Christopher Nolan & Jordan Peele Helping IMAX To Develop New Cameras

Christopher Nolan & Jordan Peele Helping IMAX To Develop New Cameras

Oscar-winning filmmakers Christopher Nolan and Jordan Peele are part of a team that is currently helping IMAX to develop four brand new cameras.

Acclaimed filmmakers, Christopher Nolan and Jordan Peele, are working with IMAX to develop new cameras. The use of IMAX cameras has been a particularly vital component in the creation of many films, with both Nolan and Peele being just two of the filmmakers who remain loyal to the brand. Nolan, in particular, has typically delighted fans by releasing many of his films at IMAX cinemas, and this was most recently the case with the release of Tenet.

Though cinephiles have long since fallen in love with screenings done at IMAX theaters, not many people are aware of why the IMAX experience is so superior to a standard cineplex’s offering. It’s clear that IMAX screens are much larger, and this is to accommodate the 70mm film print that is the standard for the theaters. For cineplexes and other non-IMAX theaters, the standard film size is 35mm. When movies are screened at an IMAX theatre, the film stock is run through the projector horizontally, which provides an image that is nine times larger than what a 35mm projection can provide. In addition to this, running the film horizontally through the projector also makes 70mm film stock appear three times larger than what it would be if it were run through the projector vertically.


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Naturally, not all filmmakers choose the format, as it simply doesn’t suit their genre or style of filmmaking. For others, however, filming with IMAX cameras and screening their work at IMAX theaters is an essential part of bringing cinematic worlds to life. Now, as THR reports, the immersive experience that IMAX imparts on cinema is about to take another big step. IMAX will develop four new cameras, the first of which will be available in 2023. As part of the research and production of these cameras, IMAX has enlisted the aid of beloved filmmakers, Christopher Nolan and Jordan Peele.

In addition to receiving help from Peele and Nolan, IMAX has also brought the following acclaimed cinematographers on board: Hoyte van Hoytema (Tenet), Linus Sandgren (No Time to Die), Rachel Morrison (Black Panther), Bradford Young (Arrival), and Dan Mindel (Star Trek). Though the exact specifics of the new cameras have yet to be revealed, what is known is that they will be quieter than previous models, with several new features added that are meant to increase the cameras’ usability. Exactly what this means for how films shot with the new cameras will look on IMAX screens is also unknown, but with the help of so many talented people, it’s hard to imagine the difference not being substantial.

As far as both Peele and Nolan’s upcoming releases are concerned, both filmmakers used IMAX cameras. Nolan’s Oppenheimer biopic, which details the famed American physicist’s role in creating the atomic bomb, will be released in July of next year. Peele’s highly anticipated Nope will arrive this July, and its sole trailer to date has promised the sort of unpredictable horror experience that audiences have come to relish from the Oscar-winning filmmaker. Although neither of these films have even arrived yet, it’s a safe bet that many fans will be eager to see how these new IMAX cameras will benefit future releases.

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Source: THR

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