Britney Spears Praises Euphoria, Says Watching Show Was Like Meditation

Britney Spears Praises Euphoria, Says Watching Show Was Like Meditation

Britney Spears praises the HBO dramatic series, Euphoria, claiming that the show invoked a Zen-like state and helped her anxiety disappear.

Britney Spears praises HBO’s Euphoria, claiming the dramatic series felt like meditation and made her anxiety slip away. Adapted from an Israeli television miniseries of the same name, Euphoria hit HBO in June 2019 to both audience and critical acclaim, thanks mainly to its intense plotlines, cinematography, and cast performances. Euphoria is a tale about a group of high schoolers who face modern struggles of identity, trauma, and drugs. The series also dives into the complicated dynamics of relationships, love, and sex. The HBO drama features a fantastic lead from Zendaya as Rue Bennet with a stellar ensemble cast in support. On the heels of the first two seasons’ success, HBO recently announced that Euphoria season 3 is officially in the works.


Spears is no stranger to many of the elements touched on in HBO’s Euphoria. Since childhood, the renowned performer has been in and out of the public spotlight, living a life infiltrated with allegations of abuse, messy relationships, and battles with mental health. Additionally, the saga of Spears’ conservatorship, which finally came to a resolution when a court of law terminated it in November 2021, likely only deepened the singer’s mental health struggles. However, regarding child stars, Spears’ tumultuous path through life seemingly aligns with countless other tabloid-worthy tragic tales.

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In a recent post to Instagram, Spears praises HBO’s Euphoria, claiming that the dramatic drama helped her anxiety fade away. Spears shared the post in honor of Mental Health Awareness Week, disclosing that she felt her anxiety disappear because of the show’s crazy plots. The pop star also offered up some advice to her followers, implying the show acts as a therapeutic medium, invoking a Zen-like state of mind. Check out the full post below:

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HBO’s Euphoria explores sensitive and mature subject matter, and while overwhelmingly acclaimed for its handling of such content, the show also faces its criticisms. Some have knocked the series for its portrayal of self-harm, excessive drug use, and sexual material, noting that the show centers around teenagers. Given Spears’ mental health struggles, it is entirely understandable that she would find an element of peace in its context, mainly because it reinforces how battles with mental health are not as uncommon or isolated as one might think. Often, finding others to relate to is the first step in forming a health-minded community and achieving a level of freedom. Seeing other young people face such difficult and challenging life situations likely helped Spears feel less alone in the struggle.

Spears’ willingness to keep fighting the good fight has undoubtedly made an enormous difference in her life. Her terminated conservatorship results and the #FreeBritney movement are small testaments to that end. Another big step for the singer is the news of her upcoming memoir, in which she reportedly signed a $15 million book deal to bring her fans the whole story from her perspective. As for Euphoria, Spears will likely be tuning in alongside audiences everywhere when HBO drops more information regarding the status of season 3.

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