Co-op and Random Enemy Mods Turn Elden Ring into Boss Battle Royale

Co-op and Random Enemy Mods Turn Elden Ring into Boss Battle Royale

Elden Ring doesn’t support seamless four-player co-op in its vanilla state, but there’s finally a mod doing what FromSoftware won’t. Souls series modder LukeYui, known for his work on security add-ons like Blue Sentinel, just launched the beta version of an Elden Ring overhaul implementing seamless co-op with no restrictions. And, as you can imagine, taking the leash off of usual limitations throws the Lands Between into a bit of extra chaos, but in the best ways.

The beta for LukeYui’s seamless Elden Ring co-op launched via Nexus Mods today, and it’s already debuting as a Twitch hit. Expanded multiplayer options are a big enough draw on their own, but over on the streaming platform, players are combining today’s multiplayer beta with other mods like thefifthmatt’s item and enemy randomizer. So, instead of getting the typical Elden Ring run enjoying just the added bonus of more friends, you get these wildly eventful scenarios full of surprise boss spawns you can bully your buddies into joining.

Perhaps most notably are some of WayneRadioTV’s multiplayer brawls — including one bizarre showdown on the beach between Elden Ring‘s Godfrey, a lone Crucible Knight, Ancestor Spirit, and that one friend you have who constantly makes poor decisions. They narrate the encounter like it’s the world’s most exciting wrestling match. I can hear it now; here comes Ancestor Spirit with a steel chair, etc.

tube in tonight @ 9:30pm EST for a new saga…

ELDEN RING?: Fellowship of the Seven Shards

join @Trogort, @MasterGir, @mirakurutaimu and I on a BRAND NEW Elden Ring adventure. 4-player Seamless Co-op. ALL ENEMIES/BOSSES/ITEMS randomized. with no limits. the adventure awaits…

— wayneradiotv (@wayneradiotv) May 28, 2022

The entire ordeal streamed to over a thousand viewers at one point, pitting the squad against the most unfortunate random boss spawns and a desperate scramble between sites of Grace. While comically horrifying is how most of these random multiplayer Elden Ring sessions seem to go, things do turn a little sour on occasion. WayneRadioTV and other streamers predictably hit a few performance struggles. However, considering the unholy mishmash of bosses that were never supposed to meet all congregating in one location, the mods otherwise run smoothly. I use “smooth” loosely there. As in, the game works, but it’s just one big, hellish Fight Club.

At this point, I’m interested in random nightmare scenarios with friends only, but you can still play regular ole Elden Ring minus the misplaced enemies. LukeYui’s seamless co-op drops everyone into a session where they’re free to play independently or bully foes together, and it looks like plenty of fun toned down. Your waypoints synchronize, zone barriers are dropped, and you can go from the tutorial to the final boss in a single session. It removes all of those FromSoftware limits that feel more like a boss tag-team mode and makes Elden Ring multiplayer feel like a real couch co-op experience.

Author: Deann Hawkins