Comixology Announces New Changes Following Fan Outrage at Amazon Redesign

Comixology Announces New Changes Following Fan Outrage at Amazon Redesign

After the digital comics platform Comixology updated their interface to incorporate Amazon, a series of technical issues occurred, causing outrage.

After the digital comics subscription Comixology updated their interface to incorporate their parent company Amazon, a series of technical issues occurred, causing Comixology subscribers to voice outrage on social media. Now, Comixology has announced in a series of tweets that the platform is rolling out new features to resolve problems which users have experienced.

When the digital comics platform implemented an update referred to as Comixology 4.0, subscribers were faced with a variety of issues rendering their memberships unusable. Subscribers reported that there was no longer an ability to zoom in on text, making words unreadable. Users who are based outside of America were unable to access their accounts, as Comixology collided with Amazon. Many pre-ordered comics from users’ libraries were also removed as a result of the update. In response to fans who voiced complaints on Twitter, including comedian and comic book writer Patton Oswalt, Comixology acknowledged the reported technical issues, promising to implement additional changes.


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In a Twitter thread, Comixology has continued to address the problems which users have encountered, while announcing new plans to fix the platform. The ten tweets pertain to updates on the United States and United Kingdom sides of Comixology, with changes to other countries set to begin later this year. In the tweets, the digital comics service announced improved resolution on the Comixology app, suggesting that users should re-download a comic if they are still having problems with image quality. The service is also implementing filters to allow users to find newly released issues more easily, according to dates and publishers.

Adding onto previously unveiled changes, the Comixology site now automatically allows users to search for comics, manga, and graphic novels, as opposed to the previous iteration, which bizarrely didn’t pertain to the platform’s speciality. The United Kingdom and United States versions also allow subscribers to both purchase and borrow comics from the main page, without needing to go to the “details” section for a title, with issues from all over the world grouped together in the library on the app. The platform has even enhanced downloads in the app to run faster, as users had reported comics stalling.

Comixology is continuing to promise that users’ complaints are being heard, and more improvements have yet to be announced. Previously, company co-founder David Steinberger announced he was stepping down from his position, which users speculated was a result of the app’s series of recent issues. Throughout the rest of the year, the platform will be working to resolve issues initially caused by Comixology 4.0 in other countries where subscribers are based.

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