Bridgerton: 10 Best Kate Sharma Quotes

Bridgerton: 10 Best Kate Sharma Quotes

Bridgerton season 2 is currently making waves all over the world and it set the record for the highest viewing time worldwide in its opening weekend on Netflix. The reason behind it can be attributed to the success of season 1 and also to the introduction of the new leading lady, Kate Sharma, played by Simone Ashley.

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Kate Sharma is a new part of the Ton, and considered an ‘old maid’ already. But with her headstrong attitude, her wit and sarcasm, and her independence have won the hearts of many fans. Many of her lines are part of the reason why she instantly became a hit with the fans.


Looks And Money Don’t Matter To Her

“It is not a man’s appearance or title that will woo you. It is his mind and spirit that will court yours.”

Bridgerton Kate and Edwina

One of the best characters introduced after season 1, Kate Sharma is incredibly wise and she always tried to give the best advice to her sister. Edwina could come off as a bit naive, so Kate guides her, especially in matters of the heart. Kate wanted her sister to fall in love and not get swept up by the handsome looks and titles.

She tells Edwina that she will not fall in love with the name or looks of a person, but with his mind, soul, and heart. This reveals that she believes in this and that is why she is so cold to Anthony in the beginning even though he is the viscount. When she discovers how self-absorbed he is, she doesn’t hesitate to show him his place in the first episode.

Meaning Of True Love

“True love is something else entirely. It is when the rest of the world goes quiet. It is not eyes that meet, but souls that dance. Settle into each other. Make room for each other. Until there is nowhere else to hide.”

Anthony and Kate bee sting scene in Bridgerton season 2

For a woman who has decided to be single all her life and live an independent life, Kate seems to have given true love a lot of thought. Her ideas about true love are profound and she uses beautiful words to explain the definition of true love to Edwina.

For her, true love is much more than a couple making eyes at one another. Instead, it is when their souls come together and adapt to one another. She says these words so earnestly that fans can’t help but think that she was alluding to her personal experiences with the viscount, which means that she had fallen in love with him much earlier.

Feminist Of Her Time

“I take issues with any man who views women merely as chattels and breeding stock.”

Bridgerton season 2 Anthony using Kate real name

The best thing about Kate (and probably the thing that Anthony finds maddeningly attractive) is her headstrong demeanor and the way she fights adamantly for what she believes in. She does not cower to Anthony, who is the viscount of one of the most reputable families in London.

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When she finds him disagreeable, she expresses that in front of him straightaway. Kate is never intimidated by Anthony and she tells him directly that she does not like him because, for him, a woman is nothing but an object required for breeding. This also shows how she is a feminist in the Regency era, who does not shy away from putting forth her radical ideas in front of a man. In this was she is much like Eloise, but wiser.

Lovesick Sarcasm

“I suppose I can see how he might engage a person.”


Kate Sharma is not only beautiful and intelligent but she is also possessed of wit and sarcasm. Edwina tells Kate how much she approves of Anthony Bridgerton because of how he is a gentleman and how engaging he is. Kate then sarcastically remarks that she understands how Anthony can engage a person, but the sarcasm is lost on Edwina.

However, the fans can see the look on her face and they can sense that she is alluding to the uncontrollable attraction she feels toward Anthony. It is clear from the scene that she desperately wishes that she didn’t feel that pull toward him, but she can’t help it.

Stubbornly Independent

“What did I tell you about you and you and your orders?”

bridgerton season kate anthony

The erotic tension between Kate and Anthony is most evident when Kate refuses to do anything he says. She challenges him every step of the way and Anthony can’t help but be attracted to that.

It is this nature that pushes the couple to finally give in to their attraction for each other and share a night of passion in the 7th episode. Anthony is consumed by his desire and he tells her to go inside before he can’t hold on any longer but Kate, as resolute as she is, blatantly refuses to follow his order and this breaks the last shred of control for both of them.

Witty And Humorous

“I am afraid that is not possible. Not when I have a victory lap to enjoy.”

bridgerton season 2 anthony kate

The best couple of season 2, when Anthony and Kate met for the first time, she left a lasting impression on him because she was so different from the women he has encountered. She goes on horse rides in the morning on her own and she proves to be a faster rider than him.

Anthony is enraptured by her and when he asks her name, she escapes by saying that since she won the race, she is going to enjoy her victory lap. This makes Anthony smile, conveying how much her wit impressed him. It is always refreshing to see women with a sense of humor in period dramas and Kate certainly is one of them.

Becoming Amiable Towards Anthony

“Are you going to ask me to dance? One last time.”

One of her sweetest lines was when she breaks the gender rules of her era and tells Anthony to ask her for a dance in the last episode. Before this, she has mostly been hostile toward him because she didn’t want to give in to her romantic attraction toward him.

At this moment, when she says these words and the way she says them leads fans to believe that she has given in to her feelings for him and wants to cherish last moments with him before she leaves for India. Perhaps it was Edwina who pushed her to accept this part of her when she told Kate to think about herself for once.


“Beating you feels the same as any other win, but somehow smells sweeter.”

Jonathan Bailey as Anthony Bridgerton, Simone Ashley as Kate Sharma, Luke Thompson as Benedict Bridgerton, Rupert Young as Jack in Bridgerton Season 2

One of Kate’s most entertaining characteristics is that she is fiercely competitive. She always likes to win and also gloat. In the episode where they play Pall Mall, she is determined to win at any cost and particularly, to beat Anthony.

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Kate tells Anthony that beating him is better than any other victory she’s ever had. This competitive nature of her showed how similar she is to Anthony and how it is also a fuel for their passion for each other.


“And you must know I will do everything in my power to ensure your happiness.”

Bridgerton Kate and Edwina Sharma

One of the best relationships of Bridgerton season 2 is between Kate and Edwina as the bond between the sisters often takes the spotlight. When Kate is introduced, it is clear that her sister’s happiness means a lot to her and most of her actions are dictated by the goal of making her sister happy.

She sometimes overdoes it by intervening in her life and keeping secrets from her in the name of protecting her. Despite that, there is no doubt that her love for her sister is genuine and makes up for a lot of her personality.

I love you too

“I do not think there is anything else to say other than I love you too.”

bridgerton season 2 kate anthony romance books improve

The way Anthony confesses her love for Kate in the finale is enough to make anyone swoon but Anthony doesn’t have that intention. He confesses his love because he just wanted her to know and he was expecting rejection from her.

So, when Kate blatantly says that she has nothing left to say except that she loves him too, it is a moment that makes every Kanthony fan smile and rejoice.  Their romance was extremely slow-burn so this moment had been long-awaited and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

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