Bizarre Elden Ring Glitch Has Player Ride An Arrow Like A Horse

Bizarre Elden Ring Glitch Has Player Ride An Arrow Like A Horse

A strange Elden Ring glitch results in a Tarnished summoning a gigantic arrow to ride instead of a horse, leaving them vulnerable to an oncoming foe.

Thanks to a glitch, one Elden Ring player saw themselves riding a giant arrow into battle. The latest dark fantasy RPG by FromSoftware and legendary Game Of Thrones author George R.R. Martin has become a breakout success since it launched a few weeks ago, gaining critical acclaim and beating out other big releases like Horizon: Forbidden West and Pokémon Legends: Arceus to become the best-selling video game of 2022 in the United States so far. As a fully customizable Tarnished, players are tasked with gathering the lost fragments of the titular Elden Ring to become the legendary Elden Lord – a task that is easier said than done thanks to Elden Ring’s punishing difficulty and wide array of powerful enemies.


While an extremely successful and well-crafted game for the most part, Elden Ring is not without its fair share of technical hiccups. Some of these glitches are relatively easy to fix, such as some enemies and NPCs turning invisible unless a player has their graphic settings a certain way. Others are more problematic, as was the case when a streamer was frozen in place during a difficult boss battle against a Giant Land Octopus in Elden Ring’s opening hours. FromSoftware has been working on correcting these problems with update patches, but some truly bizarre bugs and glitches are continuing to pop up during rounds of Elden Ring.

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One far more humorous instance happened to Reddit user Fosterkid115, who posted a brief gameplay video of their chance encounter with a strange glitch on the Elden Ring subreddit earlier today. Their Tarnished is in the midst of a horseback battle with an ax-wielding giant, which results in the steed being killed with a blow from Fosterkid115’s towering foe. Fosterkid115 quickly summons a new horse after drinking a healing potion, but at the same instant, a second giant fires a massive arrow into the horse, killing it and leaving the player sitting atop the weapon instead of their steed – leaving them completely vulnerable to the giant’s next attack and leading to the red “You Died” text that signifies death in Elden Ring. The video currently stands at 6.6 thousand upvotes on r/Elden Ring, and other players in the comment section have been sharing their own stories of suddenly finding themselves atop a massive, unmoving arrow.

Getting caught in a strange glitch is just one of the many ways Elden Ring players have been met with an untimely end, as clips of Tarnished getting slain by seemingly harmless goats and dung beetles during or after a fight with a more imposing boss have been appearing on the internet since Elden Ring launched late last month. Some monsters have even rubbed salt on the wound by disrespecting an Elden Ring player’s corpse after killing them, and players looking to pet the dogs roaming about the Lands Between have been met with a gruesome end as well.

Part of what has made Elden Ring such an overnight success is the unpredictability that comes with every battle – and this apparently includes wild glitches like a Tarnished’s horse suddenly being replaced with a massive arrow. Perhaps an unlucky warrior who comes across this bizarre bug could figure out how to use this oversized arrow as a weapon against the giant that threw it, but for now there is little Elden Ring players can do aside from hoping that the next horse they summon is indeed a horse – lest they find themselves stuck in front of an oncoming attack.

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Source: Fosterkid115/Reddit

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