Cal Kestis’ Secret Cameo During The Clone Wars Explained

Cal Kestis' Secret Cameo During The Clone Wars Explained

Jedi: Fallen Order’s Cal Kestis makes an unexpected cameo in the Clone Wars; is it possible Lucasfilm could tell more of his origin story?

Jedi: Fallen Order’s star Cal Kestis has an unexpected cameo in a Star Wars novel set during the Clone Wars. Star Wars is one of the longest-lasting and most effective transmedia franchises. While the main story is told in the movies, other mediums have long been used to flesh out the galaxy. Some time periods have been more attractive for development than others, notably the Clone Wars and the Dark Times of the Empire’s reign.

The Jedi: Fallen Order game is set during the Dark Times, starring an Order 66 survivor named Cal Kestis. The Padawan of the Jaro Tapal, the redheaded Cal was saved by his master’s sacrifice and fled Coruscant. Cal initially attempted to hide in the galaxy’s shadows, but he was exposed by a single use of the Force, and wound up hunted by Darth Vader and his Inquisitors. Cal proved to be a compelling primary character in Jedi: Fallen Order, and his story will continue in the upcoming sequel.


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Mike Chen’s novel Brotherhood gives lovers of the game a glimpse of Cal Kestis’ backstory. The book is set shortly after the beginning of the Clone Wars, and it sees Anakin Skywalker interact with Jaro Tapal. He’s accompanied by a young red-haired Jedi in training, and the author has confirmed this was intended to be Cal Kestis. It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scene, and it seems to suggest Cal has yet to be formally chosen as Jaro Tapal’s Padawan, although he’s clearly being considered for the role.

Cal Kestis building a green double-bladed lightsaber in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

It’s exciting to get a glimpse into Cal Kestis’ backstory because this helps flesh out his past among the Jedi. He was part of a group of Younglings who were profoundly affected by the outbreak of the Clone Wars; some were excited, while others were horrified because they understood Jedi were not supposed to be warriors. He became a Padawan during the Clone Wars and, like all Padawans, he was close to the clone troopers – meaning their betrayal would have shaken him to the core.

It will be interesting to see whether Lucasfilm decide to use other mediums to continue Cal’s story – whether to tell tales of the Clone Wars or the Dark Times, perhaps even in a live-action form. This is the potential of a transmedia franchise; a character who works in one medium can be incorporated into another, allowing many writers to flesh him out. The success of Jedi: Fallen Order naturally means players are eager to learn more of Cal, and Lucasfilm could easily choose to tell some of his past adventures as a Jedi Padawan – revealing exactly what part he played in the Clone Wars. These could even serve as setup for Jedi: Survivor, showing Cal learn skills that would be useful to an early Rebel Alliance. Such an approach would make Jedi: Fallen Order tie-ins invaluable.

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