the city to build your own “friend.”

Whether this friend can talk, walk, or be alive at all, to begin with, remains a mystery. But essentially, you’re making a creature out of the strange findings you discover as you sort through other people’s belongings. You visit post offices, libraries, museums, cafes, and the inside of strangers’ apartments. Within those spaces, you find laptops, phones, cabinets, notebooks, and so on — items that will paint a picture of the people these things belong to.

The game, which was shown during this year’s Day of the Devs presentation as part of Summer Game Fest, struck my interest because “moving to a new city and feeling sad” is something I can very much relate to. I’ve moved a few times now — from Canada to the United States, and then a couple of interstate moves — and it’s always tough when you’re first starting out alone; the ways in which the pandemic has forced us to isolate ourselves has only worsened that. Making somewhere “home” can take years — it may not even happen at all if it just isn’t the right place for you.

Check out the trailer here:

Birth sounds really weird (in a good way!), and potentially somewhat hopeful despite the somber circumstances. The art style is really striking, too, with dull colors and characters that remind me of plague doctors and skeletons. As you play, there will be a number of puzzles to solve that will be physics-based, pattern-based, and abstract.

Birth will be released this August for yet unspecified platforms.

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Author: Deann Hawkins