Bloons TD 6 Dart Monkey Guide

Bloons TD 6 Dart Monkey Guide

The Dart Monkey is the oldest Tower type in Bloons — it’s your base unit, cheap, easily spammable, and comes with a solid set of tools allowing it to be used at all stages of the game. Dart Monkeys scale reasonably well into mid and late game, especially if you’re spreading them out between the three paths. If you’re wondering how to best use this well-rounded unit, we’ve got the breakdown for you here in this Bloons TD 6 Dart Monkey Guide.

Dart Monkey Talent Paths

Dart Monkeys, like most units, have three upgrade paths to follow:

Path 1

Sharp Shots: Gain +1 Pierce, from two to three. With Crossbow Master, gains +6 Pierce.
Razor Sharp Shots: Gain +2 Pierce, from three to five. With Crossbow Master, gains +7 Pierce.
Spike-O-Pult: Converts the Dark Monkey into a Spike-O-Pult. Launches a spiked ball instead of darts that pop up to 22 Bloons per shot, bounce off of the environment, and pop Frozen Bloons. Slower attack speed.
Juggernaut: Upgrades the Spiked Ball to pop all Bloons (except Camo) and deal bonus damage to Ceramic Bloons. Faster attack speed.
Ultra-Juggernaut: The Juggernaut Spiked Ball now splits up to twice, resulting in up to six spiked balls bouncing around the map.

Path 2

Quick Shots: Gains 15% Attack Speed.
Very Quick Shots: Gains 33% Attack Speed.
Triple Shot: Throws three darts instead of one.
Super Monkey Fan Club: Gains an ability to transform itself and nine other non-special Dart Monkeys into Super Monkeys, gaining bonus range and attack speed.
Plasma Monkey Fan Club: Converts itself and 20 other non-special Dart Monkeys into Super Monkeys equipped with Plasma Goggles. Gains double attack speed and increased Pierce.

Path 3

Long Range Darts: Gains +8 range.
Enhanced Eyesight: Gains an additional +8 range and can detect Camo Bloons
Crossbow: Gains +1 Pierce and +8 additional range.
Sharp Shooter: Gains +20% Attack Speed and deals a Critical Hit after ten shots.
Crossbow Master: Gains a substantial amount of Attack Speed, Pierce, Range and doubles the rate of Critical Hits. Also can damage any Bloon type.

When placing your Dart Monkeys, it’s helpful to have a spread of Path types — a handful of Crossbow Masters, one or two Plasma Monkey Fan Clubs, and plenty of Ultra-Juggernauts. The reason for this is that while you are upgrading these Towers to higher levels, you will have to deal with a variety of Bloons that lower-level Dart Monkeys simply aren’t prepared for, such as Lead Bloons.

It is always helpful to put down a few coverage options — Bomb Throwers for Lead Bloons, a Glue Gunner or Ice Monkey for crowd control, or use a support Hero such as Pat Fusty or Psi. It’s also ideal to place Dart Monkeys in such a manner that choke points are well covered — spreading your Dart Monkeys out makes it more likely that Bloons will leak through.

Dart Monkey Paragon Power

If you have maxed out your Dart Monkey’s talent trees, there’s one additional unlock awaiting you: Apex Plasma Master. This paragon power fuses three Tier 5 Dart Monkeys together to form a monstrosity. Paragons are ultra powerful, but cannot be buffed by any means, and remain at whatever power level the tower was at when it was fused. How that is calculated is tough to explain, but in short:

The overall power, or degree, of your Paragon depends on the total amount of Tier 5 Dart Monkeys sacrificed at the time of the fusion (among other things, but the Tier 5 sacrifices are the biggest influence).
The degree scales as the game progresses, so there is no set number of sacrifices that are “optimal.” In general, it is better to fuse about six or seven total Tier 5 Dart Monkeys at a minimum to get decent Paragon degrees. Each Tier 5 Dart Monkey sacrificed after the initial three grants 10,000 Power, and you need 11,000 to reach Degree 20, which provides a massive damage upgrade to Degree 0.
The Apex Plasma Master combines the traits of the three talent trees. It fires three Plasma Juggernaut balls at a high speed and over a long distance. Place this unit where it has a clear line of sight and long lanes to shoot over.

That’s all you need to know about the Dart Monkey! Don’t forget to supplement your Dart Monkeys with ample support and you’ll be fine on most maps and game modes.

Author: Deann Hawkins