Constantine Reboot Character Details Revealed In Casting Callout

Constantine Reboot Character Details Revealed In Casting Callout

As HBO Max’s Constantine reboot is set to start filming later this year, additional casting details for other characters have emerged for the series.

As the new Constantine series is eying a fall 2022 production, new casting details for additional characters in the HBO Max reboot have emerged. One of DC Comics’ most beloved heroes is being reimagined for the small screen as the iconic Hellblazer is coming to the HBO-branded streaming service. In 2020, Warner Bros. revealed that filmmaker J.J. Abrams is developing a Justice League Dark franchise, which will consist of shows and movies that will all be interconnected, including a team-up series. One of the projects Abrams is working on is a Constantine reboot, with Guy Bolton as head writer, that will follow the DC occult detective in his early years.


While it has been mostly quiet on the Justice League Dark front, Constantine recently picked up some steam as new casting rumors are floating around about the show’s leading hero. Not only will this iteration of Constantine be in their 20s, but the production is looking at casting a BIPOC actor as the new Hellblazer. Constantine, reportedly going with the working title Chimney, is looking at filming later this year in both the UK and Morocco. With that being the case, fans will likely get a casting announcement at least by summer of who will headline the series.

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However, it appears that Constantine isn’t just busy trying to find their lead star but also John’s supporting cast. In a new report from Backstage, the casting website has listed four roles that actors can currently audition for, with Kate Rhodes James (House of Dragons, House of Gucci) as its casting director. Referring to the project with the same working title, Chimney, the outlet also describes Constantine as a series that “follows a young man whose entire world is upended when a chance encounter with a young girl pulls him into the dark and treacherous world of the occult.” The four roles are as follows:

“PAUL: Non-Binary, Trans Male, 40-59. trans male, non-binary. A nightclub owner and trafficker based in Soho. Paul is wry and skeptical, a wheeler-dealer with a twinkle in his eye. A crude comparison might be Grace Jones meets Lando Calrissian. Paul is the survivor of a youth of hardship and excess, but he has risen to the top in his world…and is now struggling to stay there. Supporting role, multiple seasons. Ethnicity: Black / African Descent

THE GURKHA: Male, 30-49. a Nepalese man in his 30s-40s. An enigmatic and intimidating figure, a seemingly unstoppable yet shrewd killing machine. Less because of his stature than his look, which should send chills down our spines. Taciturn and physically capable, this is a very action/stunt-heavy role with limited dialogue. This role is ex-Gurkha. Professional acting experience is not essential but martial arts experience is a must. Ethnicity: Asian

AKARA: Female, 8-11. A 10-year-old girl of Cambodian heritage. The emotional heart of our story. Akara suffers from a bodily affliction that makes her at times grotesque and unusually strong — potentially very dangerous. Her arc is not unlike that of someone who has a terminal illness. At times a victim and a scared young girl, Akara finds her strength along the journey and discovers an unshakeable will within her. Professional acting experience is not essential but the role is demanding so we are looking for someone really talented. We can consider children slightly younger or older if they look 10 years old and have that level of maturity. Must have a good level of English. This role will also speak Khmer. Ethnicity: Asian

PICH: Male, 60-70. A man of Cambodian heritage. Akara’s stoical grandfather. Racked by guilt due to his granddaughter’s inherited affliction, but covers it with a subtle warmth and dry sense of humor. A survivor of the Killing Fields, he’s been through horrors we can’t imagine. Though he doesn’t look it, he is at times stunningly strong despite his age. Professional acting experience is not essential. Must have a good level of English. This role will also speak Khmer. Ethnicity: Asian”

Constantine with Angel Wings

What is worth remembering with a lot of these mysterious casting breakdowns is that most of the time, they usually go with fake names to cover up the characters’ real identities. A prime example is “Akara,” whose character description sounds like Astra Logue, who is a pivotal player in the Constantine mythology. Astra has been heavily featured in the Arrowverse’s Legends of Tomorrow for the last few seasons, played by Olivia Swann. The “Paul” character, who would be a role for multiple seasons, could potentially be a reimagination of Constantine’s closest friend Chas Chandler, who was played by Charles Halford in the short-lived NBC series.

It’ll be intriguing to see where the reboot takes the new Constantine, especially following Matt Ryan’s long run of portraying the DC icon on The CW and in animated projects. From the looks of it, Constantine will be what kicks off the Justice League Dark universe. The franchise also has a Madame X (a.k.a. Madame Xanadu) series in the works at HBO Max, while DC Films and Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions are developing a Zatanna movie, with Emerald Fennell penning the screenplay. It remains to be seen how many other films and shows will come before the actual Justice League Dark series debuts. With Constantine working on building its cast, fans will hopefully know sooner rather than later what to expect from the HBO Max reboot.

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Source: Backstage

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