Cast Members That Fans Want To See

Cast Members That Fans Want To See

With The Bachelor season 26 coming to an end, fans have been discussing who they want to see as a part of Bachelor in Paradise’s season 8 cast.

While Bachelor in Paradise is still a few months away, fans are already excited about the season 8 casting. Having come a long way since its debut in 2014, the spinoff is a place of redemption which offers many contestants a second chance at love. Considering that season 7 had the highest number of contestants participating, season 8 is expected to be even bigger, with more and more contestants finding their way to Mexico.

The resident Bachelor in Paradise bartender and stand-in host Wells Adams has already shared his thoughts on potential BIP cast members for season 8 and he mentioned Salley Carson and former lead Peter Weber as candidates. Along with Wells, season 26’s leading man Clayton Echard has been weighing in about which of the women from The Bachelor should be a part of the cast. Fans have also been busy sharing their cast preferences on social media, and some picked contestants before Clayton’s season even began.


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The Women

With back-to-back seasons of The Bachelorette, there will definitely be a surplus of eligible men looking for love in Mexico. In light of how many prospective male cast members there are, fans are definitely eager to see which cast members from Clayton’s The Bachelor season go on to Bachelor in Paradise. As contestants from the most recent season of The Bachelor, the women may have first priority when it comes to Paradise. However, it’s still unclear what’s next for the franchise, and there may be another round of women searching for love by the time Bachelor in Paradise season 8 comes around.

As for the fan favorites from season 26, fans hope that Serene Russell, who was eliminated after hometowns, will be the first one on the beach. Along with Serene, fans are looking forward to seeing Genevieve Parisi, Sierra Jackson, and Elizabeth Corrigan. Some fans who follow the franchise are also hoping that first impression rose recipient Teddi Wright ends up in Mexico. Marlena Wesh, the Olympian, is another fan hopeful and could potentially be a humorous addition, much like Tahzjuan Hawkins in seasons 6 and 7. Naturally, a few villains will have to be included, and it’s likely that Shanae Ankney will appear solely for drama, though fans are hoping she’ll arrive later in the season. Appearances from Sarah Hamrick and Cassidy Timbrooks are also expected.

The Men

While several of Katie’s men were included in season 7, fans want to see a few reappearances, with some newcomers, including Justin Glaze at the top of their lists. Between the runner-up’s memorable reactions and his inability to appear last summer, fans want to see Justin find love. As per Reddit, fans are also predicting that Andrew Spencer will be a part of the cast, although he’d likely be appearing without Greg Grippo. Fans are additionally hopeful that Aaron Clancy will return following his involvement in Genevieve and Shanae’s feud during the Women Tell All. If he does return, fans expect that James Bonsall, whom Aaron jokingly left season 7 with, will also return.

Regarding Michelle’s men, fans hope to see Rodney Mathews, along with Rick Leach and Olumide Onajide. As for runner-up Brandon Jones, fans are divided over whether or not he would be a good fit. Some believe that Brandon is too good for the show, while others want to see him on the beach. However, Bachelor in Paradise won’t air any time soon, and the Bachelor: Live On Stage tour is beginning soon, so it’s completely possible that some of the men may not be single when the season 8 cast is announced. With that in mind, fans should expect just about anything.

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