Chivalry 2 Finally Comes To Steam & Gets The Best Update Possible

Chivalry 2 Finally Comes To Steam & Gets The Best Update Possible

Iconic hack and slash game Chivalry 2 has finally made its way to Steam, bringing with it a slew of new items, maps, mounted combat, and more.

Iconic medieval slasher Chivalry 2 has finally come to Steam alongside a new Tenosian Invasion update that adds a slew of new features to the game. Since its release, Chivalry 2 has received glowing reception for its medieval-inspired multiplayer combat. Although the game already allows players to do everything from storm castles to burn villages, a new update promises even more ways to play out epic medieval battles.

As the follow-up to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Chivalry 2 offers a comprehensive medieval gameplay experience. The game provides several different multiplayer modes, letting players choose between modes like Team Deathmatches, Team Brawls, and Team Objective. Chivalry 2 focuses mostly on melee combat, including a large variety of weapons for players to choose between, from the more typical swords and battle axes to unconventional brawl weapons like turkey legs and chairs. Although Chivalry 2 has received noteworthy updates since its release, the game did not offer cross-platform party play and was not made available on Steam.


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During the recent PC Gaming Show, Torn Banner Studios revealed a new Tenosian Invasion update for the game alongside news about cross-play, combat, and more. A press release from Torn Banner Studios gave an overview of the new features that accompany the game’s Steam debut, with developers stating that Steam users “are going to get a massive update to make the wait worth their while.” The Tenosian Invasion update introduces the new Tenosian faction alongside mounted combat, as well as new armory items, maps, and weapon skins. The other key component of the update is the introduction of the Console Server Browser, which allows players to join their friends’ servers for gameplay across platforms. Chivalry 2 will also be coming to Xbox Game Pass for both PC and console by the end of 2022.

Chivalry 2’s Tenosian Invasion update adds a large number of features that will bring new dimensions to the game. The combat system of Chivalry 2 was already complex before the update, and the new horseback options will require players to rethink strategies relied on previous to the new content. The need for revamped strategies is compounded by the addition of the Tenosian Faction, which will make Chivalry 2 players compete in unfamiliar landscapes. Additionally, the new ability to join cross-play servers is a great step in the right direction for the game in terms of improving the multiplayer experience. Currently, the service does not yet have full-party functionality, but Torn Banner Studios has confirmed the feature will be added at a later date.

The Chivalry series has always been about providing the ultimate medieval battle experience, and the latest Chivalry 2 update has no doubt brought the series closer to that goal than ever before. The new maps, horseback combat, and Console Server Browser will open up new opportunities for unique Chivalry 2 online experiences that players are sure to appreciate, and the game’s addition to Steam means it will have more players than ever before. With more updates planned for later dates, Chivalry 2 will likely continue to surprise fans for the foreseeable future.

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