Couples Who Met While Competing On The Challenge

Couples Who Met While Competing On The Challenge

The Challenge is known for the competitors’ many casual flings. However, some couples have proven that they can make it work beyond the show.

MTV’s The Challenge is an intense competition show that pits players against each other, but sometimes love connections are formed between the reality stars. The Challenge originally featured contestants from The Real World and Road Rules competing in a series of challenges against each other. One by one, the players would be eliminated and the person or team to finish the final challenge would win the grand prize.

Over the years, the show evolved to include stars from other reality shows, such as Big Brother, Love Island UK, and Geordie Shore. With so many new faces on The Challenge, it was no surprise that the competitors hooked up with each other. Kyle Christie, who immediately became known as the resident flirt after joining the cast in 2018, had flings with Cara Maria Sorbello, Faith Stowers, and Ashley Mitchell. Although Faith and Ashely were just casual hookups, The Challenge fan favorites Kyle and Cara Maria were more serious, which led to very messy encounters during the competition.


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In order to forget Kyle, Cara Maria set her sights on Paulie Calafiore during Final Reckoning. Paulie was in a relationship at the time so they supposedly kept things platonic, but after he broke up with his girlfriend, he and Cara Maria decided to take things to the next level. Despite some ups and downs, they’re still going strong and share a home in Montana. Paulie and Cara Maria are one example of how couples from The Challenge can last, but there are others that fans love rooting for as well.

Jenna Compono & Zach Nichols

The Challenge Zach Nichols Jenna Compono

When Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols first laid eyes on each other in Battle of the Exes II, there was no denying the spark between them. Zach first became enamored with Jenna when she was practicing cartwheels on the grass in front of him and they became an item after they shared an on-screen kiss. Like many Challenge couples, Jenna and Zach had an up and down relationship that finally led them to the altar. The pair share a nine-month-old son and recently announced that they are expecting their second baby in December.

Nany Gonzalez & Kaycee Clark

Nany Gonzalez and Kaycee Clark met on Total Madness, during which Kaycee was in a relationship with her girlfriend Tayler Jiminez. Although, Nany had a crush on Kaycee, the two kept things platonic. However, their Challenge housemates couldn’t help noticing their strong connection. Nany and Kaycee reconnected in Spies, Lies & Allies, where they were both single, and viewers witnessed their first date. Although Kaycee had to eliminate Nany in a challenge that season, their relationship is as strong as ever and Nany has professed Kaycee to be her soul mate.

Kam Williams & Leroy Garrett

Kam Williams Leroy Garret

Kam Williams was a rookie when she joined Vendettas in 2018 and formed a connection with veteran competitor Leroy Garrett. The two fell for each other, but distance and drama kept them apart. Kam and Leroy competed together again in War of the Worlds, but Kam had her eyes on castmate Theo Campbell. The star-crossed lovers reunited again in War of the Worlds 2 and couldn’t deny their feelings for each other. After years of an on-again-off-again relationship, Challenge legends Kam and Leroy finally made things official. They competed in Double Agents together, which was Leroy’s last season. Despite his best efforts, Leroy did not take the big win, though Kam came in second. The Challenge fan-favorite couple recently got engaged and welcomed their baby boy, Kingston, on May 17th, proving that they didn’t let competition come between them.

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