Candiace Dillard Hints At Not Returning For Season 7

Candiace Dillard Hints At Not Returning For Season 7

Candiace Dillard recently hinted on social media that hinted that she wouldn’t be returning to RHOP, which fans have mixed feelings about.

After The Real Housewives of Potomac season 6 ended, there was talk of Candiace Dillard not returning for season 7, and she recently hinted to fans that the rumors may be true. Candiace has been a controversial member of RHOP since season 3 due to her fiery personality and sharp tongue. The former pageant queen is known for not holding back and when challenged, her temper can rear its ugly head. Fans expected Candiace to get along with fellow RHOP star and former beauty queen Ashley Darby because they had a lot in common, but the two famously butted heads for years.

Fans criticized Candiace for not taking accountability for her behavior. Throughout her seasons on RHOP, she has had feuds with not only Ashley but with fellow Housewives including Monique Samuels, Karen Huger, and Mia Thornton. Candiace has gotten a lot of heat from fans for what they see as her instigating fights and then playing the victim. Her fallout with Monique ended up with the two in a physical altercation that resulted in Monique leaving RHOP. In season 6, Candiace and Mia got into a salad throwing fight after Candiace said derogatory things about Mia’s mother, who is a recovering addict. After the RHOP season 6 reunion where Candiace failed to show remorse for her actions, viewers demanded that she be removed from the show.


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Following the RHOP season 6 reunion, there were rumors that Candiace wouldn’t be returning to the show. Although Candiace took to social media to refute those claims, many fans predicted that she was making way too much trouble on RHOP for her to stay. Sure enough, Candiace recently tweeted, “Well. When one door closes, another will open.” Fans immediately took that to mean that she was fired by Bravo. Some fans thought Candiace just wanted attention and replied, “Wow, kinda thirsty with this tweet, got everyone all omg, is she leaving! Bye.” Another fan agreed, “Desperate for attention!” Some Candiace fans don’t want to see her leave: “No Candiace, no Potomac. Simple as that.”

Well. When one door closes, another will open.

— CANDIACE (@TherealCANDIACE) March 3, 2022

Candiace’s RHOP friend Gizelle Bryant has also called her out. Although Gizelle has tried to take Candiace under her wing, she nonetheless had to agree that Candiace is sometimes her own worst enemy. Karen, who was a mother figure to Candiace, also seemed to choose Monique’s side after the bar fight. Even though Monique reportedly got physical first, many agree that Candiace egged her on and was therefore equally guilty. Candiace pressed charges against Monique, and Monique countered in turn, but both charges got dismissed. Sadly, the two Housewives who initially considered each other like sisters never mended their relationship.

Even if the RHOP door has closed for Candiace, she has many other doors already open. Candiace has been working on her singing career and has showcased the making of her music video “Drive Back” during RHOP season 6. Her “husbandger” Chris Bassett is helping manage her career and together, they are balancing her music and his catering business. The cast of RHOP season 7 hasn’t been announced yet, but many fans are begging for Monique to come back, which could maybe happen if Candiace is actually leaving. Still, despite all the drama Candiace has caused, fans of The Real Housewives of Potomac think that Bravo would be remiss to fire someone that fans can’t stop talking about.

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