Crissa Jackson From The Circle Season 4’s Age, Job & Instagram

Crissa Jackson From The Circle Season 4's Age, Job & Instagram

The Circle season 4 returns to Netflix on May 4. Here’s what fans should know Crissa Jackson, a basketball player for the Harlem Globetrotters.

The Circle is back for season 4, and with nine new players about to enter the game, here’s everything fans need to know about Crissa Jackson. The American version of the British show, which is hosted by comedian Michelle Buteau, features contestants who try to win money by being voted most popular by the rest of the group. While the first three winners of The Circle walked away with $100,000, season 4 has raised its grand prize to $150,000 and plans to introduce some exciting guest stars into the mix.

Since players on The Circle can portray themselves in any way to the other contestants, the social game has taken catfishing to a new level. While Joey Sasso and James Andre Jefferson, Jr. won The Circle seasons 1 and 3, respectively, by being themselves, the same can’t be said for season 2 winner DeLeesa St. Agathe. DeLessa not only successfully completed the game by posing as her husband Trevor, but found out that she was pregnant while filming.


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Some players, like Sean Taylor and Courtney Revolution, have played as themselves but with slight differences, while others like Lisa Delcampo have even pretended to be celebrities. Since The Circle operates on contestants not seeing one another, the game allows its cast to do anything (and be anyone) to win. The Circle announced its season 4 cast on April 27, with its short trailer showing incoming player Crissa “Ace” Jackson, and here’s what fans should know about her ahead of the premiere.

Crissa Jackson’s Age

Crissa was born on October 26, 1989, which makes her 32-years-old (and a Scorpio). According to Crissa’s official website, the incoming contestant was born in California and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Crissa, who is on season 4 with Frank Grimsley, is married to Alexis Fox, who appears in many of her wife’s videos online. Crissa’s website states that the two currently reside in NYC with their daughter; it’s unclear how long the two have been together, although some unconfirmed sources have suggested they were married in 2017. As the oldest incoming contestant on The Circle season 4, it will be interesting to see how Crissa interacts with the younger players.

Crissa Jackson’s Job

Crissa is an athlete who also aspires to work in acting and comedy. As a professional basketball player, Crissa joined the Harlem Globetrotters in 2015. Not only is Crissa the thirteenth female to ever play on the team, but she stands at just 5’4”. As an exhibition basketball team, the Globetrotters combine athletics, humor, and performance to entertain their crowds, which has allowed Crissa, who was featured in The Circle’s season 4 trailer, to expand into content creation online. This includes cool basketball tricks like special dribbling skills.

Crissa Jackson’s Instagram

Crissa, who has over a million Instagram followers, frequently posts short skits and basketball tricks to her account, @crissa_ace. Competing in challenges that involve complicated dribbles to specific songs, Crissa’s flair and comedic timing can be seen in most of her videos. Instagram isn’t the star’s most popular social media; however, Crissa also has almost 14 million followers on TikTok.

As someone with a heavy public following prior to joining The Circle season 4, it will be interesting to see how Crissa’s bold and confident personality meshes with the others. With the Netflix show adding new twists, turns, and surprises each season, anything is possible. Despite a large following online, anyone could end up “blocked” by the end of a week. Since Crissa has experience entertaining large crowds and a wide demographic, viewers will certainly get to see her acting chops shine and how that affects her game.

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The Circle premieres May 4 on Netflix.

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